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Divine Inspiration
Looking for inspiration for the most important room of their house, the kitchen, Emma and Matt were off to a good start. ‘I already had a clear image in my mind, of the theme, the layout and the colour,’ says Emma. ‘And when I looked at Devol’s websi
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1stdibs Aga Albion Bathroom Co 01255 831605 Amara 0800 587 7645 Angela Harding Angie Lewin Annie Sloan 01865 770061 Anthropologie 00800 002
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Antiques Journal
What I collect: I have a passion for 19th-century glass decanters. I keep around ten in my collection and each new find is always my favourite. I originally started buying decanters to sell for my business, The Vintage Entertainer (thevintageentertai
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The People’s Park
Often described as Britain’s first public park, Derby Arboretum opened in 1840 and was the brainchild of wealthy local mill owner, mayor and philanthropist Joseph Strutt. Looking for a way to show his gratitude to the town’s workers for helping to ma
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Decorative details CAST IRON
There’s often confusion surrounding the attribution of cast-iron and wrought-iron objects. Essentially, wrought iron is a low-carbon malleable alloy that has to be worked by hand or through mechanical processes. It was traditionally used for architec
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House Journal
Who says that radiators have to blend in with the walls? Bisque’s new Earth collection brings bright colours to these essential pieces, letting the radiator be the star of the show. The range comprises five new vibrant shades – Lake Red, pink shade R
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Turn Up The HEAT
Choosing a new heating system can seem like a daunting task, but get it right and your home will be warm and cosy through autumn and winter, and you’ll save money on your energy bills. A modern boiler-fed heating system is typically built to last bet
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Editor’s Letter
Time always seems in short supply, and while I’ve been able to devote more hours to gardening and other hobbies this year, my home-improvement activities are lagging woefully behind. I can blame lockdown for not getting round to the utility room exte
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Burning Brightly
From the beauty of flickering flames and the sound of crackling embers, to the inviting smell of smoking wood or the warm flush of your cheek, a roaring fire ignites the senses. There are few features that are so ubiquitous that they could be found i
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Period Living
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Found in both softwoods and hardwoods, including oak and elm, timber flooring comes in many forms, from simple planks to tongued-and-grooved boards and parquet blocks. On the ground floor, floorboards are usually nailed to joists suspended on brick ‘
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Your Journal
Eight years ago, I made the decision to downsize into a 1960s house and have been busy transforming the bland rooms with cottage-style decor. From the wallpaper to furniture and lighting, Period Living has been a constant source of inspiration. My ga
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Project Journal
Annika and Rach Overton-Hope transformed their fusty carpeted hallway and landing into a Victorian dream, befitting their elegant home Tell us about the house? It took us two years of house-hunting to find our 1875 Victorian semidetached home. It was
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Renowned for its slouchy sofa designs, Loaf has added three new styles to its sumptuous collection. For the ultimate in sink-in comfort, try the Bear Hug, or if you’re looking for flexibility, try the modular design, Wodge, which can be set in multip
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10 Ways To Add Value
Though the most expensive way to add value, extending will yield the biggest return on your investment. It can also make a dramatic difference to your life at home, as even just adding on a very modest extension, such as filling in the side return, c
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Eye On Design
Between 27-29 November, Craft Festival – the host of regional artisan fairs in Bovey Tracey, Bath and Cheltenham – will hold its Digital Craft Festival. Providing the perfect opportunity to shop for handmade Christmas gifts, the fair will showcase 12
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Garden Journal
WHAT: Rhubarb and alliums WHY: Autumn is one of the best times to plant rhubarb crowns, when the soil is moist and warm. To ensure your young plant produces a crop in its first harvest, protect it from pests. Alliums, the architectural members of the
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Autumn Harmony
Reminiscent of falling leaves to the rich spices of the East, saffron yellow is guaranteed to bring a welcoming hug as you enter any space. For a country look with a playful twist, try setting it against blue panelling. Decorate with mix-and-match pa
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Heather Haze
In the 1920s, heather was in vogue due to the fashion for rock gardens, so popular from the Edwardian era. From grand-scale manors, the interest filtered down to more domestic settings, with people developing their own gardens and hobby projects, suc
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Artist In Residence
Retiring to the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, Jo Lloyd and her husband John quickly swapped their small cottage for a more sizeable, listed farmhouse, which they lovingly renovated over two years. Although they were attached to their home, they both k
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This Months Journal
Groombridge Place on the Kent-Sussex border is the perfect spot for a family day out. The 1655 moated manor house will be familiar to film buffs as the setting for Peter Greenaway’s 1982 groundbreaking The Draughtsman’s Contract and as the Bennet fam
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Heritage weekend… NEWCASTLE
Looking down the River Tyne, you are met with one of the definitive images of the North-East: Newcastle’s seven bridges, in various shapes and colours, stretching over the landscape. Whether you arrive by foot, road or rail, one of these arches will
Period Living4 min lettiArchitecture
Under The Autumn Sun
Exploring the local countryside for new bridle paths one day, Sarah spotted a farmhouse in the distance, nestled within a wooded valley. ‘I found a hidden gem,’ recalls Sarah. ‘I remember saying at the time, I’d love to live there.’ Some months later
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Food Journal
We all spend more time in the kitchen during the colder months, cooking up warming feasts, so treat yourself to a new pinny. Available in a range of designs taken from original lino prints, the screen-printed aprons by designer Sam Wilson, here featu
Period Living4 min lettiArchitecture
Industrial Evolution
Most people taking on a major renovation spend months researching every last detail before getting started. Not so for Pippa Mundy, whose transformation of her Cardiff terraced house became more of an ever-evolving journey. ‘I knew there were certain
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Nice As Pie
I think this is one of my favourite pies of all – it is so simple and is best made with luscious Morello cherries picked straight off the tree. Serve with cream or vanilla ice cream. SERVES 6 FOR THE AMERICAN CREAM CHEESE PASTRY: • 300g plain flour•
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Echoes Of The Past
Surrounded by trees and wildflowers and with views of the sea beyond, Satu and Ilkka’s home truly is in an idyllic setting. The landscape is typical of the Finnish archipelago, although at first sight the majestic house on the hill seems somewhat out
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on sale 22 October ■
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Heritage weekend… BURY ST EDMUNDS
We rarely question the names of places, accepting them as a matter of fact, yet they often hold the key to unlocking the rich history of an area. Bury finds its origins in the Old Norse word borg, meaning castle, likely a reference to the castle-like
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