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New Mexico Reimagined
DAY 1 Albuquerque, New Mexico’s largest city, has caught the eye of curious travelers. Mayor Tim Keller, known for his love of heavy metal, has helped attract new creative businesses—both Netflix and NBC will open production studios here in 2020—and
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How To Do This Trip
The Via Rail Ocean train from Montreal to Halifax (or vice versa) is a 22-hour journey called “The Maritime Way,” though travelers can break up the trip by hopping off midroute. The Ocean departs three times a week (Sunday, Wednesday, Friday), and ti
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Neighborhoods to Explore
The streets in this corner of northern D.C. are lined with trees and vintage row homes. Crispus Attucks Park, one of several pocket parks in the area, used to be an abandoned lot until the community transformed it into a green oasis. Locals gather at
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Recipes for Understanding
I took my restaurant management team to my birth country of Israel so they could have their own stories to tell about the place that inspires our cuisine at Saba in New Orleans and Safta in Denver. Orit Levi, our guide from tour company Via Sabra, le
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Hear It Live
With a movable stage and room for up to 6,000 concertgoers, the Anthem, a new 57,000-square-foot music venue in D.C.’s Wharf District, is a bigger, badder version of the city’s iconic 9:30 Club, also operated by event producer I.M.P.
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Where To Stay
Rooms offer views of the Anacostia River, plus minibars stocked with local snacks. At the restaurant Maialino Mare, Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group serves Roman food, including salt-baked sea bass and roasted suckling pig. From $180. tho
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Global Fare
The Caracas native celebrates Latin cuisine at Seven Reasons, with Amazonian ingredients such as katara (a spice made from fermented ants and roots) and plenty of veggies. His fusion bowls are the star at Immigrant Food, which also provides meeting s
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Past Imperfect
Stewart Indian School Cultural Center and Museum Carson City, NV One of the uglier chapters in United States history involved the forced assimilation of American Indian children, who were taken from their families and sent to government-run boarding
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2020 Best New Hotels
Eden Rock St. Bart’s Aman Kyoto Rosewood Hong Kong Casa Maria Luigia Mt. Mulligan Lodge Labotessa Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia The Chedi Al Bait Equinox Hotel Raffles Singapore Captain Whidbey Inn Lodge at Blue Sky Rio Palena Lodge Kachi Lodge Mai
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This Is Not A Peach
CHIKARA MIZUKAMI WORKS with an easy concentration as he rolls a piece of what looks like white Play-Doh in his palm, gently flattening it into a thick disk. He places a mound of anko—red adzuki-bean paste—in the center of the disk and smooths the dou
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Savoring Beirut
I WAS BORN in Houston to a Lebanese father and an American mother from Texas, but we moved to Lebanon when I was a baby. I spent all of my formative years here. To escape the turmoil of the civil war (1975 to 1990), my family and I sought refuge in B
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Where To Find Wagashi In Tokyo
Wagashi are still enjoyed at tea ceremonies, but travelers can also find them at local supermarkets, at chain stores such as Toraya, or even in department store basements. (Warning: The quality varies.) But one of the best ways to experience wagashi
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Scotland, Distilled
ON A WARM SUMMER MORNING in Speyside, Scotland, I walked along a gravel path at the base of the Conval Hills, listening for the sound of the Robbie Dhu spring. I stopped to ask for directions from a local passing by, who pointed up the nearest hill:
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Tradition With a Modern Twist
THESE DAYS I SPEND about a third of the year in hotels, traveling extensively for business and pleasure. Aside from my preference for two firm pillows, a real human being at check-in, and a classic negroni on the house cocktail list, I have some thou
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Rewilding australia
After that, it’s hard to make out conversation over the noise of the twin propellers. The copilots exchange an occasional, untranslatable sentence of flight jargon. They’re so close I can’t shake the feeling I’m in an Uber; I have to resist the urge
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Colleen Kinder Writer In Search of Kindness p.124 Perfect timing: “I went to Canada during the off season. Everyone kept saying if I’d come two weeks earlier more places would have been open, but I loved being there when I didn’t have to contend with
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Writer Emma John chose her lodgings based on their outstanding rewilding efforts. Read on to learn more about visiting these conservation-minded retreats. Set in the outback surrounding the Ikara-Flinders Ranges, the 1850s-era Arkaba Conservancy is a
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Let AFAR Be Your Guide
Each year, we turn to you—the world’s best travelers—to tell us about the hotels, cruise lines, airlines, trips, and destinations that inspire your wanderlust. It’s that time again: The AFAR Travelers’ Choice Awards are back! Go to
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A City On The Verge
BOJAN BOČVAROV had a secret. It was almost too much for the dimpled 39-year-old to bear as he motored up a narrow road on a leafy residential hillside in central Belgrade. He could have taken my wife, Rikki, and me anywhere. Having just landed, we we
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Stay Connected
AS THIS ISSUE WENT TO PRESS, the world was struggling to contain the COVID-19 virus: Air travel between the United States and most of Europe was severely restricted, major events had been canceled, and health officials were asking us to keep our dist
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The Afar Guide To Belgrade
Hidden away in a residential neighborhood, Stari Mlin isn’t easy to find. But a meal here is worth the effort. This is where Belgradians come to linger over authentic Serbian dishes—such as ćevapi, a spicy Balkan sausage, and đuveć, a vegetable stew—
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All American
The United States is rich with experiences waiting to be discovered, whether on a visit beyond the landmarks in Washington, D.C. (page 36), at a museum that sheds new light on overlooked history (page 44), or on a road trip in New Mexico (pictured, a
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In search Of kindness
Raindrops smear down the windows of our sleeping car, pulling with them the glow of Montreal’s streetlights. Inside, we are warm and dry, entranced by the guitar strumming of a folk duo from Vancouver. We are strangers, about to know each other’s nam
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Perfect Harmony
THERE’S A LIGHT breeze coming off the Mediterranean as I walk through a maze-like market where colorful spices such as sumac and za’atar are displayed in glass jars, and falafel sizzles and pops in giant frying pans. Overhead, the chirps of low-flyin
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Beyond The Basics
MY FIRST EVENING IN Chiang Mai had me considering alternate histories. I was visiting the Sunday Walking Street—a long stretch of closed-off road through the middle of the city’s old center where sellers set up trinket, clothing, and food stalls ever
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The Wisdom Of Detroit
I WAS BORN in Southfield, Michigan, just outside Detroit, but grew up 20 minutes from Kalamazoo, surrounded by woods. I left for college at 18 and didn’t plan on coming back to the Midwest. I lived in Senegal, Malawi, and South Africa, and up and dow
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Traveling Queer And Far
THE TIME TO stop hiding came as we sat in the back of a van somewhere along the road between Ranthambore National Park and Udaipur. Not that we’d ever been trying to hide, exactly. But we knew the moment would come. Packing for our trip to India, I h
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In Berlin, Everybody’s Willkommen!
Nor does anyone at this table, with the exception of Peter, a Berliner who is here once a week, entirely voluntarily, to help people like us muddle our way through der, die, and das. Elsewhere, in the more advanced groups, the conversation is free-fl
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HOW TO Do This Trip
In 2015, a group of friends came up with the idea of Refugee Voices, walking tours led by Syrians during which they would share their experiences and offer context for why and how refugees were coming to the city. At the end of the two-hour “Why We’r
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