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Verner Panton (1926-1998), Danish architect and designer known for bold, colourful, futuristic designs ■
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8 rooms Of Reverie
ART ON SILK Everyone loves a silk Louis Vuitton scarf - hotshot artists included. This room highlights the evolution of the classic fashion accessory as a medium for creatives to express themselves, stylishly. Check out sexy squares dating back to th
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SITUATED IN THE HEART OF CAPE TOWN AT THE V&A WATERFRONT, overlooking the marina and with panoramic views across to Table Mountain, One&Only Cape Town is a tranquil enclave on the doorstep of the vibrant city. Recently, this beautiful resort hotel un
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12 building An Icon
IN MY FIRST YEAR OF ARCHITECTURE SCHOOL, after a terrible critique from a tyrannical examiner, I drowned my sorrows by 1. buying a quart of beer; and 2. drinking it as I sat sketching the old Park Station in the hazy Joburg dusk. The sketchbook in qu
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LOCATED IN THE HEART of Bennebroek village in the Netherlands, the neo-Gothic St Lucia monastery has seen various tenants come and go. Built in 1896 by the Sœurs du Sacré-Cœur (the Sisters of the Sacred Heart), it was initially a boarding school for
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13 thinking Space
IT SEEMS THAT GERMAN BILLIONAIRES have a knack for adding landmarks to Cape Town's architectural landscape. First there was former Puma (now Harley-Davidson) CEO Jochen Zeitz and the Zeitz MOCAA. Now, the Hasso Plattner Foundation - set up by the fou
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From Ordinary To Oasis
The brief from Susan and Christopher Greig was a simple one: “Transform our apartment from ordinary to oasis.”
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Appropriation Or Appreciation?
CONSIDERING YOU'VE PICKED UP a copy of this month's VISI, it's safe to assume you're a lover of beautiful things. After all, VISI has established itself as “South Africa's most beautiful magazine”. When you're captivated by something beautiful, what
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What piece of iconic design would you love to own? The Sanlorenzo SX112 superyacht is a hallmark of my daydreams. It is a perfect blend of entertainment, adventure and luxury. Picture being cocooned in Egyptian cotton sheets and lulled to sleep by th
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New To Miami
THE GOODTIME HOTEL With a name like this, it's no surprise that fun was had in the design of this artistic collaboration between its high-profile owners - producer and singer Pharrell Williams, and Miami nightlife entrepreneur David Grutman. And the
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The Influencers’ Influences GILLIAN HOLL
IF GILLIAN HOLL'S PARENTS HAD HAD THEIR WAY, their daughter would have become an optometrist. “But all I kept thinking about was designing creative frames,” she says from her office at Veld Architects’ HQ in Lanseria. “I grew up in the platteland, an
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At Play
WHEN ASKED what makes Play Braamfontein's office special, founder Adam Levy responds simply: “A 30-metre-long, floor-to-ceiling panoramic view of the Johannesburg skyline.” He is right, of course; the vista, which includes the iconic Nelson Mandela B
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10 a Salute To The South
TREND FORECASTER, CREATIVE CONSULTANT, PUBLISHER AND ALL-ROUND DESIGN AFICIONADO Lidewij (Li) Edelkoort has long had a love for the southern hemisphere's boundless creativity. Her talks were, for years, a highlight of Cape Town's annual Design Indaba
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Colour Fill
AS MANY COUPLES DID DURING THE PANDEMIC, Lauren Shantall and her husband Derek Eyden re-evaluated their lifestyle. To beat the claustrophobia of their new work-from-home regimen, Lauren, who runs her own PR company, and musician Derek would regularly
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6 back To The Beginning
INTERIOR-ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO TONIC may have had a showroom in the Johannesburg design precinct of Kramerville for 10 years, but it feels fitting that this space has now returned to Parktown North. The old Joburg suburb is a hub of art galleries and
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11 free For All
