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Cash smart
It has never been more important to reduce the amount of water we use each day, says Waterwise. If you have a water meter, you’ll only pay for what you use so you’ll save money, too. Switching to a waterefficient showerhead could significantly reduce
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Coming Soon…
After playing DCI Cassie Stuart in the ITV drama Unforgotten, Nicola Walker leads in another detective drama. In this six-parter she plays DI Annika Strandhed, who heads up the new Marine Homicide Unit which is tasked with investigating murders on Sc
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Picture Perfect
We miss Canada so much, we can’t BEAR it! Here’s a happy memory of my partner Matthew, enjoying meeting a new friend at Moraine Lake in Banff National Park in 2019. Chani Saunders, Orford Mill Buddie, our 2-year-old poodle, didn’t let his operation g
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Gone In 55 Seconds
Robbie Jones, 25, Hove Walking through the door, my dad Gareth, then 67, grinned, rustling the Sunday papers. ‘I’m back,’ he called. ‘Great timing, coffee’s ready,’ my mum Shirley, then 66, smiled, popping the cafetiere down on the dining table. It w
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Let Us Help Her
Gemma Swain, 26, Haywards Heath Cradling my newborn Isabella, I was smitten. ‘We’re so lucky,’ I said to my partner Alex, then 29. It was April 2019 and Isabella had arrived after a textbook pregnancy. Weighing 8lb 1oz, she was doing well, other than
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Go Green, Save Cash
Instead of buying travel-sized bottles of products like shampoo when you go away, check if you already own any mini bottles that you can decant product from your full-sized bottles into. If you don’t, consider buying reusable travel bottles and pots
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ASK Dr Martin
Q I can feel something inside my vagina and my doc says it’s a prolapsed womb. Do I need surgery? Maxine, Motherwell A Your womb, which usually sits at the top of your vagina, has dropped into your vagina due to weakness of the muscles and ligaments
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Not Guilty
Of murder, at least. John Chardon was cleared of the murder of his wife Novy, but found guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter. Justice Ann Lyons sentenced him to 15 years in prison, with parole eligibility in 2031. At his sentencing, it was rev
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Tried And Tested
Farmologie Sensitive Skincare Discovery Set, £14.99, Great for staycations or trialing the brand, this kit contains a mini body wash, bath soak, moisturiser and hand cream. All are specially formulated for sensitive skin and smell deli
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6 Things To Do In... Copenhagen
Travel ideas for when things get back to normal 1 Rosenborg Castle was built in 1606 as a royal summer house by Scandinavian king Christian IV. It houses a treasure trove of regal history and the castle grounds – King’s Gardens – are free to visit an
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What’s The Answer?
Solutions to Chat issue 27 (8 July) Puzzle 3 Beret Puzzle 4 His hair in film four Puzzle 5 1A, 1D, 3B, 3D, 4B Puzzle 6 Leer Puzzle 7 Dewlap Puzzle 8 Katherine Ryan Puzzle 9 Notting Hill Puzzle 10 Astatine Puzzle 12 Macbeth Puzzle 13 Jadis Puzzle 14 P
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In Next Week’s Chat
His freezer was full of human flesh Stranger got me and my BFF pregnant! On sale 5 Aug PHOTOS: GETTY, FUTURECONTENTHUB.COM, WORLDWIDEFEATURES.COM ■
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WIN! £500 cash!
What do you get if you multiply the number of different colours on each of the flags of Comoros, Mauritius and the Seychelles? Fit these numbers into the grid. One number doesn’t fit. This is the prize answer. 100 106 236 247 269 410 522 555 684 922
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FOCUS ON… Healthy habits
Forget online shopping! If you’re able to, carrying your bags is a great muscle-and-strength-building activity, which experts recommend we do at least twice a week to improve bone density and joint health. It’s one of the hardest habits to kick, but
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Win! £200 cash!
Crustose, leprose, byssoid and gelatinous are ways of classifying the type of structure of what organism? Solve the puzzle by following the arrows and writing in your answers. Then read down the letters in the shaded squares to find the prize answer.
