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Pest Watch
These critters dig complex underground tunnels and feast on plant roots. They primarily stay underground; have four protruding yellow front teeth, white whiskers and a hairless tail, and are smaller than a rat. Various species of pocket gophers range
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Tapestry Under a Tree
Are you tired of struggling with lawn under a large shade tree? Me, too. With dramatic fall color, this 18-year-old red maple is a striking asset in my front yard. But there are large and extensive surface roots that make it difficult to grow grass.
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Have A Great Garden Tip?
SUBMIT YOUR TIP & UPLOAD IMAGES ONLINE: OR MAIL TO: Garden Gate Tips, 2143 Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50312. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number in case we have questions for you. ■
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Caring for This Island Bed
In spring cut back and rake up dead foliage and replenish mulch if you need to. When summer arrives, just deadhead faded flowers to encourage new growth. Once the hosta foliage has browned in fall, cut down all the foliage to prevent the large leaves
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Good-Looking Edible Greens
Edible and ornamental plants don’t need to be segregated. In fact, many edible crops have striking, architectural foliage that can look great in ornamental plantings. The concept of foodscaping—incorporating vegetables in with showier plants to creat
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Start Seeds Faster with Bottom Heat
It’s true that you can grow seeds on the windowsill in recycled yogurt cups—people do it all the time. But I’ve found that I’m more successful at growing indoors if I give seeds bottom heat with a germination mat. WHY IS BOTTOM HEAT IMPORTANT? When
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Grow Your Own Flowers for Cutting
The simple joy of planting a patch of flowers to cut and fashion into a posy is undeniable. For Jennifer and Adam O’Neal, growing cut flowers is a way of life. They grow all of their botanical ingredients themselves, from early blooming anemones to l
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Optimal Germinating Temperatures
Centaurea cyanus Melampodium divaricatum Tropaeolum majus Pastinaca sativa Rudbeckia fulgida Cosmos bipinnatus Allium porrum Antirrhinum majus Spinacia oleracea Helianthus annuus Zinnia elegans Plectranthus scutellarioides Imp
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• 5-gallon bucket or deep plastic tub filled with water • Terra-cotta clay pots (4 or 6 in.) • Spray paint (base coat and 2 or more colors for marbling) • Latex gloves and painter’s mask • Wooden skewers • A cardboard tray and bamboo stakes ■
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How Else Can You Provide Bottom Heat?
Any extra warmth can make a difference. If you don’t have a germination mat, here are a few hacks that will give your seed-starting tray bottom heat: A warm appliance Many household appliances, such as refrigerators, water heaters or freezers, give
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Marbleize Your Plain Clay Pots
Of all the ways to paint clay pots, creating this marble effect with spray paint ranks at the top for us. The finish is classy and a cinch to pull off. But the end result resembles high-end marble. Check out the materials list below and you’ll see th
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Garden Jargon
INOSCULATION The natural phenomenon in which trunks, branches or roots of two trees grow together. It is biologically similar to grafting and occurs when two branches rub together in the wind, removing the thin outer layer of bark and exposing the ca
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Like a lot of people, you may be glad to put 2020 in the rearview mirror and get a fresh start. There’s no better way to do that than with a new year and a batch of fresh plants introductions! MEET SOME NEW PLANTS Color seems to be the name of the g
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Q How do I overwinter strawberries growing in a container? I live in an apartment without access to a shed or garage. Donna Schwankl, MN A Strawberry plants in pots and baskets can be challenging to overwinter outside in cold climates. That being
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Test Garden Tryout
We grow as many new plants as possible in our test garden each year so we can share our experience with you. The patio looked great last summer with the new Double Up wax begonias and Medusa Green sweet potato vine mixed in with some old favorites.
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What Are Good Free Phone Apps For Identifying Plants? Margaret E. Hannah, MO
Like Shazam for plants, this app uses image-recognition software and a database of more than 600,000 plants, to identify annuals, perennials, succulents, and mushrooms from around the world. Connect with over 400,000 scientists and naturalists who c
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Grow Gorgeous Peonies
Can such beautiful flowers also be easy to grow? The answer is a definite yes! Peonies are not only easy-care, but they make great cut flowers, are often fragrant and can live for generations. Even though some gardeners grow huge, colorful peonies wi
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Weed Watch
What it looks like Leaves emerge from a rosette and are covered with white woolly hairs. Leaves are stalkless, alternate with one another along the stem and are egg- to spoon-shaped with rounded to broadly pointed tips. Lower leaves are ½ to 5 inches
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Vegetable Plating Guide
One of the most challenging aspects of vegetable gardening is trying to figure out when to plant each type of crop. Some vegetables are cold tolerant and can be planted as soon as the soil thaws in early spring. Others are frost-sensitive and can’t b
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Color Explosion
A Nasturtium Tropaeolum majus ‘Alaska Mix’ See information above left. B Zinnia Zinnia elegans ‘Queen Lime Orange’ Annual; big double apricot blooms with lime-green and rose-colored centers summer through fall; full sun; 30 to 40 in. tall, 12 to 15
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5 Steps To A Layered Border
Anyone can boost their curb appeal and add the “wow!” factor to borders big or small by using a garden design method called “layering.” You can use it to pack in maximum color and texture and get a look that’s as vibrant as the border top right. Find
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A Classic Variety with Modern Appeal
Not only do nasturtiums produce months of bold blooms, but they’re easy to grow, not fussy about soil, and have edible flowers, leaves and seeds. ‘Alaska’ nasturtiums (sometimes sold as ‘Alaska Mix’) form brilliant flowers in fiery shades of orange,
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Organic Or Not Organic ?
Have you ever frozen in the middle of a routine task and wondered, “Wait, should I be doing this differently?” Unlike commercial organic growers who have to follow specific regulations, home gardeners are free to grow according to their own standards
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Garden Essentials
This spade is made of steel and is a heavy-duty, well-constructed garden tool that will last through generations of gardeners. The 15-inch-long straight blade cuts like a breeze because of the sharp bevel that’s engineered to abrade the soil and shar
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From The Editor
Every year starts with such good intentions. This is the year I’ll tame my borders: Get rid of the spindly perennials, those that are elbowing others out of place and those that just don’t seem to fit. I’ll stop acquiring single plants and tucking th
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Make Your Own Organic Potting Mix
Use an empty wheelbarrow or a large tarp to mix these ingredients together. Don’t fuss too much about being exact. Grab an old nursery pot to scoop the following: • 4 parts coconut coir — Improves water-retaining capacity • 4 parts compost — Improv
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A New Leaf | Broken Arrow, OK or 918-451-1491 What does A New Leaf do? A New Leaf was founded in 1979 as a program for training people with disabilities for the workforce, particularly the horticultural industry, through horticulture t
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Garden Gate Us
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Organic Gardeners You Should Follow
You’ll appreciate Timothy’s down-to-earth approach and basic gardening tips as well as natural fertilizer recipes, projects and fun, easy-to-digest graphical information. He gardens in urban Houston. INSTAGRAM: @bigcitygardener BLOG: bigcitygardener
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FROM THE GROUND UP Start With The Soil
It’s easy to take soil for granted… until you decide to grow something! Even though we are often trying to cover up the ground with plants, a lush garden really does rely on soil quality. Plants don’t need a lot of extra care when they’re grown in am
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