1 SEED LIP Grove 42 is a spicy concoction with orange and mandarin peel and pith top notes, and juicy blood orange undertones; while Garden 108 is a fresh blend of peas and garden herbs such as rosemary, thyme and spearmint. Expect a clean flavour wi
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5 from Mistakes To Making It Big
PETER VAN DER POST KNOWS A THING OR TWO about rolling with the punches. As founder of Indigenus, a leading Cape-based producer and exporter of high-design planters, over nearly a decade he's weathered everything from production issues and distributor
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Editor-in-Chief Steve Smith Editor-at-Large Annemarie Meintjes Creative Director Mark Serra Designer Gerard Jones Managing Editor Samantha Charles Digital Editor Gina Dionisio Content Producer Michaela Stehr Contributors Adam Letch, Alan Jensen, Ania
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7 working The Room
WHEN JULIA LAUNCHED GENERATION IN 1990s JOBURG, South Africa was emerging from an insular apartheid wilderness where conservative design had dominated. “We started out 28 years ago, when our country had limited access to international design. We were
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Win Two Luxury Pool Loungers By Waz Outdoor
ELEGANT AND DURABLE, the pool-to-patio European Collection by WAZ Outdoor is the ultimate in stylish pool relaxation. The internationally inspired, high-end collection is made using flotation beads that conform to the body for optimal comfort, ensuri
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1 rising Star Lindiwe Gugushe
MULTIDISCIPLINARY DESIGNER Lindiwe Gugushe is the creative director of Bōopa Mmuso, an Afro-minimalist, functional furniture design start-up. The 2022 Design Indaba Emerging Creative established the business with a human-centred design approach, prio
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15 crossing Over To The Bright Side
ARCHITECTS ARE ALWAYS INTERESTED IN LIGHT - after all, it's what gives expression to the architectural forms they create. Every now and again, however, they actually swap over and design a light themselves. We spoke to locals who've done just that. Z
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Interpr etation
COMPACT AND LOW - MAINTENANCE were two keywords in the brief to architect Andrew Payne before design began on this project. The owners — a South African couple of Greek origin with two young children — were looking to downscale from the expansive hom
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Modern Love
“YOU KNOW, I COUNTED EVERY SINGLE BRICK IN THIS HOUSE,” says architect Adèle Naudé Santos, smiling, as she stands looking around the main bedroom of the first house she ever designed — a solid Modernist four-bedroomer completed in 1967 and situated i
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The Future Is Futile
WHAT'S YOUR VIEW OF THE FUTURE? Is it resplendently rosy, or are humans destined to end up on a far-off planet, mining a rare spice and dodging giant sandworms? As a reader of news, I regularly plummet down gloomy rabbit holes of electricity outages,
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9 the Modernist
WHEN IMAGES OF THE NEW RANGE ROVER were released last year, it was hard to believe they were real. Surely something this refined was a digital render rather than an actual metal-and-oil creation? Surely an automotive exterior could never be this seam
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SITUATED IN the middle of Fresnaye and the Sea Point Promenade, and wedged between a combination of dated flats, samesame modern apartment blocks and an excess of commercial entities, is The Flamingo. As with all structures designed by architects ext
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3 doggone Stylish
WHAT TO BUY THE CHIC CHIHUAHUA, on-point Pointer or stylish Siamese in your orbit? An item or two from Chommies will do the trick. This hip Mother City brand, named for the South African slang word for “friends”, has opened an exciting, colourfilled
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14 the Brutal Truth
THE ORIGIN STORY Brutalism's beginnings are contested, but it's thought the pioneer of Modernism - Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier - had a hand in its origin. A lover of raw concrete, in 1952 Le Corbusier set about designing the Cité Radieuse in
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4 herehuis
EVER SINCE ITS UNVEILING IN 2017, we knew that the Bosjes Chapel would be a hard act to follow. With its distinctive undulating white roof, it has garnered wide acclaim and appeared in many an Insta post. Last year, the owners of Bosjes did follow up
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