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It’s The Climb
When I was younger, my parents would never let me say: ‘I can’t do this’. Instead, they taught me to say: ‘I can’t do it this way’. As a visually impaired person, I have battled more daily challenges than most. But I don’t let it stop me from doing a
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Murder She Wrote
Losing a child is an unthinkable nightmare for most parents, and it caused an outpouring of sympathy from the followers of the American online blog: Living Without Z: A Journey Through Grief. It was written by Stephanie Smith and described the tragic
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Giving birth to my precious son Ben, I was glad the experience was over. I’d had an awful pregnancy and the birth was traumatic for both of us. During my third trimester, Ben had dropped dangerously low in my pelvis, which meant he was being starved
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Health News
Award-winning osteopath Anisha Joshi shares 5 ways to improve your spinal health… When we are stressed or anxious our body has a physical response. Symptoms of this include clenching your jaw, headaches, insomnia, IBS symptoms and change in heart rat
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A Beginner’s Guide To Online Bingo
Pick a game of your liking and buy your tickets. You can choose from a variety of bingo rooms and, with the responsible gaming tools available on our website, you can ensure you play responsibly. It’s straightforward to open an account and start play
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Pick Me Up!
Editor: Gail Shortland Senior Writer: Hannah Poon Feature Writers: Rosie Crass, Nia Dalton, Monica Meade Senior Designer: Victoria Elliott Designer: Emily Kelford Junior Designers: Yazz Williams, Hollie Moxham, Mel Walter Chief excutive Zillah Byng-T
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Tooth Be Told
Looking at my face in the mirror, I couldn’t believe my reflection. My cheeks had blown up like a balloon, and my back teeth were really painful and red. ‘Mummy must be unwell,’ I told my daughter Amelia, five, and twin girls Olivia and Grace, three.
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Your Pick Me Ups
With more and more people suffering from depression, anxiety and other forms of mental health issues, it is important that we share our experiences and learn from one another. Having lived with the reality of a mental health illness, Instagram influe
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Never Miss An Issue!
Don’t forget you can also download your favourite magazine to your smartphone or tablet. And remember all newsagents deliver – so ask yours!* GET YOURS TODAY ■
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Cross It!
Solve the puzzle to find a word. Fit the words back in the grid and the letters in the highlighted squares spell out the answer. We’ve put in one word to help. Answer on page 47. 3 letters Ate Bio Boa Bun Sty 4 letters Edge Elms Odds Orbs Roof 5 lett
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If your letter makes Star Letter of the week, you will receive some beautiful blooms from Flying Flowers. With over 30 years’ experience of helping celebrate life’s special moments and FREE delivery by post, a gorgeous bouquet by Flying Flowers is a
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Animal Magic
Experts at Butternut Box carried out a survey to see which dog breed is the most huggable hound. The results showed that Labradors are the most huggable breed. Bichon Frise, Boxers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers were all runners up. Research reports
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To solve the puzzle, each 3 x 3 box, each column and each row must contain the numbers 1 to 9. Solve the puzzle, then read down the numbers in the highlighted squares for the answer. Answer on page 47. Pick Me Up! will still be bringing you great puz
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My Survivor
Pottering around the house, I fancied some fresh air. ‘Do you want to go for a walk this afternoon?’ I asked my husband, Scott, 46. ‘Sounds great,’ he replied. ‘Let me just get the dog on the lead and we can set off.’ We’d always loved getting outdoo
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Playtime works WONDERS
When a child is in hospital, they have many things taken away from them – while simultaneously having to fight their illness and staying incredibly strong. Now, because of COVID-19, they can’t even receive cuddles from family when they need it – due
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Solve It In 7
With children spending a lot of time at home this year, Claire Spurway, European and World Masters Indoor 60m champion, has partnered with Feel Good Contacts to help frazzled and frustrated parents on a budget have a stress-free and screen-free time
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Hot Trend!
Available at tesco.com ■
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Doggy Donor
Stepping into my bubble bath, I soak up a few relaxing moments of peace surrounded by bubbles and hot water. Then… woof, woof! Peering open one eye, I see my seven-year-old Saint Bernard Yogi watching me in the doorway. ‘I’m fine, I was just napping!
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Food And Drink
Arctic Iced Coffee’s new 1L Caramel Latte, £1.99 Sainsbury’s. Made in the heart of Devon, this caramel flavoured Arctic Iced Coffee is the perfect blend of fresh Devonshire milk and premium arabica beans. Birds Eye’s Vibrant Vegetable Mix, 2, Tesco,
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Follow It!
Solve the puzzle to spell out a term related to the picture. The arrows show you where to put your answers. The answer is spelled in the yellow squares. Answers on page 47.
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Your style Dorothy Perkins
Introducing online womenswear label Style Cheat. Described as ‘Australian vibes meets London city attitude’, their latest collection offers wardrobe staples and must-have trends fresh for the season. Go to stylecheat.com to shop. ■
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Half Term Hits
Pop Up Screens are back, taking over Peckham’s popular Bussey Building with lots of exciting events. Take a seat this half-term as the popular Family Film Fest takes over the big screen, with five days of your favourite family movies. With the likes
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Look Amazing!
Say hello to the newest range of mascaras from Collection Cosmetics. With five new launches, there is something for everyone in this exciting launch. From priming to curling and lash lengthening, they have been designed to let your eyes do the talkin
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A Refreshing Holiday To Madeira
Thanks to Neutradol One virus killer spray, you could win this 4 star holiday surrounded by tropical flowers, stunning landscapes and the glorious sunshine of Madeira. You and your partner will be staying at the 4* Four Views Oasis, located on the Re
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15-21 October Stars
www.theastrologyroom.com Your finances are not as fluid as you would like and it is only bystarting to communicate with the faces around you that you will ever start to get a firm idea of how much help you can expect. I think if you do this though Ar
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Talking Sense
Glancing over the room to make sure the kids were happy, I smiled. It was January this year, and I was grateful to have a job managing a children’s home. Working with teenagers with educational and behavioural difficulties, I loved being able to help
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Pick Of The Week
It’s finally back! Against all odds, the 18th series of Strictly makes a triumphant return to our TVs to give us a big dose of some much-needed sparkle. Follow a star-studded cast of celebrities as they tackle the dancefloor and give 2020 a large hel
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Flower Power
You can always count on flowers to put a smile on someone’s face and brighten their day. That’s why I love being a florist so much. I’m not just sending a bouquet of flowers, I’m delivering joy and a special message of thought. This global pandemic h
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Your Brainwaves…
This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! Their Mode bathroom collection is sleek and discreet. The closed toilet brush (£8.99) allows cleaning fluid to be placed at the bottom to ensure optimum cleaning. The pedal bin (
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