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Beneteau Gran Turismo 41
Replacing the Gran Turismo 40 has seen Beneteau take a more gentle evolutionary approach as opposed to a total rethink. The 41 takes the GT40’s blueprint and includes enhancements here and there to improve life on board and keep the boat at the top o
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Retrieve A Man Overboard
Someone falling overboard is a very worrying situation. There are so many factors that affect how serious it could get: water temperature, sea conditions, location, age, fitness, clothing, whether they are wearing a lifejacket. By far the best soluti
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Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht
Sunseeker plans to launch five new or revamped boats this month and this new 67ft addition to the Sport Yacht range is one of the highlights. An untrained eye may not even notice the flybridge given how beautifully it has been integrated into the boa
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Precious Fettle
walrus II is moored stern in, port side-on to our pontoon berth E13 in Poole. Despite the unlucky connotations of the number, she has suited and served us very well over the last three years. With the aft cockpit facing almost due west, many a glass
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Azimut 53
Having employed Alberto Mancini’s services to design the 78, Azimut gave the Italian designer the trickier task of distilling that boat’s style and focus on volume, into the 55ft by 16ft frame of its all-new 53 flybridge. There are subtle nods to the
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Sharing Economy
Just as I predicted, France lifted its lockdown and by June boating life was starting to free itself from Covid’s clutches. A captain was quickly signed up and B9 was booked in for its annual bottom scrub and anode exchange. But then, on the day of t
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Axopar 22 Spyder
It’s probably not how Axopar wanted to introduce its new baby but at a virtual launch from a train factory in Helsinki the world got the first glimpse of the 22 Spyder. The team freely admits that this is the most challenging model to build because o
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Princess 68
IN BUILD 2014 - 2018 PRICE RANGE £1,700,000 – £2,000,000 It’s always fascinating to watch new concepts in motor boats evolve and become de rigueur. Back in the 1980s we were introduced to transom doors – today the idea of scrambling over a cockpit co
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Regal 42 Fxo
Only a handful of years ago if a budding boat designer had suggested committing company capital to a 42ft flybridge cruiser with three 425hp 5.6-litre V8 outboards on the back they would have been laughed out of the design office and asked politely t
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Find Me A Secondhand… £ 75,000 Boat
It’s time for another price challenge! It’s always great to discover such a wide variation within a narrow price band by playing with the age and size and then tweaking it with more subjective matters like quality and desirability. Doing an internet
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Your Mby
Reading the December issue of MBY I couldn’t help but notice the trend for leisurely cruising rather than rushing around at a rate of knots. Your articles on Prestige’s X70 and Beneteau’s Trawler 62 both mention that the manufacturers appreciate that
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Trader 41+2
BUILT: 1990 PRICE: £ 74,950 Built in Taiwan, the 41 and 41+2 were mainstays of the Trader range and ran from 1979 to 2004. The ‘+2’ referred to the change from the original two-cabin version to a more popular three-cabin setup. There was also a 41 Sp
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Motor Boat & Yachting
Motor Boat & Yachting, Future Plc, Pinehurst 2, Pinehurst Road, Farnborough Business Park, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7BF ISSN: 770027 178204 Published monthly Email: Website: Editor Hugo Andreae Deputy Editor Jack Hai
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Fair Line Phantom 38/41
BUILT: 1991 PRICE: £ 79,950 In the early Nineties, many manufacturers started to incorporate moulded-in bathing platforms to the hull rather than the traditional flat transom and bolt-on ‘shelf’. Soon after, the extra length of the platform began to
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Nord Star 31+
Can you think of a boat with stiffer, more focussed competition than the Nord Star 31+? With homegrown rivals like the Sargo 31 and Botnia Targa 30.1 breathing down its neck and offering many of the same benefits, it’s logical to conclude that anyone
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Fairey Spearfish
BUILT: 1972 PRICE: £68,500 Fairey always comes to mind when discussing vintage powerboats. The big news with the Spearfish though, is that rather than the usual high-maintenance wooden construction, these were built out of that new-fangled GRP! A dev
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In The Pink
Given that my father was a fisherman in Guernsey for years, including during the German occupation in World War II, it’s no surprise that I grew up fascinated by boats. After the war ended, he designed and built his own boat and I would often accompa
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Carver 390
BUILT: 1994 PRICE: £ 77, 950 With unashamedly North American styling, the Carver 390 hails from Wisconsin. It’s what our American cousins refer to as a Cockpit Motor Yacht – unusually, it has an aft cabin, a raised aft deck and a lower aft cockpit. I
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My Fantasy Fleet
Name: David Aldridge Current boat: Sealine 390 Berthed: Solent I’ve been around boats since I was about 12 years old, learning to sail on gravel pits around West London and on the Thames. However, it is only in the last ten years that my wife and I h
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Pocket Rocket
Back in the September edition of the magazine, editor Hugo and I tested the 100hp and 150hp versions of the Saxdor 200 Sport. Driving home from the test I couldn’t help wondering, despite what a hoot the boats had been to blat around on for a day, wh
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I am constantly amazed by what our readers get up to in their spare time and none more so than the two who have shared their stories this month. Colin Le Comte so enjoys cruising the French coastline around his native Guernsey (he’s writing about WES
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Comitti Breva 35
Dwning a boat as beautiful as this Comitti Breva 35 must be a bit of a double-edged sword; on the one hand it’s very flattering that so many passers-by stop to admire it, on the other hand it’s rather frustrating that the first question they’re likel
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Circles Of Life
We are used to seeing photographs of sportsboats carving perfect white circles in a pristine blue sea but it’s rare to see something as large as this new Custom Line 30m running such a tight set of rings. Either the Ferretti Group is keen to show off
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First Time Love
There was a sweet fusion of nerves, exhilaration and freedom as we left the marina in Homps. For the first time in our lives we were motorboaters. Wispy clouds floated in the summer skies above us and the Canal du Midi rippled gently under the hull o
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The 10 Key Boating Stories You Need To Read
I’ve always been a big fan of Flemings. They just seem so well engineered for dependable CRUISING comfort. However, given that a low centre of gravity has always been a key part of that design philosophy, it will be interesting to see how this tallie
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The Doors To My Heart
Tommy Montaigne likes a project. Having spent his childhood summers exploring the sheltered waters of the Stockholm archipelago in his parents’ sportsboat, it was almost inevitable that one day he’d buy a boat of his own. The trouble was that as a yo
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As usual, taking the boat out of the water at the end of the season turned into a complicated affair. The theory is easy: book lift-out slot, motor round on the appropriate day, lift out. The reality never measures up. I winter the boat ashore at MDL
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Print Your Own Boat
You are at home, sitting at your desk. In front of you, on your laptop, is a bespoke 3D-rendering of the boat you’ve just finished refining online. You lean back gazing admiringly at your design. The detailed online forms took you a couple of days to
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The Terrace At The New Holmwood Hotel
When rounding Egypt Point I’ve often wondered where the inhabitants of Cowes Castle – those “gentlemen actively interested in yachting” as the Royal Yacht Squadron once described its patrons – nip out for a bite. I couldn’t imagine the likes of the K
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