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‘If This Rebellion Succeeds The Nation Is Ruined’
Eighteen-year-old Robert Bradbury Jr. thought deeply about the fate of the United States in the summer of 1862. Bradbury was of legal age to serve in the military, and his devotion to the American Republic compelled him to enlist in Battery D, 1st Pe
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Finding Kate
ONE OF THE MORE ENDURING MYSTERIES surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg is the ultimate fate of Union Maj. Gen. John F. Reynolds’ fiancée, Catherine “Kate” Mary Hewitt. The main story is well known. It was revealed after his death on July 1, 1863, th
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Civil War Times Online
For every Joshua Chamberlain there was a soldier, blue or gray, whose bravery was overlooked. Sculptor Moses Ezekiel’s masterpieces ornament well-known American establishments. His final mark sought to “mark the union between
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Sewing Up Another Clue
WHEN CATHERINE “KATE” MARY HEWITT was a seminarian at the Daughters of Charity in Emmitsburg, she was visited by Charles Veil and two of John Reynolds’ sisters. During the visit, Kate gave Veil a handkerchief she had been embroidering for the general
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Civil War Times
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Austria’s Deadly Emissary
PRIVATE ALFRED BELLARD of the 5th New Jersey Infantry was in a hot spot during the Second Battle of Bull Run, pinned down by a Confederate whose shots flew unnervingly close. But a friend came to his aid. “My comrade on the left made his Austrian spe
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Little Mac
I AM WRITING TO COMMEND Steven R. Stotelmyer on the article “McClellan’s Supply Crisis” in the June 2020 issue. His article is an exceptionally well-researched, legitimate, and rarely seen defense of the general. Different, against-the-grain perspect
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Lincoln’s Antagonists
Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade America Fergus M. Bordewich Alfred A. Knopf, 2020, $30 The premise of Fergus Bordewich’s engrossing new book is apparent from his subtitle—How R
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Grave Matters
THIS SPRING, researchers at the New York Public Library discovered a map marking burial trenches and the individual grave sites where more than 5,800 Union and Confederate soldiers killed at the Battle of Antietam were originally interred. Drafted in
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A Life At Breakneck Speed
The 2017 publication of Ron Chernow’s prize-winning tome Grant, helped to revive interest in Ulysses S. Grant, arguably the Union’s most important general and this country’s 18th president, whose character had long been marred by innuendo. The Histor
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The War On The Net
The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many educators to teach online, and the following are some digital resources to help teachers discuss this important era with their students. The NEH’s Civil War: A “Terrible Swift Sword”
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Hood Revisited
During the first year of the war in Virginia, John Bell Hood turned in performances at the head of the Texas Brigade that led to a promotion to division command. He further cemented his reputation as a first-rate combat commander at Second Manassas a
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“INSTEAD OF THE PREACHER’S familiar voice…we heard the groans and painful exclamations of prostrate youthful soldiers.” So Pastor George Diehl of Frederick, Md., described what it was like when his Lutheran Church was converted into a military hospit
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What Are You Reading?
I am reading Frank O’Reilly’s The Fredericksburg Campaign: Winter War on the Rappahannock, a volume that offers the perfect balance of strategy, operations, logistics, tactics, leadership, and the soldier experience. I am writing a biography on Georg
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Big Screen Lincoln
A DECADE AGO I wrote for Civil War Times about Glory as a turning point in Hollywood’s long relationship with the Civil War. In 1989, the film introduced millions of viewers to black Union soldiers and anticipated a cinematic turn toward emancipation
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The First Plot To Kill Lincoln
The Lincoln Conspiracy: The Secret Plot to Kill America’s 16th President—and Why It Failed By Brad Meltzer and Josh Mensch Flatiron Books, 2020, $29.99 February 1861. President-elect Abraham Lincoln leaves Illinois, bound for his inauguration in Wash
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Cast Iron Artwork
AS SHILOH NATIONAL MILITARY PARK chief ranger, Stacy D. Allen wears many hats besides the distinctive, wide-brimmed “flat hat” that has been part of the National Park Service official uniform for almost 100 years. The no-nonsense Allen is a historian
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Pocket Praise $688
ON MAY 22, 1864, a Union soldier known only as “Roy” began a letter near Milford Station, Va., but had to shove the unfinished note in his pocket to rejoin the march. On May 25, he pulled it out to complete his message, recently sold by Cowan’s Aucti
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Campaign Monumental
IN HIS 10TH BOOK, Vicksburg: Grant’s Campaign That Broke the Confederacy, Donald L. Miller incorporates small details such as the first use of synchronized watches in a battle into a sweeping tale of social revolution and the challenges Maj. Gen. Uly
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The Wings Of History
WE COULD ALL USE A VISIT from a bluebird of happiness right now. The pandemic, politics, and unrest in the United States are impossible to ignore. A lot of anger is being taken out on symbols of the Civil War, and whether we like it or not, a lot of
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Fateful 20 decisions Gettysburg
The Battle of Gettysburg raged over three horrible days, July 1, 2, and 3, 1863, and turned an agricultural crossroads town into an international byword for titanic conflict. The fighting that took place on the hills, ridges, and farm fields of Getty
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Grant’s Hammer
MUSING ON THE VICKSBURG CAMPAIGN TWO DECADES AFTER IT OCCURRED, Ulysses S. Grant singled out two subordinates as the best “division commanders as could be found in or out of the army.” These two officers were John A. Logan and Marcellus M. Crocker. G
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‘The White Plague’
Nearly 14,000 soldiers died from tuberculosis during the Civil War. The disease, caused by bacteria that attack the lungs, was easily spread in the cramped living quarters common during the conflict. Symptoms of the illness include a chronic cough, f
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Behind The Lines
SCHOLARSHIP ON CIVIL WAR soldiers has explored in detail the experience and long-term impact of combat. Disease, hard marching, and exposure to the elements took a toll, but above all, as one scholar put it, “the major psychological trauma that Civil
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“We are living in a revolutionary period,” Secretary of the Navy Gideon Wells confided to his diary in March 1867, “and the character of the government is undergoing a strain which may transform it into a different character.” Based on the evidence p
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Civil War For Sale
STEPS FROM A CHILLING amputation display, militaria dealer Larry Hicklen wears a mile-wide grin. But the sight of a 19th-century prosthetic limb or the image of a one-armed veteran isn’t what has him jazzed as he stands on the ground floor of the Mid
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Folk Art Gem
CIVIL WAR—ERA photographers sold dime-sized tintypes, images burned onto what was actually a piece of iron, called gemtypes. Charles Bennet, a member of Company L, 5th New York Heavy Artillery, turned his gemtype into a piece of folk art by mounting
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Harvesting History
SINCE THE AGE OF SEVEN, Minnesotan Julie Schablitsky wanted to be an archaeologist. Over the years, her interest took her to Oregon for advanced degrees in urban history and archaeology, but the job that best matched her interests proved to be overse
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Imperfect Design
I’VE SAID THIS BEFORE on this page, but I’m not sure that Henry Burton’s bullet and rifling was the technological revolution that deserves the spotlight it gets for making the Civil War so bloody (P. 43). Yes, rifling allowed bullets to travel longer
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