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Wayne Riley
Growing up, I always thought that being a golfer was going to be my life. Why? I don’t know, but I was right! Getting up extremely early in the cold winters as a 14-year-old to get on a train to the golf club was going to be the norm for me. I cleane
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Basic Greenside Bunker Technique
1 Take a relatively square set-up with the ball about a clubhead’s width from your front heel to encourage a fairly shallow angle of attack, rather than getting too steep on it. Utilise the bounce in the sole by opening the face slightly so the groov
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Seizing The Initiative
Captain Tom Moore, now an honorary colonel, has inspired us all with his incredible fundraising efforts for the NHS–more than £31 million and counting as I write! While no one would put golf clubs in the same category of deserving causes as the NHS,
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Eddie Pepperell
Hello everyone, and welcome to my first Golf Monthly column. With time on my hands, it seemed as good a time as any to start one. There’s not much golf to comment on at this moment in time, but hopefully we won’t come off the rails too soon. I know i
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Scott Hend
Short to long–that’s what I always say. It’s all about keeping the backswing short and the follow-through long. This helps you to keep accelerating through the ball. When people decelerate, they lose control of distance, which is really common. You w
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Time To Reflect
Confined to quarters in spring, I worked on the spreadsheet I keep to record the 1,000+ courses I’ve played. Without this, I would probably have lost track years ago. Some have closed, three have reduced from 18 holes to nine, three have relocated an
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What Next?
It’s 2009. Golf’s next superstar is on the verge of squandering a six-shot lead at the Dubai Desert Classic. With two play-off defeats to his name, he’s already got a monkey on his back–incredible, really, given he’s just 19 years old. The much-hyped
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Rules Education
These challenging times present the perfect opportunity for us all to brush up on our Rules knowledge, irrespective of your ability level, says Chris Wallace, R&A Rules manager. Golf is a self-regulating game and it’s the responsibility of all golfer
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Q & A
What are the strategic differences in how proprietary and members’ clubs are run? As the former, we are governed by our owner and the key decisions are made from our chairman through me and our executive management team. We do not have committees and
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Wayne Riley Says…
I FIRST HEARD of Rory McIlroy when he was a young lad. Darren Clarke actually told me about this kid when he was about 14. The first I really saw of him was when he had a good Open at Carnoustie. But it was the 2007 Dunhill Links, the year he got his
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Your Queries Answered
Q A group of us had a discussion recently about a Rules query which we couldn’t resolve. Watching golf on the TV, when players are on the green, great care is taken not to stand or walk on the line of another player’s putt. We can find nothing in the
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Looking To The Future
Although golf was played on the heath even earlier, the formal institution of this famous club is reckoned to be 1608. Sadly, the documentation relating to this no longer exists, but there seems little doubt that Royal Blackheath is by some distance
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Up Close And Personal
It is January 14, 2013 and the world’s golf media have been summoned to a five-star Abu Dhabi hotel. An outdoor press room-cum-stadium has been erected facing a stage that is flanked by two giant screens. Suddenly, the night sky is illuminated as the
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Rules Refresher – Relief From Movable Obstruction
This month, we’re looking at what to do if you find your ball resting against a movable obstruction, or a movable obstruction interferes with your stroke or stance. Rule 15.2a addresses the free relief that is allowed from artificial objects that mee
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Boss Of The Moss
Matthew Johns has been the head professional at Royal Blackheath for 12 years, and prior to playing the course, I had a look round his state-of-the-art studio, the London Putting Academy. I explained that since migrating to a new Callaway Stroke Lab
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From The Editor
One of the (few) benefits of living under lockdown has been that I’ve made time to listen to the weekly Golf Monthly Clubhouse podcast. As my commute to work is only 20 minutes, my podcast listening is normally reserved for longer car journeys. Those
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Rory McIlroy
1 Set-up. Because of the amount of body rotation McIlroy creates, he needs a very strong platform. Fire a cannon from a canoe and you’ll end up in the water, but he is stable and ready to produce a lot of power. Everything looks very neutral. It does
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Test Your Knowledge
1 In match play, Jezz asks Fergus, his opponent, to remove the flagstick. Fergus lays it down, but Jezz’s putt accidentally strikes it. What is the ruling? A. Fergus loses the hole. B. Jezz loses the hole. C. There is no penalty. 2 In stroke play, Fe
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Highland Beauties
James Braid designed this idyllic, rural and utterly natural journey through the Cairngorms countryside 90 years ago. He expanded the course into a gently undulating full 18 holes, and although it is less than 5,900 yards from the back tees, it plays
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Golf Monthly
Editor: Michael Harris Digital editor: Neil Tappin Senior content editor: Tom Clarke Technical editor: Joel Tadman Content editors: Nick Bonfield, David Taylor Editor-at-large: Bill Elliott Design director: Kevin Eason Design editor: Jamie Latchford
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Golf 2.0 A Blueprint For A Better Game
Golf has been played on these isles for at least 550 years. There’s a reason for its longevity–it’s a fantastic sport. But, like anything growing to a ripe old age, golf has developed its idiosyncrasies over the centuries. Changing society and cultur
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Cobra King Forged Tec Iron £899
This is Cobra’s foray into the compact, hollow distance-iron category, aimed at golfers who want blade-like looks but the firepower and forgiveness of a game-improvement iron. It certainly ticks the box visually, combining polished and more satin are
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Bill Elliott
And so it drones on, wearying, worrying and, for some unfortunates, much worse than that. It’s tedious not being able to play golf in the sunshine, but it’s a damn sight more tedious being dead. By the time you cast a drooping eye over this sentence,
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Your View
An article in the Sunday Times caught my attention recently. It featured Caversham Heath GC and Sittingbourne and Milton Regis GC and their two differing attitudes to coronavirus. The board of Caversham has decided to allow non-members to use its lan
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Scott Gregory burst on the scene in 2016 when he defeated Robert MacIntyre at Royal Porthcawl to win the Amateur Championship. That gained the Portsmouth man entry into three Majors, and just a month on he led the Open Championship at Royal Troon aft
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Titleist Tour Soft Ball £33 a dozen
The Tour Soft has always been an excellent all-rounder that offers soft feel at a lower price point. Our testing of the 2020 version has shown it is a little bit faster off the tee than its predecessor, translating into extra carry distance. Admitted
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7 Aunt and son play around Devon club (7) 8 Cost of being Open Champion in 1994 (5) 9 He won the US Open in 1976, aged 22 (4) 10 Names hot tip at Hampshire course (8) 11 Reasonable distance to short grass (7) 13 No par made from this green’s fringe (
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In Good Company
The Englishman, Golf Monthly’s inaugural editor, first won at Royal St George’s in 1900, which actually came after his two Open Championship wins in 1892 and 1897. He also won the 1911 US Amateur. The American completed the Grand Slam in 1930, winnin
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Skechers Go Golf Elite V.4 Shoe £99
Skechers golf shoes are growing in popularity with their immediate comfort and abundance of styles. The Go Golf Elite V.4 is the new hero spikeless model for 2020 and aims to build on the brand’s growing reputation. We tested the white/navy pair over
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The 70-yard Bunker Shot
It’s difficult for an average club golfer to hit a wedge that far from the sand, so play an 8- or 9-iron. Turn your left foot out a little and stand slightly wider and a little more open to the target, with the ball further forward in your stance so
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