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2 Smart Winch, Smart Furler
Sailors are forever watching out for promising new gear while also keeping a weather eye on risky leaps from technology that’s long been settled. During Cruising World’s 2021 Boat of the Year roadshow this past fall, we judges saw a couple of new pro
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High-latitude Innovations
If you harbor dreams of Patagonian sailing, backcountry skiing, or Antarctic peak bagging, you’re likely familiar with Skip Novak’s Pelagic Expeditions (, which offers highlatitude sailing adventures to charter guests. Novak is a vetera
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What’s not to like about a good birthday bash? The more festivities, the better, I say, which is just what the Herreshoff Marine Museum has planned for the remainder of 2021, its golden jubilee year. Located on the waterfront in Bristol, Rhode Island
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1 Protecting The Dream
If you’ve been on the hunt for a marine insurance policy over the past year or so, you likely already know that it’s a challenging market. Sailing and cruising groups on social media and web forums are filled with frequent posts about people struggli
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4 Surveying The Surveyors
You’ve found your dream boat, one that checks most or all of the boxes. Now all you need to do is secure financing, get insurance and find a surveyor. The first two tasks are relatively straightforward, and can usually be accomplished with a few mous
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The 17th day of March was cause for a massive celebration in Auckland, New Zealand, this year, and it had nothing whatsoever to do with St. Patrick’s Day, leprechauns or green beer. Nope, on a glamorous summer afternoon, with tens of thousands of mas
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Cheeseburgers In Paradise
Until recently, my husband, Bob, and I cruised the Bahamas and Caribbean every year aboard Scaramouche, our Tayana 58. As we headed south from Florida, our home port, my mind sometimes drifted to the favorite “meals out” we’d left behind. One was a d
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3 It’s In The Can
The great variation from summer to winter in Alaska means that the residents of the Last Frontier are adept at catching and preserving wild food. Whether it’s with caribou or blueberries, Alaskans make sure their larders are stocked before the darkne
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While I raced competitively as a youth in Optis and Lasers—and loved to sail big boats in all the Caribbean regattas during the’80s and’90s—I fell out of Grand Prix yacht racing as I began to focus on circumnavigating a couple of decades ago. The few
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Dream Yacht Academy
Cruisers sailing the Florida Keys this year may have noticed the fleet of catamarans clustered off Stock Island near Key West. They’re part of Dream Yacht Charter’s newest US base, which opened in November 2020. “The North American bases grew very fa
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Passage Notes
With high demand resulting in a sold-out 2022-23 event, Oyster Yachts has announced that its fourth Oyster World Rally will depart Antigua on a 16-month circumnavigation on January 14, 2024. The rally provides a fully supported experience for any Oys
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References And Resources
First thing, acquire a copy of A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast by Hank and Jan Taft, with updates by Curtis Rindlaub. This comprehensive and well-written guide has been “the bible” since 1988. The Tafts spent four years tucking into hundreds of c
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New And Now
os3 system • $240 (jacket), $180 (trousers) • This new coastal gear from Gill is designed to have all the wet-weather protection that sailors need, without being cumbersome or restrictive. Both items feature Gill’s new nontoxic XPEL fi
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Living The Good Life
My partner, Christian, and I love to spend weeks on end aboard Pitufa, our Sparkman & Stephens 41, in remote, uninhabited places exploring their abundance of coral reefs, colorful fish and endless sandy beaches. While fellow cruisers regretfully shar
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Not so long ago, most production sailboats featured sail plans that were a bit different from what one might encounter when looking at how boats are rigged today. For example, older sloops typically carry 130 to 150 percent genoas that, when sheeted
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Home From Distant Seas By James Baldwin (independently Published, 2020; $13.99 Paperback, $6.19 E-book)
James Baldwin’s voyaging-lifestyle philosophy—travel frugally, and take the time to reflect on and learn from every experience along the way—continues in this third book in his retrospective Distant Seas trilogy. This volume continues the saga begun
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A Maine Alternative
This summer, with the pandemic and social distancing still in mind, taking the family on a Down East cruise to Maine might be just the thing. After all, it’s not only one of the world’s great sailing destinations, but also there are isolated coves, v
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Departure Day: As the plane lifted off the runway, I muttered my final goodbyes out the window. My parents had purchased an Island Packet 445 10 months prior, and the day to board this boat had finally come. I was 11 years old and knew absolutely not
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Salmon To Go
Here are three ways we put our canned salmon to good use when we’re sailing: • Hors d’oeuvres. It’s a classy and delicious topping to a cracker and cream cheese. • Maki sushi rolls. Rolled up in nori (roasted seaweed) and sushi rice, it’s great on it
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A Path Less Taken
Water splashed over the bow as I held the Sea Pearl 21 tight to the wind. Glancing to port, I gauged the distance between our little boat and the nearby coral-laced cut between two deserted Bahamian cays. The tide was ebbing fast into the open ocean
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The Challenges Of Cruising Maine
There are a few navigational challenges I should mention, such as fog, 10-foot tides, 4-knot currents, anchoring among rocks and ledges, and lobster buoys and trap lines. I didn’t say cruising the coast of Maine was going to easy, but it can be an ex
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Sea Change
Idon’t remember much about our sail down the Baja coast in February 2009. This seems strange because it was five days and nights at sea, our first real passage aboard Kate, our Newport 41. The ship’s log says that we had a fresh 25- to 30-knot breeze
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Charter Options In The Exumas
Out Island Explorers ( off ers guided and solo charter options aboard kayaks, Sea Pearls and even a traditional Bahamian sloop from the base in Great Exuma. The Moorings ( off ers bareboat and crewed charters aboar
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Dream Yacht Charter has opened a base at Marina Las Velas, on the island of Isla Mujeres, off Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Bareboat and skippered yacht charters are available through 2021. Situated at the intersection of the Gulf of Mexico and the Car
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DEVIL’S Advocate
It’s called Devil’s Backbone for a reason: It’s a dangerous stretch of rock, coral and shifting sand shoals along Eleuthera’s north shore. Winding through this spine lies the passage from Spanish Wells to Harbour Island. By most counts, a local pilot
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What’s In A Name
“It’s an industry problem—there are too many names for the same thing,” Quantum Sail’s Dan Kaseler says when asked about the various names applied to off-wind sails. Talk to boat salespeople, and you’ll hear terms like blaster, screecher, reacher, ge
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Taken by the Wind by Mike Jacker (Talking Bird Press, 2020; $29 hardcover, $3.99 Kindle)
Nostalgia is welcome now when the pandemic makes most of us long to go cruising—coastal, ocean crossing, even an afternoon sail to join friends inside a cruiser bar in a nearby harbor. Into this longing for the recent past drops a new book by Mike Ja
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BUYER’S Choice
When Island Packet Yachts launched some 40 years ago, skippers in yacht clubs and bars from here to Oz still heatedly debated whether boats equipped with fin keels and spade rudders were safe to sail out of sight of land. And so, between the wranglin
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Refined DESIGN
NEW TECHNOLOGY, REVIEWS and PRODUCTS for the CRUISING SAILOR Like clockwork, each fall for the past decade or so, Dufour Yachts has arrived in Annapolis, Maryland, with a new sailboat (or sometimes two) that somehow looks remarkably just like its pre
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