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Solve the sudoku grids – each box, each row and each column must contain the numbers 1 to 9. The answer is in the shaded squares Your answer __________________________ Answer: 684 ■
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Christmas Gift Guide
Turn the page for more FORhim
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The Chat quiz!
Just for FUN 1What did Ness do at the end of the Gavin and Stacey 2019 Christmas special? a Held a toast b Cried c Proposed to Smithy 2 In Mean Girls, what song do The Plastics perform their dance routine to in front of their school? a Santa Baby b J
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Health News
Finally, some good news – a study funded by Cancer Research UK found that the HPV vaccine is cutting cases of cervical cancer by nearly 90%. The majority of cervical cancer are caused by the HPV virus, and research shows the jab has proved to be life
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Find It
Can you find your way out? Make your way through the Christmas tree maze from bottom to top to place the star on top.
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Codecracker Which celebrity was the editor of a book of photographs and thoughts called Snap – Observations of Los Angeles and London by actress Jenny Agutter, when it was published in 1983? Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number f
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12 Pitfalls Of Christmas
It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, but the festive season comes with a whole host of dangers – from seasonal flu to food poisoning and hangovers. Make sure you know what to look out for, so you can try to make it through the Chr
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Fantastic mr Fox
Sitting comfortably at home, my phone pinged. Opening up the message from one of my friends, my heart melted It was a picture of the most gorgeous little fox with enchanting bright orange, fiery eyes. They knew I loved foxes. I became fascinated with
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The Biggie!
Your answer _______________________________ 1 Tree flowers (7) 5 Period of clapping (8) 9 Facial feature (4) 13 Greek island (5) 14 Explanatory drawing (7) 15 Form of energy from a reactor (7) 16 Swimming stroke that could be front or back (5) 17 Sna
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Winter Wonderland
Centered around a giant Christmas tree and set against the majestic backdrop of the Waterhouse building, the Natural History Museum is one of the most festive places to be this winter. The annual ice rink is a firm favourite among Christmas lovers –
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Gold Standard
Gold covered steak may have hit the headlines this year, but what about pork pies? Well, a northern chef, Gareth Mason, 33, created his own take on Salt Bae’s menu with Lancaster-inspired dishes. Gareth covered his signature Whist Pies in edible 24-c
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Deadly Bite
Sitting nervously in front of the midwife, I held onto my five-day-old, Lucie. ‘Ready?’ the midwife asked us Squeezing my eyes closed, the midwife injected a tiny needle into my little one’s heel for a routine blood spot test. ‘All done,’ I whispered
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Hope + Story
For the past 19 years I have worked as a managing director for a hire company called D-zine furnishing solutions – it was great! We would always have a full book, and I was always rushed off my feet. . But when Covid hit in 2020, all of that stopped
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Rehomed For Xmas
Browsing an animal rescue centre online, my heart completely broke. I’d always loved animals, and the thought of any being neglected or abused was too much to bear. I wanted a dog of my own, but I was waiting for the right time. But as I scrolled, on
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Pet Crackers
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Lit Tle Cook S Co.
Here are three inspirational small businesses that each have a great backstory. Find out their plans for Christmas this year… I had an incredible job working in the Cabinet Office at No.10, but with the good there also came a lot of stress with the h
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March Muses
It was winter 2018, and me and my daughters, Sophia, 10 and Olivia, seven, were hanging up our Christmas decorations. We littered the tree with lots of glittery angels, elves and tiny little Santas. Mummy, can Christmas angels be Black?’ Sophia asked
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Go full glam this party season with this stunning lineup of shades that are equal parts naughty and nice. From strong shimmers to mighty mattes, you’re sure to make a dazzling entrance at any occasion. Get your bronze on this season with Doll Beauty.
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Double Trouble
Leading side to side and stretching my body ready for my dance show I couldn’t wait to get going. I was 13 at the time and I spent as much time as I possibly could swirling and leaping around. Dance was my passion – in particular Modern and ballet. I
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Best Gift ever
Cradling my two-month-old son Rio as my daughter Myla-Mae bounced around excitedly, I smiled. ‘Look, Daddy’s nearly finished,’ I said, as we watched my husband Jon, 32, stringing up Christmas lights on the front of the house, and arranging light-up r
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Pyjama Day
There is nothing better than waking up on Christmas morning in a perfect pair of matching PJs! Update your bedtime wardrobe with these super cosy and luxurious sets. You could even ask for a pair to be waiting for you underneath the Christmas tree –
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Prizes Worth £££ to Be Won Each Month!
It’s FREE to enter and it’s so easy to do! Just visit and register by hitting the join button and then enter as many competitions as you like. Go on, have fun! For website rules of play, go to
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Dad’s Sick secret Fighting Back
Pushing soggy cereal around my bowl, my mum Michelle* looked at me. ‘Are you OK, love?’ she asked, concerned. ‘Mmm-hmm,’ I replied, not meeting her gaze. Then the doorbell rang, and I froze like a rabbit in headlights. As Mum went to answer it, I hea
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Under My skin
Holding back the tears, I didn’t want my boys, Masimo, three, and Ronaldo, one-and-a-half, to see how much pain I was truly in. It was in January this year, and for the boys, it was a day like all the others - I was in agony. I could tell they were e
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Stole Nangels
Unlike many areas in Canada, the region of Greater Victoria in British Columbia doesn’t traditionally get a lot of snowfall. But in December 2017, the residents of Oak Bay had woken up to carpets of thick white snow. Sisters, Chloe, six, and Aubrey,
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Little One
Fill in this mini grid. Read the letters in the shaded squares to reveal the hidden answer. 1 Mongrels (4) 5 Be next to (4) 6 Bank (on) (4) 7 Use a keyboard (4) 1 Move quickly (4) 2 Carry out orders (4) 3 Drink greedily (4) 4 Inflamed eyelid (4) Your
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Ink Fest
Cracking open a beer at the bar, I looked around to see who wanted another one. ‘Who’s next?’ I asked. It was happy hour at the Castleford Arms pub. Only this wasn’t any old pub, it was a pop-up one I created in the care home I work at. I have the pl
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Lured To her Death
It was a cherished visit to her hometown for university student Mackenzie Lueck, but under sad circumstances. Mackenzie, 23, had travelled the 700 miles to El Segundo, California, so she could attend her grandmother’s funeral, and she was now on a fl
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Use Amazon’s price compare app to see if you’re getting the best price for your Christmas pressies. Estella, Huddersfield Pack ornaments away in egg cartons, they have a place to rest and you can easily label the box, too! Lesley, Devon Freeze fruit
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The Easy Peasy Baking campaign, launched by UK Flour Millers, aims to make baking simple for everyone! And these festive recipes use everyday ingredients that you’ll have at home during Christmas time. You can find more Easy Peasy Baking recipes and
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