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Keep The Clean Water Flowing
The WaterBOB is a bathtub-sized, food-grade plastic container that allows you to fill up your bathtub with fresh tap water without having to worry about contamination from cleaning chemicals or a dirty bathtub. It holds up to 100 gallons, but that de
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Gearing Up The Home Guard
There’s a wide range of gadgets and gizmos that can augment your security protocols—from cameras to lights, weapons to carry systems and much more. The important thing to remember? No product on the planet can replace what rests between your ears. Us
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Advice For Staying Intip-top Shape
Being as healthy as possible is up to you. Know what risks you face. You need to educate yourself on ways to lessen those risks, make a plan and commit to implement your plan for a healthier lifestyle. Changing the way we think is often difficult. Ho
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Enjoyable Emergency Edibles
For those new to the prepping world, the plethora of diverse food sources and accessories to produce food today could be overwhelming. From MREs (meals ready to eat) to dehydrated meals and hydroponic vegetable-growers, the options are seemingly endl
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Light It Up!
The relationship between humans and fire is a long and mixed one. When we need it, fire can be our best friend and, in some situations, it might be the only thing that keeps us alive. When it comes to human survival in austere environments, it would
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Here, There And Everywhere
Stepping off the trail and heading up a canyon for a mile or so is enough to get a person lost. The twists and turns of a benign-looking range of hills and arroyos can be confusing, especially if you add to it the fears of survival, the pangs of hung
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First Words
Welcome to the Spring/Summer edition of American Survival Guide’s Prepper Emergency Survival Manual! This is our 10th —and most informative—version of this manual, and we’re excited to share it with you. It covers general preparedness, self-reliance
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More Than A Roof Over Your Head
Preparing now means that when it comes time to use the tools you’ve invested in, your focus can be on the important tasks of the moment. If you wait until trouble arises, you won’t have the time—or clarity of mind—to accomplish everything you’ll need
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It Starts With A Spark
Without a doubt, fire is one of our most important assets in a survival situation. It’ll keep us warm, staving off hypothermia. We can use it to boil water, rendering it safer to drink so we can avoid dehydration. And, of course, a warm meal is often
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There’s No Place Like Home ...
There are very few things more critical than shelters during survival situations. Regardless of the continent, temperate zone or time of year, shelter is one of the constant necessities for human survival. Many times, people get caught up wondering w
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Be Flexible When Seeking Shelter
Any shelter, no matter the location, needs to cover some basic needs: It needs to protect you from the heat, cold, sun, precipitation and pests; offer a place to set down belongings; provide a dry place to sleep; and give some sense of security. Fanc
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American Survival Guide Prepper’s Checklist
Our goal here, at American Survival Guide, is to provide you with the information and advice you’ll need to survive any emergency situation. Everyone’s needs are different, so we’ve developed this expanded checklist to help simplify and organize your
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Watts Up? Efficiency Is Down
We’ve all met the man who can live in the woods with next to nothing (maybe just a knife), wears leather skins and has learned to live off rats and squirrels. He brags that he pays no taxes and has no electric or gas bills. I say, Good for him! Howev
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Reducing Dependence Means Reducing Demand
How a house or other building is built determines how energy efficient it will be. While there are codes and requirements for how much insulation must be installed in buildings, these should be considered the absolute minimum by those who want to red
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Get On The Move!
The decision to move might not be yours to make. This year’s forest fires and hurricanes often found people being asked to leave “now”! Those without a plan in place often found themselves in a quandary and wasting precious time trying to figure out
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Find Your Way Anywhere
Before you start out, it’s important to be able to determine the direction (in degrees) in which you’re walking. With your orienteering compass (ideally one with a transparent baseplate), point the direction-of-travel arrow, which is the printed arro
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Your Home Is Your Castle
For far too many people, the concept of security begins and ends with firearms. While defense weapons are an important component of the plan, they shouldn’t be the entire plan. There are many facets to a well-rounded approach to security—from hardeni
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This Gear Gets You There From Here
Mountain passes and arroyos clogged with twisted foliage can be confusing when you’re lost. The sun might peek into a canyon for only a brief moment before disappearing behind the rim again. Subtle turns of the trail mask your direction. Being lost c
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Comms Gear That Keeps It Simple
There are plenty of options for staying connected during an emergency or crisis. However, in our high-tech world, little of it keeps to the “KISS” ("Keep It Simple, Stupid") principle. Often overlooked is what it takes to keep those devices ready to
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Bad Comms Lead To Bad Results
History is filled with lives that were lost because of bad communication. At the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon couldn't tell whether an advancing force comprised his expected French reinforcements or the enemy Prussian forces. By the time it was deter
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Travel Tips To Take Care Of Now
Despite the many transportation modes available, in all likelihood, when you have to move away from dangerous situations, you’ll be using a motorized vehicle (a car, SUV, pickup, etc.). No one can tell you which of these vehicles is better, because t
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Words To The Wise About Water
Preppers have been told repeatedly that they need to have on hand 1 gallon of water per day for every person in their group. This rule-of-thumb is a mainstay of the prepper community, and there’s nothing wrong with it. The more water you store for an
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Crunch Time Cuisine
Although the human body can go about three to four weeks without food, death hovers nearby. Even with so long between the last bite and the last breath, after only a few days without food, a person’s mental and physical sharpness decrease rapidly, an
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Prepper Food Fixes
Food is part of everyone’s life. It’s obvious that without it, you’ll eventually die. However, most people’s knowledge of food is capped by what can be bought at the local grocery store, either eaten as is or cooked in any number of ways. Nevertheles
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Get 'Into Gear' And Go
There’s a great deal to plan for when preparing for an emergency move. Food, water, medical items, navigation and communications are added to personal gear. The key is to not be concerned about the amount of gear you take; it’s about having the right
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You Have Many Options For Your Comms Plan
When things go wrong, it’s common to fall to your knees, throw up your arms, stare to the skies and say (often loudly), "Oh God, why?" It's a reaction that’s all too human, but it should never, ever be part of a communications plan. Being prepared fo
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Some Help To Remain Healthy
Omron is the number-one brand recommended by doctors and pharmacists for monitoring blood pressure at home. Omron has manufactured blood pressure monitors for more than 40 years. The package includes a blood pressure monitor, a wide-range cuff that f
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Batten Down Your Hatches!
Security is a vitally important element of your overall preparedness plan. After all, if someone can easily take your supplies and gear, what’s the point of collecting it all in the first place? Take the time to invest in the equipment, as well as th
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The Flame Game
The point of survival preparations is to do what you can to stack the deck in your favor, come what may. You stock up on food and water in case your normal sources become unavailable. You learn first aid and other medical skills in case someone in yo
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Take Charge Of Your Health
We rely far too heavily on the media to tell us if there’s an epidemic, tornado, hazardous chemical spill or other event that could affect our health and to provide guidance on how to stay safe. Additionally, too many of us have given complete contro
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