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Watts Up
Spider-based power meters (~$400-$1,000) seem (subjectively) to be the most reliable. They also measure the power created by both legs in just one sensor. That means there are fewer batteries to change and fewer wireless connections to worry about, a
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Local Love
When I moved to Los Angeles, a friend told me, “You’ll hate it until you love it.” And I scoffed. What secret love was there to find in one of the biggest and most popular cities in the world? Just like every late night comedian says, it *was* full o
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Run Smarter, Run Faster
Watching any great runner in motion is a beautiful thing—they move through time and space with seemingly zero effort, just one long stride after another, with perfect hip extension and posture. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with such grace a
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Coros Apex vs. Suunto 5
There are scores of multisport watches out there on the market for us data-driven triathletes to obsess over and lust after, but which ones really boast the best functionality for running? We’ve run hundreds of miles over the past few weeks in the Co
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The Life of Tri
One summer, I spent four weeks on the Big Island working and house-sitting in the lead-up to the Ironman World Championship. It gave me a glimpse into the non-triathlon, real-life side of the island, and I still remember the first time I rode down th
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Put In The Work
Warm-up: 35 minutes of running at zone 1 (see box on right for training zones) Strides: 8 x 20 second strides on grass or a soft surface Your focus is holding perfect form throughout your 20-second strides, accelerating and holding your one-mile race
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This Month At
Always dreamt of covering 140.6 miles? This is your (virtual) chance. Well, kind of. During what would have been the week when so many triathletes gather on the Big Island, we’re hosting a virtual iron-distance “race.” Registrants have the whole week
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Hip Hips Hooray
WHEN WE RUN, OUR HIPS ARE CRITICAL IN HELPING US move efficiently, avoid injury, and enjoy ourselves. If you place your hands on both sides of your hips, you can feel some of the 36 muscles that need to work together in order to have relaxed, supple,
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Ask Stacy
How does being on hormonal contraception affect training? First, know that there are several formulations and delivery methods for hormonal contraceptives (HC). HC includes the combined and progestin-only contraceptive pills, implants, contraceptive
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No Limits
Roderick Sewell has overcome a lot in his 28 years: Born without tibias, Sewell had his legs amputated when he was 18 months old. As he grew, his prosthetic legs were so expensive that his mom quit her job of 20-plus years to file for unemployment so
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ChEAT Sheet
$35 for 10-portion sachet pack Often referred to as “nature’s multivitamin,” bone broth has been the secret nutritional weapon of many top pro triathletes for years, but it’s only recently come to the forefront of the sports nutriti
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Paula Findlay
At the 2012 London Olympics, Paula Findlay finished in last place, sobbing and mouthing the words, “I’m sorry," as she crossed the line. It was a crushing blow for the then 23-year-old Canadian star who was carrying her country's hopes of medaling at
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How Findlay Fuels
6 A.M. Wake up, walk, and feed our puppy Flynn 7 A.M. Breakfast, usually two pieces of Dave’s Killer Bread toast with almond butter, honey, and two tablespoons of hemp seeds, plus cappuccino with oat milk and a glass of OJ 9 A.M. Snack with trainer w
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Balancing Act
As an adventurous child growing up in Ireland, Ivan O’Gorman raced BMX bikes and rode horses. In his late teens, he played rugby for his home country. It makes sense, then, that joining the corporate world in his twenties left O’Gorman a bit disillus
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The ‘Other’ World Championships
Before the Ironman World Championship became the dominant force in global multisport competition, there were other races that claimed the title of championship races—enticing the fastest in the world to test themselves across a variety of distances.
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Dream Destinations
All of these months with shelter-in-place guidelines have given us tons of time to imagine where we’ll head to race or train once the global pandemic is over and restrictions are lifted. While that list could go on (and on and on), here’s a trio of d
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The Top Tri Towns of 2O2O
WHAT MAKES A GOOD TRI TOWN? It’s a little bit the training, a little bit the community, and a whole lot of je ne sais quoi. We started our search for the best tri towns by asking you—and you delivered. We received nearly 200 nominations, with a coupl
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First Wave
GoPro Hero 8 Black 15mm 100 1/2500 f/2.8 ■
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Get It
YOU KNOW HOW GOOD IT FEELS TO HIT THE GROUND RUNNING—LITERALLY—BEFORE WORK. After a swim, bike, or run, you arrive at your desk full of energy, endorphins, and a clear head. You’re ready to rock and roll and take on the day’s tasks, both mentally and
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Stay Local, Race Local
Although COVID-19 public health guidelines continue to vary around the globe, a few common themes have emerged—travel is restricted, large gatherings are capped, and there are widespread bans or cancellations of mass participation events. All of whic
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It all began so simply. “In 1977 our team ran in the Oahu Perimeter Relay,” said Ironman co-founder John Collins during an interview with journalist Carol Hogan that appeared in the 1983 Ironman program. “A week after the relay they had a party and a
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Triathlete’s Fall Running Shoe Review
This fall’s crop of new shoes reflects a lot of hard work from brands that have held it together during these trying times to bring us five incredible updates and one completely new model. Your feet will $130 M 8.7oz, W 7.1oz, 5mm drop
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A Triathlete’s Guide To Staycationing
STEP 1: Throw a small tantrum over whatever vacation/race-cation plans you had set for this year. Scream into a pillow, shed a tear, write in your journal—whatever helps you let it go. Feel better? Yeah, probably not. Set it aside, and turn it into f
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Slippery Spokes
DT Swiss is known in the tri world as a brand that is as precise with its technology as it is inscrutable with its naming system. Their new line of wheels holds tight to both truisms: With the latest ARC line, DT Swiss reimagined their wheels through
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Tri’s Race to Survive
Resilience isn’t something new to triathletes. Finishing a race as long as an Ironman is all about finding a way to put one foot in front of the other. And trying to make a living in the triathlon industry is usually an exercise of resilience and ada
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The Land Of The Rising Sun
No matter what language you speak, triathlon is still swimming, biking, and running. Yet, while the basics remain the same across borders, the sport means different things to different people and different cultures. Although the U.S. may stake claim
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Cody Beals
Even as Cody Beals’ pro career was taking off, the Canadian triathlete felt weighed down by a host of personal demons, ranging from disordered eating to exercise addiction to anxiety. Not only that, he was coming to grips with his sexual identity and
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Kamaishi Hamayuri Triathlon
Triathlon races play an important role in the economy and society of many local communities. On the Pacific coast, about 300 miles north of Tokyo, the Kamaishi Hamayuri Triathlon is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Kamaishi was one of the
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Destination: Road Trippin’
Just a 90-minute drive or train ride from New York City, this Hudson Valley college town is a magnet for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. SWIM HERE: Tucked in the Minnewaska State Park Preserve, the secluded, spring-fed Lake Awosting is perfect for
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