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The Heartbreak Of DEMENTIA
Sitting on the sofa of an evening, the noise of the TV is all that can be heard between my husband Paul, 61, and me. ‘Who’s that?’ he’ll ask at regular intervals, pointing at one of the characters on the screen and breaking the deafening silence betw
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Welcome To Woman EXPLORE
With our brilliant new tech you can hover your phone over an image and: ✱ Go straight to the link and BUY IT ✱ Go to an online article to FIND OUT MORE ✱ Visit sites recommended by our team of experts to get HELP AND SUPPORT ✱ Go to social media and
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Be In The LOOP
The 4D Gangsta Granny experience is finally here after two years in the making. Based on David Walliams’ best-selling book, it’s tipped to be a firm family favourite. You start by climbing aboard a royal carriage before being propelled into the great
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Create a kitchen with an edgy urban vibe by mixing and matching industrial pieces, such as bar stools and pendant lights, with concrete or stone-effect wall treatments and dark-wood floors. Keep tableware simple, combining white crockery with wood an
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Take a break. You’ll do a much better job once you’re rested and recharged. A worry is not as severe as you believe. Focus on the facts and build your case. For your reading ☎09058 172557 Between now and the end of the year, a change of heart is po
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Back To The 70s
Time travel is real for a man in Derbyshire who has transformed his home into a relic from the 1970s. So, brown and orange kitchen tiles? Check. Old toaster? Check. Woolworths dishcloths? Check. He’s even got a retro VW camper. Does the sun always sh
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Back for GOOD?
This Morning fans were overjoyed when Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes made their debut return after being dropped from their regular Friday slot in favour of Alison Hammond, 46, and Dermot O’Leary, 48, back in January – especially as they are back f
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Staycation Style
Refresh your wardrobe with a lightweight dress, waist-cinching swimsuit and bright straw hat. Bag these essentials to be comfortably stylish, wherever you go. Palm-print frocks are a must-have, and you can find some bargain alternatives on p20. Plus,
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Why It Is Time To Take Action Against ONLINE ABUSE
We’ve all heard the adage ‘if you’ve got nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ but more and more people are using the anonymity of social media to abuse others online. Following Italy’s victory against England in the UEFA Euro final, three
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View from THE BACK
The Couch to 5K App has hit a mighty five million downloads and marked it by signing Olympic champion Denise Lewis as its latest coach. Denise, one of Britain’s best-loved athletes, joins the likes of Sarah Millican and Jo Whiley as the voice you can
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It’s never too late to introduce greenery into your garden and a border full of blooms is a great way to soften the edge of a patio. Stick with flowering perennials for low-maintenance, year-round coverage that adds colour during summer months. Outdo
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‘I’m Jealous Of Piers’
Amanda Holden has admitted that she’s envious of how controversial her pal Piers Morgan is. When Piers shared on Instagram that he’d bagged four spots in the top-10 most-complained-about moments from the past 12 months, Amanda commented, ‘Jealous.’
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What A Week!
Singer Jane McDonald has been flooded with messages of love after opening up about remembering ‘loved lost ones’ following her partner Eddie’s death. Jane shared a tweet by the Wakefield Hospice, who are urging people to decorate butterflies in memor
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Let’s Not Be Slaves To Our Genes
Hello, lovely people! This week’s column is about acceptance of ourselves, but not about complacency. Genes play a part in our physical shape and in our health, and it’s important we take stock of that inheritance and respect it. Take me, for exampl
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On The Box
Riveting podcasts to listen to when you’re out and about Disco queen and working mum Sophie meets everyone from Denmark’s former Prime Minister to Spice Girl Melanie C. Acast, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts. Join botanist James Wong and K
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Best known for the Harry Potter films and Killing Eve, Fiona Shaw stars in the second series of Baptiste on BBC1. She plays British Ambassador Emma Chambers, who’s relying on retired detective Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) to find out why her husban
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What To Stream
Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in a new comedy as 30-something Josh Corman, who struggles with anxiety, loneliness and a lack of self-confidence when his dream career in music fails and his fiancée Megan (Juno Temple) ends their relationship. This 10-par
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Not Just Any Cobble
What do you give the woman who has everything? A stone of course! The Queen was handed one as a pressie while visiting the set of Coronation Street earlier this month. In fairness, it was an actual Weatherfield cobble, and bosses pointed out it would
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Could you GIVE UP BOOZE?
Alcohol and I hadn’t been getting along for some time. I should have seen the relationship red flags years ago – every party we went to together may as well have had them up as bunting. We’d been together for decades, and in this time, alcohol ruined
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WORDS: LAURIE DAVIDSON AND ROSIE BENSBERG Russell Hobbs desire 3 in 1, £39.99, Currys This 500W hand blender spins at 12,000rpm, so its stainless-steel blades have no problem crushing hardy items like ice in seconds. It has two speeds, comes with a
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Bring It Back
Why has The Archers not gone back to six episodes a week yet? When COVID-19 hit, the radio soap initially disappeared before returning as a bunch of weird monologues. Then proper storylines came back – but only Monday to Thursday. Surely, after 18 mo
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WHAT TO WEAR...this week
Loose smock frocks and relaxed-fit jumpsuits in this picnic print are the easiest way to get on-trend this season. Try this throw-on-and-go look in pastel colours to brighten your wardrobe or add printed mules to your fail-safe jeans. When it comes t
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The Experts
QI was with my daughter and granddaughter last week when one of the mums from the school called round to ask them to help with her daughter, who she said was being bullied by the other girls in her class. When she left, my daughter told my granddaugh
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EASY HEALTHY Midweek Meals
You need just 15 mins and eight ingredients to get this meal on the table. SERVES 4 PREP 5 MINS COOK 10 MINS ✱ 300g dried long-grain rice✱ 500g frozen green veg✱ 1½tbsp Cajun seasoning✱ 4 skinless and boneless white fish fillets, such as cod or hak
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Flower POWER
April heaved a sigh as she stopped in the doorway to the spare room. Josh had said he’d do more job-hunting after breakfast but he was sitting at his laptop with his back to her, playing some sort of game. He must have sensed her presence as the ima
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‘I’ve Definitely Been Typecast As JANINE’
We bet the residents of Albert Square are quaking in their boots at the moment, because the b***h is back! Janine Butcher – the four-times-married triple murderer, infamous for pushing poor Barry Evans off a cliff – will make a return seven years aft
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Prince Charles’ Plan To Streamline The Monarchy
Prince Charles has already given away clues as to what the British monarchy will look like under his reign. Although the Queen remains very much in charge, behind the scenes there are increasing signs it’s Her Majesty’s son who is calling more of th
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Skin Cancer
There are three main forms of skin cancer: malignant melanoma, which develops from melanocytes – the cells in the skin that produce melanin when exposed to the sun – and non-melanoma skin cancers, which include basal cell carcinoma (BCC) and squamous
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While the good old British weather might be uncertain this summer, one thing we can be sure about is helping you get on track towards achieving your weight-loss dreams. We’ve teamed up with the experts at Slimming World to create this mouth-watering
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10 Ways To Get Thicker HAIR TODAY
Hair loss isn’t just an issue for men – it affects women, too. Things like stress and illness can cause hair to shed, so give yours a fighting chance by supplying all the nutrients it needs with a daily supplement. Containing hair-boosting biotin and
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