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Bright Future
When Jane Bradford was a kid, she loved elements of design—before she even knew what “design” was. Taking cues from her mother, who had a knack for sewing, Bradford learned to admire gorgeous textiles; inspired by her father’s passion for urban plann
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Show To Know
NEW WORK BY JODIE ROTH COOPER, SANGEETA REDDY, AND ROBERT SZOT> Where Where:: Space Gallery When When:: Through Dec. 31 What What:: Bursting with color and dynamic forms, this exhibition featuring concurrent solo shows from three different yet like-m
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A New Nostalgia
It might not have “where everybody knows your name” status—yet—but the Halcyon hotel’s newish eatery, Local Jones, is certainly a fresh take on familiarity. Adjacent to the hotel’s lobby, the restaurant replaces the sleek, nightlife-oriented Departur
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Bold Strokes
Watch Marilyn Wells sweep black soot ink over a handmade sheet of mulberry paper and you’ll undoubtedly be struck by her quick, confident brushwork. “It’s just whoosh, whoosh, and the picture is completed,” says the Denver-based artist, who happens t
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Room To Heal
When it comes to advocating for Denver’s growing homeless population, the Colorado Village Collaborative (CVC) thinks we can do better than simply putting roofs over heads. The organization’s new Women’s Village development—a cluster of 14 tiny homes
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By The Numbers*
6,104 The number of people experiencing homelessness in the Denver metro area in January—a 6-percent increase from 2019 and a nearly 15-percent increase from 2018. 1,561 The number of those people who were unsheltered. 33 % The percentage of Denver
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Green House
Your house is keeping a dirty secret from you: It’s polluted. In fact, the air quality inside our homes is estimated to be two to five times worse than it is outside—due, in part, to the toxic chemicals found in everyday cleaning solutions and househ
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Clean Swap
Bye: Tide Pods Hello: Laundry powder from Evergreen’s Humble Suds Because: It’s effective, and none of its six ingredients are known to cause skin irritation or disrupt the body’s endocrine system. Bye: Disposable razor Hello: Eco Roots rose-gol
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The New Home Values
The year 2020 may have influenced lifestyles more than any period in recent memory, but we aren’t in uncharted territory. Throughout history, epidemics have transformed how and where we live—cholera outbreaks inspired the 19th-century redesign of Lon
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Together But Separate
NOW: A glittering pool NEXT: Smaller, more intimate outdoor lounge areas WHY: “I think the public pool is gone. It’s a real space hog, it’s seasonal and expensive to put in, and pandemic-spurred rules and restrictions eliminate all the fun, impromp
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Back In Business
Pandemic or not, for many employees, working from home is becoming the new normal. As a result, creating at-home workspaces that can offer multiple family members privacy, function, and comfort promises to be one of the biggest design challenges of t
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Outdoor Oasis
Never has having outdoor space at home felt like such a necessity. Thanks to Colorado’s sunny climate, our al fresco areas have become the go-to venues for socializing, exercising, playing, and simply decompressing. “The outdoor room is not losing an
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Trending Toys & Tech
With a real-play experience on more than 190 world-class courses, plus sensors that capture data on your golf game, impact, and spin, you can practice (and perfect!) your swing without leaving the house. Available at Bravas Colorado, residentialsyste
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5280 Home
Michelle Johnson Dana P. Smith Hilary Masell Oswald Erin Skarda Christine DeOrio Sean Parsons Sarah Boyum Victoria Carodine Madi Skahill Karah Kemmerly Julie Dugdale, Kathryn O’Shea-Evans, Daliah Singer, Kylee Trunck, Angela Ufheil Susie B
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The Essential Entryway
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Finding A New Rhythm
I’M A SUCKER FOR CREATURE comforts. The consistency of small but steady rituals is what puts me in my happy place and makes me feel like I’m ticking the boxes of life’s never-ending checklist. This year, as those daily dances I once did on autopilot—
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Top Denver Design ’20 21
In the spirit of this anything-but-ordinary year, we’re shaking things up with the fifth installment of our annual Top Denver Design contest. The following pages include our first-ever Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice awards, a comprehensive list
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Montreal-based illustrator Katy Lemay chose a Top Design winner in her own city: Habitat 67, a modular concrete housing complex created by architect Moshe Safdie in 1967. (If you aren’t familiar with it, give it a Google. It will not disappoint.) It’
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Editors’ & Readers’ Choice Winners
2020 has a lot of explaining to do, but at least it’s given us CODA Studio, which opened in Cherry Creek North in February. The home-furnishings showroom—the Malibu-born company’s first outpost—offers bespoke modern pieces that showcase excellent cra
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Rising Up
In June 2017, Keia McSwain received one of those phone calls—an abrupt conversation that made her pulse quicken and her mind race. Her beloved mentor in the interior design industry, Kimberly Ward, was at a hospital in Mississippi, and McSwain needed
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Risen Stars
If James Bond needed a Front Range workspace, we think he’d settle on something exactly like this home office, which Andrea Schumacher outfitted for a working father of two children. “This is his man cave, his own little retreat,” Schumacher says. To
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Deck The Halls
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Gallery Guide
You’ll find a broad spectrum of mediums—think oil paintings, encaustics, and mixed media—from local, national, and international artists at this large, well-lit gallery. (A robust inventory practically guarantees you’ll find something you love.) 1412
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Set The Scene
Gathering friends and family together might feel more special this year than ever before, and nothing is as welcoming as a beautifully set table. “Now, more than ever, is a time to really reflect on the gratitude we have for one another and for our t
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Scenes From Quarantine
With plenty of extra time at home this summer, Kimball gave herself a challenge: Create artful tablescapes for small gatherings using items she had in her own home. You can find the gorgeous results— and more practical details on her approach to sett
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Get On Board
SATISFY THE CROWD. “For your tray, you want sweet, savory, crunchy, sour—all of the qualities you get out of a great dish,” Keuler says. Here, he anchored the savory side of the board with Jeff’s Select gouda from Minnesota and Prairie Breeze sharp c
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In Good Company
Sometimes, it’s tempting to furnish a guest room with a mishmash of unwanted elements from bygone design eras. But this beautiful bedroom—designed by Lauren Winter of Inside Stories by Duet Design Group—makes a compelling case for creating an intenti
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Friendly Touches
Put your Wi-Fi network name and password in a small frame on a dresser or nightstand. Liven up the room with a small bouquet of fresh flowers or even a faux plant for low-light basement spaces. A few beloved books on the nightstand are easy decor—and
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Pay It Forward
What: Art print Get It: Sacred Thistle “This petite print by Denver artist Marsha Robinson (aka Strange Dirt) makes a special gift because the hostess will think of you whenever she looks at it—and it’s fun to receive a decor item for your home. (Bo
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One-month Cabin Makeover
5280 Home: Your vision for this cabin was all things light, serene, and inviting. Your reality was just about every 1960s design trope imaginable, from orange walls to brown wall-to-wall carpeting. What changes did you need to make to bridge that gap
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