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Killed For Clicks …?
In July 2019, Bianca Devins, 17, had just finished high school. She planned to study Psychology at college autumn in the autumn – but, for now, she had a fun, carefree summer ahead of her. And that weekend, she was travelling 250 miles to see a conce
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Spot The Difference
Look closely at these two pics – there’s a difference in 5 squares. The 5 grid references (eg, 1A, 2B, 2C, 3C, 4D) is your prize answer. WIN 5x £30 Puzzle 5 Your answer TO ENTER Turn to page 56 for details ■
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This week’s TV
Remember the 1980s crime drama starring Edward Woodward? It’s been rebooted into this new 10-part series starring singer and actor Queen Latifah in the title role. She plays Robyn McCall, aka ‘The Equalizer’, a divorced single mum with a mysterious b
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Supermarket Style
All sizes 6-22 Try platform sandals for adding extra height without compromising on comfort. All sizes 8-24 A peplum hem skims over your middle for a super flattering fit. All sizes 8-24 Tuck in a T-shirt to this pencil skirt to highlight your waist.
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21 March-20 April The sky’s the limit with a new project. You have such an active mind, the results will be extraordinary. Make time to socialise with friends and family, too. • Call 0905 817 0690* for more 21 April-21 May It’s time to try a new spor
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CLOSING DATE FOR ALL ENTRIES IS 17 AUGUST (Three days later for postal entries) PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS THROUGHOUT Simply text CHATB followed by a space and your answer/s (spaces between answers please) full name, door number and postcode to 63333
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Nasty Shock
Tessi Archer, 68, Brighton Arriving home from work, I rubbed my sore eyes and slumped onto the sofa. It was February 2010 and I’d been a teacher for decades. Years of writing on the board, or eyes fixed to a computer screen. Now it seemed my eyes wer
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We Won!
Chat winners issue 18 (6 May) £1001 CASH A Hancock, Stonehouse £1000 CASH C Henry, Sowerby Bridge £500 CASH H Lawrence, Swindon; A Calleja, High Wycombe £250 CASH B Newton, Plymouth £150 CASH D Kelly, London £100 CASH M Moncrieff, Spalding; K Darling
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Just Genius
When tweezers don’t work as well as they should, grasp a double-sided nail file between the pincers and drag them along a couple of times. The grip will be amazing afterwards! Angie Knight, Hornsea Stubborn stains around your taps? Wrap them in vineg
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Laundry-room Love
Sharon Kalmus-Brown, 75, Paignton Laying my husband of 50 years to rest, my heart shattered. I can’t imagine life without you, I thought. It was January 2017 and I was facing the hardest goodbye of my life. Ronnie had been a wonderful father to our s
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The Biggie
What does singer Joss Stone say is her most treasured possession? To find out, solve the crossword then read down the shaded squares to find the threeword prize answer. 11 Stand against (6) 12 Demanding situation (9) 13 Birthstone for October (4) 14
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Win! £600 cash!
What is actor Orlando Bloom’s favourite smell? To find out, solve the puzzle... Fill in the grid. Each letter of the alphabet has been replaced by a number from 1 to 26. When you’ve completed the grid, the shaded squares will spell out the three-word
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Little One
The Merowe Dam is situated on which river? Solve the crossword, then read down the yellow squares. The yellow shaded squares will spell out the competition answer. 1 Paul McCartney’s first wife (5) 4 Enemy (3) 5 Snooker stick (3) 1 Elevator (4) 2 Sib
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Crime Map
In March 2016, Emma-Jayne Magson and her boyfriend James Knight, 26, rowed during a night out in Leicester. Back home in the early hours, she stabbed him to death. Despite claiming self defence, Magson, 28, was convicted of murder and jailed for life
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Missing or MURDERED?
The marriage of John and Novy Chardon was unusual, but not all that surprising. He was an ageing multimillionaire with a thriving business manufacturing industrial lubricant. She was just 23, and a beautiful young woman from a poor family in Indonesi
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