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Here’s a features idea for Guitarist: the guitar playing of Elvis Presley! How good was he? Better than people think, or not? Victor Lewis, via email That’s an interesting idea, Victor – while Elvis himself was probably more of a workmanlike guita
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New Wave
While the mainstream überbrands continue to fill our musical instrument outlets with new versions of the same, many of us have to search a little further for something we find inspiring. Increasingly, it seems it’s the small ’shop makers that offer a
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I loved the article about Clapton’s missing Les Paul from the ‘Beano’-album era. I was amazed to see the photos from The Lynx youth centre – I spent my teenage years growing up in Borehamwood and saw my first live show there in 1967, Amen Corner! I d
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Love Me Do
If you’ve never played a Rickenbacker, you might be in for a shock when you do. Even before you plug in, it’s the feel of the apparent narrow-widthed neck – with its gloss-finished fingerboard and small, low frets – that will probably feel pretty ali
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Gas Supply
CONTACT Headstock Distribution PHONE 0121 508 6666 WEB No, sir! This is the latest incarnation of the Fireman, Paul Gilbert’s signature-shaped Ibanez. There have been a few of these since the first production-model Fireman launched a d
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Tones Behind The Tracks
Album: McCartney III What did you do during the extended periods of downtime in 2020? As gigs ground to a halt and collaborating in person became a no-go, musicians everywhere looked for ways to keep their creative pulse ticking. This applied to Pa
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Vox Bobcat V90
PRICE: From £1,279 (inc case) ORIGIN: Korea TYPE: Double-cutaway centre-blocked thinline semi hollow electric BODY: Laminated maple w/ weight relieved spruce centre-block NECK: 1-piece mahogany, glued-in SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (25”) NUT/WIDTH: Whi
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Tech Spec
ORIGIN: Vietnam TYPE: Drive pedal FEATURES: Buffered bypass, oscilloscope display (switchable) CONTROLS: Volume, Gain, Bass, Middle, Treble, Bright switch, Mode switch (STD/PRE/CAB), Bypass footswitch CONNECTIONS: Standard input, standard output,
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The Wishlist Dream Gear To Beg, Borrow And Steal For...
CONTACT Atkin Guitars PHONE 01227 719933 WEB You may recall we reviewed Atkin’s standard The Forty Three model in issue 460. In that article, Alister Atkin mentioned that the brand’s 25th anniversary was imminent and that a
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Mod Spec
PRODUCT: Lollar Tele Vintage set COST: £220 SKILL LEVEL: Never the easiest pickup swap as you have to remove the bridge to mount the new pickup. We also needed to mod the ground connection on the neck pickup ■
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What exactly do we expect from Paul McCartney in his seventh decade of music making? During The Beatles’ heyday he wrote many songs that have since become indelible in the fabric of rock and pop music, leaving many other songwriters back at the start
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Modern Revival
CONTACT Vox Amplification Ltd PHONE 01908 304600 WEB 1 More Gibson ES-335 copies! Don’t tell us… they’re made in China? Actually, these new models are made in Korea, which for certain brands is still preferred to China or Indonesia.
