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The Small Things Add Up In Live 11
Ableton also added a few new things that are totally new to Live 11. These include three new effects—a Hybrid Reverb that allows the user to blend convolution and algorithm-based reverbs, a Spectral Resonator plugin with a unique audio Freeze functio
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Freeware Compressors
Previously available as the freeware Molot compressor, this tool has been adopted by Tokyo Dawn and given a facelift. Threshold, Ratio, Attack and Release are here, as well as a Knee control for smoothing out that transition around the threshold. You
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Like It? Try These…
While working on this 2004 game soundtrack, Amon stumbled on the software company’s Foley room, and our story begins. The Lighthouse, Ruthless, Hokkaido Quintessential album from the legendary string quartet’s back catalogue. Imagine telling the
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Your Pleas Have Finally Been Answered: Live Now Has Comping!
Many have been requesting it for years and Live 11 finally has it – track comping. To use comping on an audio track, simply arm it, loop a section of your track, and then record as many takes as you’d like. Take folders will be recorded automatically
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Steinberg Cubase Pro 11 £499
CONTACT WHO: Steinberg WEB: steinberg.net KEY FEATURES Advanced Audio Export, Sampler Track 2, Scale Assistant, Key Editor (CC curves, pitchbend tracking, Global Tracks), Frequency 2 EQ, Squasher dynamics, Imager plug-in, MultiTap Delay Surround Supp
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Album Reviews
The beguiling debut solo album from Casper Clausen. Better known as the lead vocalist from Danish indie rock group, Efterklang, Clausen now steps out in his own light with a brilliantly constructed debut. Clausen’s enjoyment of this new freedom to cr
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Quick Tips
1 While this was previously available as a third-party Max for Live plugin, Ableton Live 11 introduced the ability to Follow Tempo from an external audio source. This opens up the doors to jamming with Live using an audio source such as a real drum k
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Seeing Is Believing
Cubase 11 now includes SpectraLayers One, a trimmed-down version of Steinberg’s spectrogram-based audio editor. This concept will be familiar to anyone who has come across iZotope’s RX software, and here is integrated into the DAW workflow as an ARA2
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ORDERED CHAOS Randomisation, Probability And Generative Music
A reliance on chance when it comes to music making can, arguably, clash with the image we create for ourselves as musicians. Whether we’re talking about writing, sound design or mixing, musicians tend to think of themselves – not without justificatio
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Use New MIDI Probability For Varied Beats
01 > For this walkthrough we’re going to use Ableton Live 11’s new MIDI probability feature to turn a stale-feeling techno beat into one that feels human and alive. Load up Ableton’s 909 drum kit and program a pattern that is going to be a familiar s
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Advanced Audio Export – some real timesavers here Sampler Track 2 –- adding loop slicing tools ups the game, and makes the quick sampling even more creatively effective SuperVision – a powerful analyser plugin SpectraLayers One – its interface co
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Tailoring A Patch With Randomisation Using Korg’s Opsix
Korg’s recent opsix and Wavestate instruments are each excellent digital synths in their own right, but one of the most fun tools included across both is the customisable randomisation engine. This is a tool that can be used to fully randomise every
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Live 11, Now With Probability
Live 11 takes a huge step forward with its new MIDI probability and velocity probability features, bringing Elektron-like functionality to the Ableton world. These two features are going to be amongst the most talked about improvements of Live 11 and
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The Alternatives
Although it has a firm stronghold in larger studios, Pro Tools continues to provide stiff competition at all levels of recording and production avid.com Especially if you already own an Apple Mac, Logic offers a lot for the money, and continues to b
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Probability variations with Bitwig Studio’s The Grid
01 > To start we’ve created a super simple synth with Bitwig’s Poly Grid. Its Triangle oscillator is triggered via a sequencer to play a repeated pattern of a single note – F#3. Let’s add a second synth element to our Grid to create randomised variat
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Getting To Grips With Pitchloop89
01 Amongst the totally new devices in Live 11 is a new Max for Live device called Pitchloop89, which uses a pitch and loop engine to transform incoming audio into something previously unrecognisable. For this walkthrough, we’ve loaded Pitchloop89 ont
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Dreadbox Antidote and Euphoria £92
Dreadbox are well known for developing interesting desktop synths of various flavours but recent times have seen them introduce the Chromatic range of Eurorack modules, that follow the company’s lineup of good sounding, intuitive and well-made hardwa
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Randomly Modulated Effects In Ableton Live
01 > Our Live project has two elements – an electro-style beat created in a Drum Rack, and a separate Simpler track triggering a 909 clap on the fourth beat of every bar. To liven things up, let’s apply a randomly modulated effects treatment to the c
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A Winged Victory for the Sullen
When Adam Wiltzie put the skids on ambient band Stars of the Lid back in 2007, fresh inspiration arrived almost immediately following a chance backstage meeting with prolific Emmy Award-winning composer Dustin O’Halloran. Combining Wiltzie’s ambient
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Celemony Melodyne 5.1 from €99
CONTACT WHO: Celemony WEB: celemony.com KEY FEATURES Edit pitched and noise components separately with ‘Melodic’ algorithm. More musical analysis of pitch deviations. Chord Track and Chord Grid. Fade Tool and Levelling Macro. ‘Percussive Pitched’ alg
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Be The Curator
Although a rare few randomisation tools will automatically print – ie save – whatever they create, in most cases the tools discussed on these pages are by their very nature spontaneous, meaning that you’re likely to get different results each time yo
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Adam’s Essential Gear
“Originally built in the late ’50s and refurbished by the infamous Matthias H. Franz Hahn.” “Adapted from Sly Stone’s custom Flickinger MOD-N-32 matrix console. I only have two, but for the price I should have bought more.” “The essential device in m
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Improved ‘Melodic’ algorithm adds the ability to edit pitch and noise separately Integration with ARA is excellent, and now makes Melodyne feel like part of your DAW New tools – Sibilant Tool is especially useful, allowing per-note adjustment of v
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Four More Agents Of Chaos…
Pendulate is a free monosynth plugin. It’s an eccentric virtual synth that takes some inspiration from Don Buchla’s West Coast modular designs, including Low Pass Gates and a wavefolder. Its most interesting feature, however, is the Chaotic Oscillato
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Dub is a turning point in music history. Above all else it’s the moment that reggae got twisted and turned into new directions, but it’s also a cultural shift in countless ways. Besides the focus on production, studio technology and the invention of
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AAS Chromaphone 3 $199
WHO: Applied Acoustics Systems WEB: www.applied-acoustics.com KEY FEATURES Two layers of two modelled resonators, categorised browser, new and ‘remastered’ patches, effects racks for both sound layers and master, macros governing modulation, timbre,
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Chance Encounter
The idea of using chance, probability and generative systems in music making is nothing new, but tools to accomplish these things have certainly become more common of late. Just look at some recent gear highlights – Novation Launchpad Pro, Arturia Ke
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A Guide To Generative Patching
Generative music means many things to many people, which makes it both exciting to explore, while also making it harder to cover a lot of ground in the limited space that we have here. That said, we’ll try to make this less about genre and more about
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Three Dub Essentials
Echoes are essential to the dub sound, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Tape echoes are a classic sound, giving an organic, loose feel to your delay effects. As all-rounders go, it’s very hard to beat a classic Roland Space Echo, the h
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Native Instruments Noire
A collaboration between Galaxy Instruments, Native Instruments and Nils Frahm, Noire is a recreation of Nils’ nine-foot Yamaha CFX concert grand piano. This Kontakt instrument comes both as unfelted or the felted version more in keeping with Nils’ ta
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