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Focus On…Rhubarb
Next week: Caring for blueberries, using growlights for indoor gardening, protect exotics, scrape indoor grapes, grow garlic mustard. Rhubarb leaves contain roughly twice as much oxalic acid as the stems. However, weight for weight, parsley and pursl
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Propagating Verbascums
Q My friend says I can take root cuttings of the verbascums in her garden. They are good upright ones with white flowers. How do I propagate them from root cuttings and how long does it take for the plants to flower? Corinne Calderbank, Birmingham A
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Have A Colourful Spring With Cracking Crocuses
CROCUSES are, for me, a sheer delight. You can forget your snowdrops (just white) and muscari (just blue) – crocuses offer sumptuous early colour: purples, whites, creams and yellows, in lots of shades, with orange, purple and brown markings, and (so
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Kaleidoscope Of Colour
Star letter I AM sending some of my flower photographs, a selection from the many blooms grown from AG’s most welcome seeds, showing French marigolds, angel’s wings (new to me and delighted with them) phlox, aster, petunia and cosmos, which are still
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6 Crocuses For Colour
Has lovely, long-tubed flowers in a shade of purple between sapphire and lavender; the outer petals are usually paler. Blooms appear in early spring (March), as the narrow leaves emerge. Increasing freely, this is one of the finest crocuses for natur
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Amateur Gardening
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4 For A Striped Effect
Widely held to be the first orange-yellow shaded crocus, this cultivar was named after the monarch butterfly. The outside petals have purple-black stripes while the insides are a plain deep, golden, orange-yellow. Flowers: Feb/Mar. H: 4in (10cm). A s
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After The Fall…
AT its best, autumn colour is a feast for the eye, arriving in a super-sized serving and falling at once in easy-to-sweep and generous heaps across the garden. This year, though, thanks to weeks of windy weather, the fall has come in fits and starter
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A Rainbow Of Roses For Scent
PEOPLE keep saying that roses have lost their scent. But that’s just plain wrong. If our roses are not scented, it’s because we have chosen the wrong varieties. Simple as that. And with peak planting time for bare root roses fast approaching, if perf
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Best Scented Roses In Every Colour
White or cream Pure white, almost fully-double flowers – with a rich Old Rose fragrance–open from slightly blushed buds set against rich, dark foliage. Very long flowering and with fiery autumn foliage colour. H: 5ft (1½m). Also try: ‘Desdemona’ (Eng
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What do you like most about gardening? I realised recently that for me it was about playing my part in the creation and prolongation of nature. I know that sounds a bit worthy, but it’s true. It’s great when my roses are trouble-free and bloom, and n
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3 Fragrant Roses For Walls And Arbours
A classic cottage garden rambler; the rich pink, slightly coppery buds open to messy but super-scented flowers in pink, with yellow at the base. Vigorous; also makes a spectacular wide-spreading shrub if you have the space. H: 15ft (4½m). Rich, fruit
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How To Move A Tree
MOVING house is a grim experience at the best of times, and not just for us. Relocating trees and shrubs is stressful for them too, especially if they have been in the ground for a substantial length of time. But sometimes it needs to be done, maybe
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4 Options For Patio Containers
Neat, bushy, yet robust, with yellow flowers. Rounded at first, the buttery blooms become cupped over time and feature mustard tones, which add extra richness. The scent is a blend of tea and lemon. H: 4ft (1.2m). Relatively undiscovered, this Hybrid
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Moving An Ailing Tree To A Better Spot
Whatever the weather It’s time to make plans for winter weather, and in next week’s AG I show you how to be ready for whatever the season throws at us. 1 Measure the spread of branches. The roots should be roughly the same, so you know how wide you n
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Spring Blossom For Every Garden
THERE’S nothing subtle about a fruit tree in blossom in springtime. The sight of a mass of white or pink flowers covering bare stems yet to unfurl their leaves – especially when set against a blue sky – is stop-you-in-your tracks spectacular, and a b
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2020’s Gardening Greats
Vitax Rose Guard Rose Tonic is a great new all-round rose feed. It is diluted in water and sprayed onto the plant, to be absorbed through the leaves to encourage growth. It includes seaweed for strong roots and trace element copper to fight mildew an
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Top Trees For…
Blossom only Fans of classic blossom will love the mass of rose pink buds, which unfurl to exquisite white, cup-shaped flowers in April/May. Orange-red crab apples droop from the branches through autumn and well into winter. H: 20ft (6m). A shrubby o
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Yet More Cleaning To Do…
LAST weekend, I spent a very satisfying morning cleaning the greenhouse and getting it ready to house tender plants unlikely to survive a winter outside. It was quite a job, removing the last of the tomato and aubergine plants, then hunting down the
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Why Not Try?
A good all-rounder with dainty, star-shaped white flowers in March/April and bronze-green foliage that turns fabulous shades of orange and red in autumn. Needs neutral-to-acid soil that’s fertile and well-drained. H: 10-33ft (3-10m). Large pale pink/
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Beating Winter’s Problems
HAVING spent summer keeping flowers and crops free of pests and disease, it’s now time to turn our attention to winter problems. Pests shouldn’t be as much of a menace due to breeding cycles and the colder, wet weather. Watch out for slugs and snails
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Can I Use A Greenhouse In Winter?
Q Our new house has an unheated (at the moment) greenhouse in the garden that I’d like to use this winter. What can I grow? Mary Troubridge, Stevenage, Kent A An unheated greenhouse can keep overnight temperatures as much as 5°C warmer than outside,
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Keep Up With Seasonal Jobs
Listen to Peter’s free podcast every Thursday. Search for ‘This Week In The Garden with Peter Seabrook’ on iTunes SATURDAYS are really welcomed, as it’s normally a non-work day with no ‘urgent’ phone calls and emails, no timed appointments that have
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Word Search
This word search comprises words associated with broccoli and calabrese. They are listed below; in the grid they may be read across, backwards, up, down or diagonally. Letters may be shared between words. Erroneous or duplicate words may appear in th
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Fresh Crops In Cupboards
YOU may imagine that in deepest darkest winter there’s not much you can grow fresh. Well, some real gourmet treats are to be had, such as rhubarb, seakale, chicons, turnip and beet sprouts, and, with planning, even asparagus. These are the fresh shoo
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Broccoli And Calabrese
This week it’s: MOST of us call it ‘broccoli’ or sometimes ‘sprouting broccoli’. Some of us call it ‘calabrese’. And in the USA they call it ‘asparagus’! Whatever it’s called, broccoli is one of our most commonly grown vegetables – but only in recent
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Bird Watch: The redwing (Turdus iliacus)
STAND outside on a still autumn night and listen hard; you may be lucky enough to hear a medley of faint ‘tsee tsee’ calls flitting overhead. This is the sound of incoming redwings, members of the thrush family that overwinter in the UK before headin
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Wellington Boots
I ENJOY vigorous work in the garden through autumn and winter, but only if I’m well kitted out. The right footwear is essential, and when the going gets wet the wellies come out. Gardening wellies are essentially protection against wet conditions – m
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Helping Our Hedgehogs
OUR climate is so much warmer than it used to be that it’s possible you’ll see a hedgehog still active in November if there’s food around. At this time of year hedgehogs consume a lot of slugs and they are estimated to be 23% of the hedgehog’s diet.
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Crossword …just For Fun!
1 Made a number of small holes in levelled compost, in preparation for pricking out (7) 6 Presidential son of the broccoli-hating presidential father! (6,1,4) 7 Is ____seed a common name for coreopsis? Correct! (4) 8 Visible indication, as in the tal
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