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The Rivals
Fano’s GF6 Alt De Facto (£POA) is a made-to-order range that’s offered with tons of options. It has a semi-solid, offset, carved-top with chambered alder body and bolt-on maple neck, and a range of pickups is available including TV Jones T-Armonds; t
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Rock Solid
If you look closely at the backline of guitarists who take tone really seriously, you’ll often spot a Two-Rock amp. The company’s designs are rooted in the legendary Fender amps of the 50s and 60s, but evolved to the point where they have become thei
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Rivals 1954-1960
Ubiquitous among guitar heroes for generations, Stratocasters and Sunburst Les Pauls are icons of popular culture in their own right. They’re considered by countless guitar builders to be templates of perfection and have therefore become the world’s
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Tech Spec
ORIGIN: Taiwan TYPE: Tremolo pedal FEATURES: Selectable True or buffered bypass, 6 tremolo styles (MXR, Bias, Opto, Revo, Square, Harmonic), mono or stereo output, external tap tempo, envelope mode, expression pedal control CONTROLS: Speed, Depth,
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Repairing Gibson Humbuckers
Modern humbuckers tend to be very consistent in terms of quality. Indeed, Tom Brantley gets hardly any passing through his North Carolina workshop for repair; the majority of poorly pickups he sees date back to the late 80s and prior. “I usually work
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Decade Of Evolution
’54 Ash body; two-tone sunburst; white single-ply pickguard; polystyrene plastic parts; round string tree ’55 Sharper headstock edges; chunky neck profile retained; c.450 shipped (c.70% increase on 1954) ’56 Alder body (excluding blonde); butter
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Tech Spec
ORIGIN: USA TYPE: Tremolo and reverb pedal FEATURES: Switchable true or buffered trails bypass, tap tempo, infinite hold function, expression pedal capability CONTROLS: Rate, Depth, Color/Mode switch, Dwell, Mixer, selector switch, Tremolo footswi
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“Firstly, timber sawn from a log gets stood on its end to drain the moisture,” David tells us from his base in East Sussex. “It literally runs out of it. Within the first year of drying, around 30 per cent of the weight of maple is lost through free
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10 /10 Additional Parts
Gotoh ‘In-Tune’ solid brass 3-piece saddle set: £21.95 CTS Solid Shaft 250k audio taper pot: £6.95 CTS Push Pull DPDT Pot 250k Audio Tape: £9.95 Oak 3-Way Lever Switch For Tele: £9.95 Sprague Orange Drop 0.033mfd capacitor: £4.95 WD Music Telecaster
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GAS OF THE MONTH Parlour Plaything
What? Lâg Tramontane Travel RC Red Cedar Natural Where seen? Price? £329 Like me, I bet you’re knocked out by the price and impressed at how great this parlour/travel guitar from Lâg looks. Lâg was formed in 1981 in France by
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What You Need To Know
1 We haven’t seen a Ricky for a while in these pages… You’re right there! The truth is Rickenbacker rarely releases any new models. Our review guitar here is a UK-only limited edition, one of 25 only, in its certainly eye-catching Pillar Box Red. 2
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Darren Phillips Lucy Rice Jamie Dickson David Mead Scott Rowley Dave Burrluck Jaso
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Vox Bobcat S66
PRICE: £1,279 (inc case) ORIGIN: Korea TYPE: Double-cutaway centre-blocked thinline semi hollow electric BODY: Laminated maple w/ weight relieved spruce centre-block NECK: 1-piece mahogany, glued-in SCALE LENGTH: 635mm (25”) NUT/WIDTH: White sy
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Trading Licks
Tutor: Robbie Calvo | Gear used: Yamaha Mike Stern Pacifica & Line 6 Helix Rack Difficulty KKKKK | 20 mins per example THE PHRYGIAN MODE is the third mode of the major scale and can literally be seen as a major scale that starts and ends on the thir
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Johnny A.
Right now, Johnny A. is in the beginning stages of recording a new instrumental guitar album in the style of his career-defining solo debut, 1999’s Sometime Tuesday Morning. “Think Hank Marvin meets The Beatles with my own spin on it,” Johnny tells u
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Designer Details
A well-known design guru in the amp and speaker manufacturing industry, Dave Green moved down from the north of England to Essex around 15 years ago to work for bass amp legends Ashdown Music, and he’s been there ever since, helping to create some of
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Editor’s Highlights
Breedlove’s superb Premier Concertina CE has the perfect balance between projection and sweet, silvery tone p16 The story of how Fender and Gibson battled to define the soul of the electric guitar resonates to this day as we see on p52 Don’t know t
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All About That Guitar
Ashdown Music is well known all over the world as a leading purveyor of sound reinforcement to the lower octaves. With such a strong following in the bass community, its equally impressive guitar amplification has sometimes been a little unfairly ove
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