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10 Ways To LOOK YOUNGER In One Minute
As we age, the lymphatic system that drains excess fluid slows down, leaving puffiness in its wake. Combined with slackening of the facial muscles, skin can quickly lose its shape, therefore facial massage is a brilliant way to reverse both issues, a
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Q I can’t stop smoking, I have tried many times. I know that vaping is better than smoking for your lungs but is it also better for your heart? A E-cigarettes or vaping has become increasingly popular. It involves inhaling nicotine, often in a flavou
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What Is Glycaemic Index (gi)?
Foods with a high GI value will raise your blood sugar faster – these are foods that are processed, refined and have no fibre content. Foods lower on the scale have less effect on your blood sugar spike, and include high-fibre foods such as green veg
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3 Ways To Boost Your Health This Week
Research* suggests mushrooms could help to boost vitamin D. To enrich them at home, simply place on the window sill for an hour on a sunny day or look for Super Mushrooms in Sainsbury’s (£1.20). Thanks to their fibre content, they could help you main
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An estimated 34%* of adults have prediabetes, a condition that is reversible simply by adopting a healthier lifestyle. By choosing the right foods, exercising, not smoking and avoiding excess alcohol, you can make a difference to your health in the f
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Home In On The Cheapest Insurance
MoneySavingExpert.com’s Martin Lewis will save you £££s Millions are wasting £100s overpaying for home insurance, as they leave the bill to fester year after year, getting ever more costly. Yet, with a mix of timing and tactics, many can cut away t
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My Wife Said You May WANT TO MARRY ME
As I sat myself down in front of her computer, my wife, Amy, then 51, gave a nod of permission to read the article she’d been working on for the past few days. Up until now it had remained top secret, but just before she was about to submit her essay
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Q I’m a guy of 53 and my doctor says I’m fit and healthy. But I’m under huge stress at the moment. The company I work for has been hit hard by the virus, everyone’s jobs are at risk and we’re all working overtime to get the sales figures up. Now, tho
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As we all start to find our new normal while teetering on the edge of a potential second wave, we can only do our best to navigate these difficult times. A matter of weeks have passed since we stopped the clap for carers every Thursday and I can’t he
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Your Complete Guide To... CORE STRENGTH
The benefits of a strong core go way beyond a flat stomach and impressive six-pack – although they’re obviously a bonus. ‘Weak core muscles contribute to lower back pain, poor posture and injuries, as well as making everyday life a little harder than
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3 Books To Enhance Your Sex Life
This helps you build your own unique sexual profile and draw up a ‘better sex plan’ for you and your relationship. Author Sarah Litvinoff. This book offers realistic support for couples – whether new or established – to help you regain the spark and
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What a WEEK!
Coming out of lockdown and navigating the new normal is tricky for most of us, but celebrity cook Nigella Lawson has revealed she’s always struggled with leaving the house. In her newspaper column she admits lockdown suited her just fine and doesn’
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Fit And Strong
✱ PILATES ‘Your core needs to be able to cope with the strains that life puts on it,’ says Lynne Robinson of Body Control Pilates**. ‘Pilates is a great exercise because not only does it give you awareness of the whole body, you gain core stability a
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This stunning 16th-century barn conversion is situated in Powys. The building has a gigantic living room with a clean and minimalist design and a huge window that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding nature of Camlad Valley. This is the perfe
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‘Meghan Could Learn A Thing Or Two From SOPHIE’
Sophie, Countess of Wessex, is one of few people who can relate to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Both women were successful in their own right before marrying into the Royal Family, yet both have dealt with the lifestyle changes in very different ways.
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Your Core Kit
Aim for a 30-second balance on one leg, then switch sides. Lift your knee higher to the chest to make it harder. Bodymate stability disc, £13, amazon.co.uk. A study showed that exercising for 20 minutes with a stability ball, five times a week, sign
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The Picture That Means SO MUCH
My smile here, as I’m sitting at my sewing machine behind a pile of handmade masks, isn’t for myself, but the pride I felt at being part of an amazing community of volunteers. Moments later, those face masks were collected by a biker friend and deliv
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The Princess Royal wrapped up warm in a matching coat and hat when she flew to Liechtenstein with her father, the Duke of Edinburgh, and brother, Prince Charles, for a skiing holiday in 1965. Anne looked a vision when she wore this sparkly, white
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Perfect Your Plank
The basic plank position is a simple exercise for developing core strength. It also gives you strong shoulders, arms and glutes. Your body stays in one position for the duration, and you don’t need any equipment, so it can be done just about anywhere
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There’s a difference between being assertive and being aggressive. Try not to cross that line at the moment. Use negotiation as your power tool. For your reading ☎ 09058 172557 Avoid rattling your sabre unless you’re prepared to use it. And if othe
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‘I DON’T CARE What People Think!’
During lockdown, like a lot of us, Ulrika Jonsson took solace in the fact that at least the weather was great, and she spent a lot of time in her garden soaking up the rays. The self-confessed sun worshipper was slammed after sharing a selfie showi
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Bright and colourful Asda Naked Burrito Salad with Pickled Red Cabbage tastes as good as it looks. Suitable for vegans, this exciting Mexican rice salad with black quinoa is topped with sweetcorn and pickled pink cabbage, and dressed in a zingy tomat
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Meant To Be
Funny how things happen sometimes, almost like they’re just meant to be. I’d only been thinking about him – OK, dreaming about him – last week. There he was, in an overgrown garden, helping me search for my missing wellington boots so that I could…
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‘Thank you, NHS!’
Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq, 45, has compared the NHS with returning to her parents’ homeland of Bangladesh aged 14, where she saw ‘illness everywhere’ and no free medication. She said, ‘It lets all children, no matter who – and many more
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Not Seen That Before!
If you’re avoiding dairy or following a plant-based diet, here’s a treat everyone can enjoy. Co-op Free From Choc Sticks are made from soya-based vanilla ice cream with a dairy-free chocolate coating. £2.50, 4-pack.  Waitrose Scrumptious Summer Blue
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What to WATCH
This eight-parter is a lavish adaptation of the cult fantasy trilogy by Philip Pullman. It follows 12-year-old Lyra (Dafne Keen) who believes children are being kidnapped, so goes on a dangerous mission to find them. Set in an alternate world where h
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For casual glam, actor Michelle, 59, wears jeans, a nude blouse and a pair of strappy heels. A jacket hung on her shoulders makes this a smouldering look. The expectant model, 34, who has since given birth to a daughter, is cool and casual in this u
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Booze News
Whether shopping or dining, Pingza will help you select a wine. Download the free app, answer questions about flavour preferences and let Pingza do the rest. If you’re cutting down on booze or looking for a low-calorie option, Eisberg Merlot fits th
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Coming Soon...
Stephen Mulhern will be back in the hot seat as Catchphrase finally returns to our screens – but there will be one big difference. The ITV entertainment show is set to be filmed with all the usual fun, but without a studio audience due to the coronav
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Is This How Your Daughter’s MAKING MONEY?
It’s billed as a subscription service where ‘content creators’ can post images and videos, which users pay to view. But recently, and especially in lockdown, OnlyFans – which currently has more than 50 million users globally – has earned itself a rau
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