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All About Color
As Coco Chanel said, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” We all have our favorites, and this issue is packed with inspiring projects in intriguing colors that might inspire you to try something new. Check out Becky
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Lily Pads
MAKE A SPLASH WITH THIS FLIRTY and fun bracelet, featuring a medley of shaped beads. Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL 0.5 g opaque bright orange size 15° seed beads (A) 1 g semi-glazed turquoise rainbow size 15° seed beads (B) 0.5 g semi-glazed turquoi
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DIRECTOR OF CONTENT Tamara Honaman EDITOR Katie Hacker TECHNICAL EDITOR Meredith Steele COPY EDITOR Nancy Arndt ADVERTISING MANAGER Marilyn C. Koponen, (877) 613-4613 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Stephanie Griess sgriess@golden
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Advanced Bead Weaving Series: Seed Bead Embroidery with Kinga Nichols
Bead weaving extraordinaire, Kinga Nichols, will teach you the ins and outs of Advanced Seed Bead Embroidery with her five interactive online workshop series featuring: CLOSURES: Gain insightful knowledge on closures and the many types to choose from
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Cool Stuff
MEREDITH STEELE 1. These velvet matte-finish shaped beads from The BeadSmith must be touched with your own hands and seen with your own eyes to really get the full impact of how marvelous they are. Ten colors available in SuperDuo, GemDuo, Ginko, and
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Looped Waterfall
THIS BOHEMIAN LARIAT and matching earrings use a loop-fringe technique that gives a fuller look than regular fringe. Triangle accent beads lend sparkle to the cascade of beads. Loop fringe Spiral stitch PROJECT LEVEL 22 g chartreuse Picasso opaque si
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Retro Inspired
Anne Perry Part of the joy of making jewelry is in the treasure hunt. In this playful piece, an antique toy car gets to ride again (but a Matchbox car or mini harmonica would work equally well). Go ahead and raid your button jar and toy box! (Instruc
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Michu Earrings
USE CYLINDER BEADS TO STITCH UP some open-work beaded squares and add a little Swarovski glow with sparkly bezeled crystal chatons. Tubular and circular peyote stitch Herringbone stitch PROJECT LEVEL 0.5 g dark coral galvanized Duracoat size 15° seed
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Cobalt & Paprika
Ava Motherwell Embrace 1920’s flapper style with this vibrant handknotted lariat that combines rich cobalt and paprika vintage crystal and Italian resin. ■
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Luxe Lariat
THE FOCAL PIECE FOR THIS interesting lariat is made from the head of a table-knife handle! Customize it by using any cone or found object that has an opening large enough to accommodate the tassel. Tubular herringbone stitch Tubular peyote stitch PRO
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Mod Spiral
Meredith Steele Inspired by modern and retro art, this necklace balances the juxtaposition of bold paper beads and sleek silver oval links. ■
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Cindy Kinerson: Inspired by Color
Cindy Kinerson loves color. It’s frequently the launchpad for her designs. She likes pulling a palette together and then deciding what she’s going to make. Cindy and her husband, Steve, own the Reno Bead Shop, where Cindy is surrounded by colors in 3
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Circle Takes the Square
Tamara Honaman The beads and pendants shown here caught Tammy’s eye while shopping during the Tucson Gem & Mineral shows in February. They had the perfect mod vibe. A peek at jewelry from the 1960s helped develop the concept of the metal frames and t
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5 Tips For Selecting Colors For Your Project
1. If you are using different types of beads in a project, start with the bead with the least amount of color choices. Pick the color that speaks to you in that bead and then build the rest of your project around that. 2. Keep a color journal or a re
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1950’s Love
Ava Motherwell Make a bold statement with this bibstyle necklace using vintage resin and glass beads in a timeless color palette of coral and turquoise. ■
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Tila Trio Cuff
USE SQUARE STITCH to weave together three sizes of Tila beads into a band. Then glue the band to a suede covered cuff in this eye-catching project. Square stitch variation Gluing Whipstitch PROJECT LEVEL 132 matte metallic patina 5×1.25mm 2-hole Quar
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Chartreuse Chanteuse
Anne Perry We dare you to not whistle while you wear this. A mix of materials in bright yellows and greens brings lightness and energy to a vintage 1950s-era necklace. ■
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Color Confidence Trust Your Instincts
The truth is, designing with color doesn’t come easily for everyone. In fact, it’s common for many designers to have a love/hate relationship with color. Then consider the complexity that bead finishes add to basic colors, and you many find choosing
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Foldforming Vintage Tin
Brenda Schweder Are you intrigued, but perhaps a bit intimidated, by foldforming? With this beginner project, you can try your hand at the technique without the need for annealing or spending money on sheet metal. Use vintage tin and a simple line fo
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11 Pro Tips
1. Begin with your favorite color, then try to incorporate colors that you feel less comfortable with. This will make you think more and be more creative to make it work. —Edgar Lopez 2. Pick one color you don’t usually use and go with it. What would
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Fast & Fabulous
Anne Perry Simple wireworking Stringing 1 g of teal size 11° seed beads 19 matte silver size 6° E beads 2 yellow 4×3mm glass rondelles 1 yellow and orange striped 4×14mm pressed-glass tube 6 orange 15mm resin rounds 1 brass 13×20mm pear charm 1 coppe
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Pineapple Pendant
THIS CRYSTAL-ENCRUSTED pineapple pendant is a beautiful, eye-catching, conversation-starting piece. Netting Circular peyote stitch Herringbone stitch PROJECT LEVEL 1 g champagne Duracoat size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 1 g 24k gold-plated size 15° J
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Expand Your Beaded Rope Techniques With Carol Cypher In Her Three-online Workshop Series!
Expert Carol Cypher will teach you everything you need to know about polygon stitch basic anatomy and structure by trying 9 different variations! Venture into more advanced variations as Carol teaches you how to create an oval rope, a two-sided polyg
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Morning Glory
SET OFF A SPARKLING SWAROVSKI crystal oval rivoli by bezeling it with seed beads and surrounding it with Kite beads, fire-polished rounds, and crystal bicones. Tubular peyote stitch Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL 1 g champagne Duracoat size 15° Japan
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To be listed in “Stop to Shop” please contact Stephanie Griess at or (970) 613-4630 Bead Harbor LLC — Daphne Huge selection of charms, seed beads (TOHO, Miyuki), Swarovski, firepolished, gemston
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Archipelago Chain
USE CUBIC RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE to stitch this luxurious necklace inspired by the elegance of Cartier jewelry. Cubic right-angle weave Circular peyote stitch Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL 3 g 24k gold-plated size 15° Japanese seed beads (A) 0.5 g matte
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Backstitch: 40 Brick stitch: 40 Crimping: 58, 59 Fringe: 52 Gluing: 21, 40 Herringbone: 10, 14, 28 Knotting: 57 Metalworking: 62 Netting: 28, 32, 36, 48 Peyote: 10, 14, 28, 32, 36, 40, 45 Picots: 40 Right-angle weave: 36, 40, 45 Spiral stitch: 52 Str
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Your Majesty
THIS IMPRESSIVE ART DECO–STYLE cuff features a large fancy Swarovski oval stone and a veritable smorgasbord of decadent beading. Gluing Backstitch bead embroidery Tubular and cubic right-angle weave Tubular and flat peyote stitch Brick stitch Picots
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Color of the Year: Classic Blue
“WE ARE LIVING IN A TIME that requires trust and faith. It is this kind of constancy and confidence that is expressed by Classic Blue, a solid and dependable blue hue we can always rely on to provide an anchoring foundation”—Leatrice Eiseman The Pant
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