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Champion Of The Underdog
AS a champion of relatively unloved grape varieties, winemaker Jo Irvine gives the impression she might be just a bit contrary. “Just a bit?” she responds. “That’s in my nature, just like my father.” Father is, of course, Jim Irvine, famed for his Gr
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How We Judge
WINESTATE MAGAZINE TASTING CRITERIA OUR STAR RATING SYSTEM Wines are invited from any producer, provided that they meet the criteria of the class being judged. The class may be a regional, style or new release tasting and generally the wines must be
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Equal Top In Category “A great elegant example of the variety with lifted blue fruit and spicy oak bouquet. Perfect palate weight, silky smooth in the mouth and with loads of flavour. Will age well.” $25 5+ years Roasted Lamb Shank with Garlic and Ro
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Contact Details
Artwine Pty Ltd Phone: 08 8389 9399 Email: Web: Knappstein Enterprise Winery & Brewery Phone: 08 8841 2100 Email: Web: Mary Street Vintners Phone: 040
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Sydney Grapevine
PETER Zuzza, the owner of La Disfida, is a member of Sydney’s restaurant royalty. His family ran The Mixing Pot in Glebe, long one of the best Italian restaurants in the Inner West. Ten years ago, Zuzza took his considerable expertise to La Disfida a
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Tel: 08 8357 9277
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Melbourne Grapevine
MELBOURNE has been quiet. In the midst of our second lockdown the beloved hospitality industry - restaurants, cafes, retailers and bottle shops - all bunkered down for the long haul of Stage 4 restrictions. As we mentioned in the last Grapevine, take
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Seltzers - The Summer Goldrush Continues
THE beverage industry has always been awash with trends from wine coolers to RTDs. Seltzers have become the new goldrush in the US and Australia for companies big and small. But how long will they retain popularity and how big will the market become?
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Adelaide Grapevine
IT takes a great deal of confidence to open a new restaurant in the middle of a pandemic and all the business constraints that involves, but Adelaide restaurant czar Simon Kardachi is nothing but confident that restaurant life will return to normal,
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Brisbane Grapevine
ITS location, perched over a wide reach of the snaky Brisbane River, overlooking the City and the Kangaroo Point cliffs became as Queensland quintessential as its striking open-plan architecture. Stokehouse Q, sister venue to the famed St Kilda haunt
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Wine Words
I’ve invited you for an interview for Winestate readers because of Vittoria Coffee, I had no idea how broad your business was…what makes Vittoria Food & Beverage special? The family culture – great people who do the work and love the business. We lov
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What’s It Worth?
Prices listed are exceptional auction highs and do not include buyer’s premium. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH TRANSTHERM Cellaring Your Fine Wines in Perfect Conditions
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Clare Valley
GRAPEVINES have been grown in the Clare Valley since explorer John Horrocks planted grenache at Penwortham in 1840. The Jesuit Brothers founded Sevenhill Cellars to make sacramental wine in 1851 and there are now dozens of small producers alongside b
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This Is A Covid-free Editorial
I think there are enough experts and words on the matter that I don’t need to add to it. Let’s instead focus on the joys of drinking a fine wine or at least a reasonable one. And as I have said many times we are truly blessed with the overall quality
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108 TASTED 89 AWARDED A very high strike rate here which just shows the quality and consistency of the region. Whilst Clare is known as the yardstick for Australian rieslings don’t overlook some other great wines from the greatly underrated cabernet
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PEAK regional industry body Mornington Peninsula Wine has announced the launch of a new viticultural award which will biennially acknowledge the work of exceptional viticulturists and their commitment to environmental excellence. The award is named i
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228 TASTED 136 AWARDED A most interesting judging with the components of the so-called “bordeaux blend” - merlot, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot hung out to dry by themselves. Some passed the test, others showed why it is best that they rema
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Nz Briefs
THE exceptional 2020 harvest was certainly one silver lining to the covid-19 clouds, but producers now have their attention focused on potential worker shortages in the coming harvest. The industry relies upon the Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) s
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119 TASTED 80 AWARDED In this judging you have to decide whether you want simple uncomplicated quaffers or something a bit more interesting. Nothing wrong with either choice but to get complexity winemakers need to ferment the wine in the bottle and
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Time To Think Provencal Pink
THERE’S something about Provence rosé that has caught the imagination of consumers, celebrities and commercial companies alike. Is there a Provence pink lifestyle? Is it a millennial zeitgeist moment? There is certainly a Provence rosé style which is
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Michael Cooper Recent Releases
If you think of New Zealand wine only in terms of sauvignon blanc and pinot noir, that’s easy to understand, as those varieties dominate the country’s production. But this tasting also unearthed outstanding examples of gewürztraminer, montepulciano,
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Anything But Marginal
MAKING a traditional method sparkling wine is a complicated production process. Not only do the grapes need to be carefully grown in a particular cool climate and picked by hand, but the yeast chosen for the prise de mousse or second fermentation nee
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OTAGO (Central Otago & Waitaki Valley)
AN innovative deer milk dessert secured The Rees Hotel Queenstown’s executive chef and culinary Olympian Corey Hume first prize in a national culinary challenge. The competition challenged chefs at some of New Zealand’s best restaurants in Auckland,
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New Digs - A Pick Of The Best Getaways
WORLD class has become one of the most over-used labels. But many times, the description is true. Over the past few years, a string of new hotels, resorts and lodges have opened up in the major states and many offer access to incredible locations. He
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OTAGO Central Otago & Waitaki Valley
34 TASTED 34 RECOMMENDED Pinot noir dominated the tasting, which is no surprise, given that the classic red-wine variety of Burgundy accounts for nearly 80% of the region’s vineyard area. But the white wines of Central Otago and the Waitaki Valley (i
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Consistency Is Key
WHATEVER you think about winemakers putting show results on their labels, it is nonetheless quite impressive to come across a wine shop shelf containing a shiraz with no less than eight gold medals on proud display, two of them either double or blue-
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New Releases
220 TASTED 125 AWARDED Lots of very youthful new releases here this time, with the judges questioning whether a number of these would have performed better with a few extra months in the bottle. Something to think about when you look at the results.
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AUSTRALIAN vintage 2020 has been one of the most challenging in recent memory. Bush fires across four states and the ACT have taken their toll with many producers choosing not to make wine after concerns about the effect of smoke taint on grapes. Hig
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1 TASTED 1 AWARDED One youthful example showing good acid/sugar balance. Bay of Shoals Traditional Method Kangaroo Island Cuvee Chardonnay 2016 Estery floral/citrus bouquet with nice flavour profile and good mousse. $30 9 TASTED 6 AWARDED A group of
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