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The Great British Materials Shortage?
Without a shadow of doubt, 2020 has been one of the most challenging of years in the construction industry, and for self-builders and renovators, for decades. Covid-19, Brexit uncertainty and an economic downturn have led to materials shortages acros
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A Touch Of luxury
Extending can be the perfect way to make extra space for growing families, but for Shankari and Ian Chilcott, who live in a mature detached home in Greater London’s green belt, that option was all but shut. “The previous owners had already extended s
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Expert Advice
• Updating your home’s exterior • Tiling walls: Top tips • Managing an extension project • How to find a plot ■
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Managing Trades And The Site
Project managing an extension scheme includes a host of organisational tasks, including sourcing the right tradespeople and managing them effectively once work gets underway. There are two routes available to you: the first is to hire a principal con
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Statement Lighting
Two issues ago we looked at bringing natural daylight into a home through rooflights — but when the night draws in, you obviously have to rely on artificial lights, and with the increasing quality and affordability of LED lights, it’s now easy and co
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• A stunning oak frame self-build • A terrace house transformed • Adding a dormer extension • Your projects on site! ■
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Key Suppliers
DESIGN AND BUILD Virtue Projects: www.virtueprojects.com BATH BC Designs: www.bcdesigns.co.uk SANITARYWARE, TILES (BATHROOM WALL, BATHROOM AND BATH FLOOR), CEILING LIGHT (BATHROOM) Fired Earth: www.firedearth.com SHOWER AND ACCESSORIES, ROUND MIRR
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Beginner’s Guide To Renovation
Renovation work should not be limited to improving the interior appearance of your home when there is so much you can do to transform the exterior too. Natasha Brinsmead looks at the changes you can make in order to turn a drab exterior into one pass
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What Trades Will You Need On Site?
Key trades will be needed at different stages of the extension build. Obviously, you’ll have a build team, which could include the builder’s own sub contractors (if you go down that route) or will be made up of people you hire in as PM — including gr
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Jargon Buster
When you first look into lighting design, the numbers flying around can seem baffling — here’s our jargon-busting guide… • Colour temperature, measured in Kelvin (K), is a simple idea. You are probably aware that metal glows red, then yellow, then bl
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Old Meets New
David and Fiona Patten always knew they would build their own house at some point, but they hadn’t ever arrived at a settled idea of its possible style. “We love old cottages with character,” David begins, “except the rooms can be dark and the ceilin
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Our Self-build Journey
Broadly speaking, people self-build for one of two reasons. The first is to get a bigger or better house than they could otherwise afford, or one uniquely tailored to their needs; the second is to create a home that makes a dramatic statement. These
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Planning Permission
If you live in a listed building you will almost certainly need to apply for listed building consent in order to make any changes to the exterior of the property. Those living in designated areas, such as conservation areas or national parks, should
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Under Construction
Extra safety precautions had to be taken to minimise risk during the construction phase of this The Gentleman Architect-designed extension. When the structure was stripped back, the side walls were in worse condition than had been expected. Extra sca
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5 Ways To Make A Statement With Lighting
1 Lighting can bring indoor spaces and gardens together, like how the low spread of light from this DelightFULL table lamp ties in with the lit pool 2 Mixing together recessed LEDs, directable spots and statement pendants can deliver a variety of
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Traditional Self-build
HOMEOWNERS David and Fiona Patten LOCATION Kent/East Sussex border HOUSE SIZE 220m2 BUILD ROUTE Main contractor CONSTRUCTION METHOD Timber frame and partial oak frame BUILD TIMELINE 14 months PLOT/HOUSE COST £353,000 BUILD COST £300,000 CURRE
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Seventies Revival
Mike and Ruth Vernam are no strangers to the world of self-build and renovation, having previously built their own five bedroom home some 19 years ago. However, once their three children had flown the nest, it was time to downsize and take on their n
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How To Tile A Wall
The easiest way to work out how many tiles you need is to measure the area of the wall you’ll be working on (by measuring its length and width and multiplying them together). You’ll also need to measure any windows and doors and take their area away
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Site Essentials
Before the build begins, it’s important to factor in how easy (or challenging!) it will be for large delivery lorries to transport materials to your site and unload. Before goods are delivered, make a space for them to be stored, too. “We’d recommend
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Adding Character To New Spaces
Unlike period houses, which tend to have bags of character and charm built in thanks to quirky details and original features, new spaces can, without careful planning and thought, appear a little uninviting and barren. This can be a particular proble
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Editor's Letter
“We want to be ‘in’ by Christmas,” is a phrase we often hear on the Homebuilding team when talking to readers about their projects. This goal can certainly help drive forward a building project — visions of cooking the turkey in a new kitchen extensi
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ARCHITECT Roger Howells Architect: 01580 830345 MAIN CONTRACTOR PPO Builders: 01797 222415 GROUNDWORKS Andrew Wood: 01797 280321 TIMBER Copford Sawmill: www.copfordsawmill.co.uk OAK FRAME CONSTRUCTION AND INSTALLER Tony Goodsell: 07824 445305 WI
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Building materials £54,500 Steelwork £6,000 Kitchen £8,400 Wardrobes £1,950 Internal doors £1,350 Windows and doors £20,500 Floor and wall tiling £5,500 Staircase £2,100 Electrics £2,800 Heating and plumbing £8,200 Paving £2,600
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Part Four: Understanding Policy And Land Designations
To the untrained eye, finding a building plot doesn’t seem that hard. After all, there are endless fields and paddocks that look like ideal spots. However, finding a plot that stands a chance of securing a planning consent is another matter. Whether
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Be A Good Communicator
Regular on-site meetings are vital to keep the lines of communication open during the build, allowing your team to stay focused on the upcoming agenda. Here, a site meeting of professionals takes place on the site of a north London extension by A2stu
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Beginner’s Guide To Self-build
There are many benefits to building your own home. It is an opportunity to create a unique home tailored around your lifestyle. It can be a route to creating a home that will adapt as your needs change, for instance accommodating wheelchair use. It a
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The Team
MICHELLE GUY is Assistant Editor. She is an experienced homes journalist, and has just completed her kitchen renovation. She’s currently lining up trades to decorate the next room on the reno hit list! NATASHA BRINSMEAD is Associate Editor and has
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The Floorplan
The home includes an open-plan kitchen, living and dining area utility and a separate sitting room. The first floor houses three sizable bedrooms with two en suites and a family bathroom. The fouth, smaller bedroom can double as a study, while the la
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Key Suppliers
DESIGN RMV Design: vernam100@gmail.com STRUCTURAL ENGINEER Martin Osborne Design: www.mo-design services.com BUILDING CONTROL PWC: www.pwc.uk.net BUILDING MATERIALS Buildbase: www.buildbase.co.uk WINDOWS AND DOORS Newglaze: www.newglaze.co.uk ST
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Building In A National Park
Rob Mouser replaced a dated 1950s home with an energy-efficiency new build. However, achieving planning permission for a (slightly) larger replacement dwelling in Dartmoor National Park, was not straightforward. Chosing an architect with experience o
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