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Dojo Listings
Blain Cort’s Total Self-Defense 2955 McMurry Drive Anderson, CA 96007 Golden Tiger Karate 9501 Flushing Quail Bakersfeild, CA 93312 (661) 345-4371 Kuk Sool Won - Rohnert Park Martial Arts 311 Profession
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21 From 21
For Black Belt’s September 2005 issue, I wrote “Top 20 Martial Arts Films of All Time.” I based my selections on each movie’s impact on martial arts cinema, not necessarily on its acting or fight choreography. It wasn’t an easy process then, and it w
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On A Story Posted On
BLACK BELT: Go here to read “Too Busy Looking Good! In Memory of Jim Kelly.” Steven Anderson: The guy who inspired me to train. RIP to the Legend Jim Kelly
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Hidden amid the glorious combat pyrotechnics that make Bruce Lee’s 1973 classic Enter the Dragon such a memorable movie is one scene in which African-American co-star Jim Kelly, on his way to the big martial arts tournament, is stopped and harassed b
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On Our Classic Shatner Feature
BLACK BELT: Click to read “William Shatner’s Martial Arts Connection: When Star Trek’s Capt. Kirk Trained in Karate!” Jason McNeil: Weird coincidence — I was watching Big Bad Mama on Amazon Prime a few nights ago, and mid-’70s Shatner busted out a fe
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Positional Setup
How many times have you entered the ring at a martial arts competition and faced your opponent — and had no idea what he or she was about to throw at you? If you’re like most martial artists, you probably haven’t seen this particular opponent fight b
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On Black Belt Hall Of Famer Helping Youth
BLACK BELT: Willie Johnson is in the news again! TommyJ: I love what he’s doing with point mma. Respect! JuanTheMan: One of the most versatile martial artists I’ve met Jared Mills: WMAC Masters
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Full Circle
Dan Anderson said that being afforded the opportunity to offer an instructional article to Black Belt readers is gratifying, to say the least. That’s because as a youth, he regularly added to his repertoire of tournament techniques by studying the mo
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On A Memorial Post
BLACK BELT: Go here to read “Remembering David Carradine, Star of the Kung Fu TV series.” John Grace: Terrific, quirky actor. Complaining that he wasn’t a real martial artist is like complaining Pacino was not a real mafioso in The Godfather. Ron Lew
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Beauty Of Branding: Keep Merchandise Sales In-house!
To do that effectively, you need to have a school merchandise program in place, one that’s designed to steer customers away from acquiring their gear elsewhere. The program should include an official equipment policy, the creation of branded merchand
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On A Martial Arts Inspiration
BLACK BELT: How many of us took up martial arts because of this TV series? How many of us own the DVDs? Dön: I own this set! Hamilton community Initiative: I took up martial arts because of the show but no DVDs in my collection. Rocky DiRico: I was i
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Kids In Martial Arts: Raise ’em Right!
Raised on the East Coast, he trained under Dennis Brown, Tayari Casel, Tony Lin and other Chinese martial arts authorities. Johnson then made a name for himself on the tournament circuit, taking top honors at the U.S. Open, WAKO World Championships,
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What Karate Students Should Know About The Japanese Sword
Karate’s roots are not in feudal Japan, where the katana was ubiquitous. Yes, there were plenty of swords in old Okinawa, but as an art directed mostly at unarmed combat, karate emphasizes movements and strategies that are, in many ways, incompatible
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From the Archive
• Chuck Norris on cross-training: “The Korean style (tang soo do) was good, but there is a lot more to learn than just that. So I started training with a Japanese stylist, and I got my hand techniques down a lot better. Then I started working a lot w
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Diversity In The Dojo
As I sat in my Brazilian jiu-jitsu class, I looked around at the people I train with every week. The group I once thought of as a bunch of strangers was now family. It’s the type of family every martial artist shares a special bond with. We train tog
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A Lesson In Prevention, Courtesy Of Joe Lewis
It turned out to be a great experience — even though he lambasted all traditional stylists (like me) who used formal stances (the horse stance, for example) in their training. His comments didn’t bother me, however, because by then I’d learned to reg
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10 Years Of Travel, Part 1
Bruce lee once said, “i do not believe in styles.” He went on to explain that because we all have two arms and two legs, the techniques that are available to us and that are effective against human opponents are basically the same. For this reason, t
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MIKE TYSON to Fight ROY JONES JR. in Exhibition Bout
Two legendary boxers are set to clash at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, on November 28, 2020. The bout will be available on pay-per-view and Triller, a multimedia platform. Triller also will debut a 10-part docuseries leading u
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Utility Vs. Combat: Tomahawks And Trade Knives
Question: “Am I on the right track or holding my danged knife wrong?” My reply: “Bowie designs are manifold. My personal preference falls toward a flat-spine knife with a half-guard because a spineside guard or broken spine jams up my thumb on a sinc
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Korean Archery Designated Intangible Cultural Heritage
The martial art of hwalssogi, or traditional Korean archery, has been designated as an intangible cultural heritage by the Cultural Heritage Administration in South Korea. Citing its frequent appearance in historical literature and records, the admin
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In Self-defense Training, Beware Of Intellectualization!
Increasingly, I notice the trend in combatives and other self-defense “systems” to intellectualize — actually, to over-intellectualize. The definition of intellectualization that appears above perfectly captures the meaning as it applies to fighting.
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Cobra Kai Moves To Netflix
YouTube recruited millions of fans to its streaming service to watch its flagship scripted series Cobra Kai, a sequel to the classic Karate Kid movies. The first two seasons of the series did extremely well and received two Emmy nominations for stunt
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Be Water And Enter The Fat Dragon
On July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee passed away in Hong Kong. On July 20, 2020, in honor of his life and his profound effect on my life, I watched director Bao Nguyen’s Be Water, an ESPN “30 for 30” film that covers his life, career and martial arts philosop
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John Saxon, Co-star Of “Enter The Dragon,” Dies
Best-known to martial artists as Roper, Bruce Lee’s roguish co-star in Enter the Dragon, John Saxon has passed away at age 83 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The cause of death was pneumonia. A veteran of numerous B movies and TV shows, Saxon also was kn
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Essential Gear
1 Need a snack to follow up an intense training session? Power Pops Protein Puffs pack the punch you might be looking for. Available in a variety of flavors — including bacon cheddar, Parmesan garlic and white cheddar — each packet delivers 21 grams
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2020 Diamond Nationals Canceled
JLB Productions recently announced the cancelation of the 43rd Annual Diamond National Karate Championships. The world-renowned event was originally scheduled for October 29-31, 2020. With this year’s iteration canceled, the next Diamond Nationals is
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Modern Musashi
My obsession with Miyamoto Musashi began when I was 13 years old, right after my sensei gave me a copy of Go Rin No Sho, The Book of Five Rings. It was while researching Musashi that I first ran across the name Jocko Willink — I discovered an episode
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Terunofuji Wins Grand Sumo Tournament
On the final day of the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament, Terunofuji clinched the championship with a win over Mitakeumi in what marked a long comeback to sumo’s top division. The 28-year-old had been demoted from the elite sumo ranks more than two years
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The Sai
THERE HAS BEEN A SEA CHANGE IN THINKING AMONG PRACTITIONERS OF THE TRADITIONAL MARTIAL ARTS IN THE PAST 30 YEARS. Previously, students faithfully accepted what they were told and furiously practiced those methods — which might be of questionable util
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