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A Lunar Adventure
A fond childhood memory for Fei Fei (Cathy Ang) is of her late mother (Ruthie Ann Miles) recounting Chinese folktales, in particular of the goddess Chang’e (Phillipa Soo) who drinks the elixir of immortality and is transported to the Moon where she i
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Visualising Sound
Since 2014 Basil Murad has worked as a freelance CG designer and animator. Since then he has created a number of diverse projects as Blood + Chrome, all of which are unified by his distinctive synthwave aesthetic. Murad works primarily as a 3D genera
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Part 4: FX And Lighting At Animal Logic
In recent years, Animal Logic has been called on to produce visual effects and animation ranging from things as diverse as brick-based LEGO characters and environments to furry photoreal rabbits – and many elements in between. Just about anything mig
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Technique Focus
FAN ART Phoenix is a character from the first-person shooter Valorant by Riot Games. For the face details, I used HD Geometry in ZBrush after seeing Kris Costa using it in one of his Pixologic presentations – it gives me a lot of freedom in terms of
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FX And The Art Of Real Reference
Before Ninjago, we had made LEGO movies that were predominantly brick-only. But on Ninjago, director Charlie Bean wanted to make it look like a child had filmed this in their backyard. So, the rain would look like it came from a watering can, for exa
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Plug-in Performance
The idea behind an external GPU (eGPU) is straightforward. Take any desktop graphics card, capable of delivering the kind of performance needed to run professional 3D applications, and put it into an external enclosure connected to a PC, rather than
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How To Review Lighting
Reviews for the lighting department at Animal Logic are unique, with diagnostic information presented alongside a breakdown of the final output. This allows for specific feedback and subtle changes to be made on a single light, which is extremely hel
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Asus XG Station Pro
PRICE £386 | WEBSITE www.asus.com There’s a slight catch with most eGPU enclosures. They’re big. A few are as big as a (mini-ITX) desktop PC, in particular the Razer and Sonnet enclosures, reviewed overleaf. That somewhat negates the point of an eGPU
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Editor’s Welcome
While it may have its roots in the 80s retro music scene, synthwave, along with its subgenres, has become as much an art movement as anything else, and has informed creative decisions for everything from album art to production design of games like C
3D World2 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
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Razer Core X Chroma
PRICE £380 | WEBSITE www.razer.com The Core X Chroma is one of the most popular eGPU enclosures, rated number one on www.egpu.io. It’s not hard to see why. Not only does it have a really beefy 700W PSU that is sure to handle the widest range of top-e
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Spotlight On Our Contributors
Orestis puts the best eGPU units through their paces to help you decide which option is best for adding heavy-duty rendering capabilities to your system. 3D World regular and industry writer Trevor Hogg explores the production secrets behind the crea
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Design Beautiful Outdoor Scenes
This render, inspired by Hrensko National Park in Czech Republic, was for me the next step to further my skills at producing 3D visualisations, and a great challenge on how to use tools more efficiently for archviz scenes. Although this project may s
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Sonnet Breakaway Box 550
PRICE £306 | WEBSITE www.sonnettech.com Apple’s co-development and early adoption of Thunderbolt technology led to a number of peripheral vendors that were focused on high-bandwidth storage, networking, docking stations and other accessories primaril
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Nobody F***s With The Jesus!
SOFTWARE ZBrush, Substance Painter, Maya, XGen, Arnold, Nuke This fantastic image was created by junior lighting and shading artist, Eva Mateo, and freelance 3D character modeller, Jaime L. Troiti, as a tribute to 1998 crime-comedy film, The Big Lebo
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Model A Cyber Weapon In Gravity Sketch
In Issue 265 we designed a large mechanical spider that looked like a JCB from the future. This month is all about futuristic weaponry and I decided to augment the mech we built with some rocket launchers and a couple of powerful arms loaded with mun
3D World2 min lettiComputers
Akitio Node Titan
PRICE £330 | WEBSITE www.akitio.com Mac users who spend enough time looking at accessories, add-ons, or tools needed for a hardware upgrade will inevitably run into OWC (Other World Computing), via their massive portfolio of clever products and guide
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Frostpunk Explorer
SOFTWARE ZBrush, Marvelous Designer, xNormal, TopoGun, Substance Painter, Maya, Arnold, Photoshop This explorer took freelance 3D character artist Claudiu Tanasie around three months to create. “While the actual character was compelling because of it
3D World8 min lettiComputers
Create A Medieval Kitchen With Blender And Quixel Bridge
This medieval kitchen was created in just four days using Blender 2.9, the newest version of the software. Some assets and materials were sourced from the Quixel Megascans library, exported thanks to the companion app Quixel Bridge. Quixel Megascans
3D World3 min lettiComputers
eGPUs come close to offering a nirvana of plug-and-play portable 3D hardware. Connect one to any Thunderbolt-equipped kit and immediately it becomes a 3D-capable workstation, more or less. We can now answer two big questions about the technology. The
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Green Apartment
SOFTWARE 3ds Max, Photoshop, Corona Renderer It took Konstantinos Anninos, freelance archviz artist and co-owner of Threelight CGI, five days to create a whole set of images for his Green Apartment project. Anninos has been involved with the arch-viz
3D World5 min lettiPhysics
Create Abstract Simulations Using Bifrost Fluids
Bifrost Fluids is known for its capability to recreate real-world liquid simulations such as oceans, but it can also be a useful tool in creating abstract fluid simulations. The added bonus is that it is a free plug-in with Autodesk Maya, so there is
3D World3 min lettiComputers
HDR Light Studio Xenon
PRICE £95 (Indie licence) | COMPANY Lightmap | WEBSITE www.lightmap.co.uk Lighting is a task that takes a particular set of skills and experience to master, but HDR Light Studio is a tool that allows even the novice to produce fantastic-looking rende
3D World1 min lettiComputers
The Forever
SOFTWARE ZBrush, Maya, XGen, Arnold 3D modeller Maxchill Patiphan created this stunningly emotive image over the span of three months, largely due to his slow PC. “It was agonizing,” he tells 3D World, “a single frame took around ten hours to render.
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How Do I Work With Aces Cg Renders In Adobe After Effects?
Mike Griggs Mike Griggs is a 3D and visual effects artist with vast experience across the industry, as both a creator and a technical writer. www.creativebloke.com Maya Jermy Maya is a 3D artist and animator based in the UK. She started her career in
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• How to create stylized cartoon characters full of personality • Game art special: we delve into the fascinating worlds of Cyberpunk 2077 and Ghost Of Tsushima ? Find out how to take part in a unique collaborative 3D art project ? Downloads Free mod
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Teddiursa Toy
SOFTWARE Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Arnold Renderer, Photoshop Tod Ryan worked on this adorable image of a toy Pokémon character for a few hours over the course of three or four days. The captivating realism of the toy belies the fact that Ryan ha
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How Do I Create A Simple Cloth Simulation In Zbrush?
Maya Jermy replies ZBrush 2021 has brought some big changes to the software. We get to enjoy upgraded performance, expanded existing features and iMage3D. The most interesting one, and one we all have been waiting so impatiently for, is cloth dynamic
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Free Resources
Follow the link to download your free files bit.ly/3DWorld-synthwave MODELS + TEXTURES Download a set of fantastic textures from and build your own asset library with these incredible food-themed models from in our monthly model and texture giveaway.
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Apocalypse Warrior
LOCATION Canada I am a recent graduate from Think Tank Training Centre just starting out in the industry. I am currently pursuing my passion for characters, asset building and texturing. The Rookies is a platform to help digital artists get discovere
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