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News In Brief
In last month’s issue, we inadvertently attributed the DR Rally article to Andy Westlake, when it was actually written by Andy Withers. Apologies to both, Andy Withers (AWsportsphoto) especially, and we would like to take this opportunity to put the
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Missing The Bleeding Obvious…
Although I have owned my 1957 VeloSolex 1010 for a while, I haven’t had the opportunity for a proper test ride until recently. The wide open space of a deserted Silverstone paddock allowed me to let it achieve its heady 14mph top speed, though on bra
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’Bird In A Bikini
Regular readers with intact medium-term memories may recall us featuring a 1960 ‘Bathtub’ 500cc Triumph T100A in The Classic MotorCycle, January 2021. That machine belonged to former garage owner Alex Taylor, and he has now acquired a panelled 650. B
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Yes We Cam
Although there are many types of cams, including wheels, shafts, discs, tooth, drum, cylinder to vinyl record disc grooves, they usually serve a similar role, as they are all designed to convert rotational (or occasionally sliding) motion into recipr
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Stafford Show Time
Star guest at October’s Stafford show (over October 9/10) is Michael Dunlop, the Northern Irish superstar who has carried on the Dunlop family’s proud tradition of success in the Isle of Man. Winner of 19 TTs, Michael was also the first man to lap Mo
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Marking The Spot
The smell, the sound, the refreshing sight of Panther motorcycles returning to the town where it all began, prompted some mindful reminiscing among the gathering Sunday shoppers. For those watching the distinctive machines sweep into the Home Bargain
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Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright…
As this month’s test subject fired into action, I was immediately transported back to those days of the early 1970s when the streets of our towns and cities were filled with the sight, sounds and sweet-smelling exhaust fumes of buzzing 50cc two-strok
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The Pursuit of Perfection
This article was written by Erik Meesters (1966), author of the German book Mit Herz und Seele, die Geschichte von Friedel Münch & Helmut Fath. The author studied the lives of Friedel Münch, Helmut Fath and Floyd Clymer for many years. Resulting fr
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High And Mighty Last Of The Line A65
James Robinson Tel 01507 529405 Fax 01507 371066 email Tim Britton, Alan Cathcart, Jonathan Hill, Roy Poynting, Richard Rosenthal, Martin Squires, Jerry Thurston, Alan Turner, Andy Westlake, Steve Wilson Dave Clark, Sally Clif
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The Classic MotorCycle is anxious to learn all about your motorcycle-related events. Contact us at The Classic MotorCycle, Mortons Media Ltd, Diary Listings, PO Box 99, Horncastle, Lincs LN9 6LZ or email 1 NOVEMBER ISSUE
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Back On Form
The Eastbourne Historic Vehicle Group organised the first Festival of Transport at Broad Farm, Hellingly in 1976. After the cancellation of last year’s event it was back again over all three days of the 2021 August bank holiday weekend, and, judging
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Finer Details
Air-cooled single-cylinder piston-ported two-stroke 49cc 40mm 39mm 12:1 Dell’ Orto 20mm 6.2bhp@7500rpm 2.7ft-lb@7500rpm Contact breaker Four-speed foot change Steel tube twin loop cradle Front 28mm telescopic, rear Twin shock oil damped 2.25 x 19, 2.
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What’s In A Name?
It’s about time the truth was made clear regarding how Brough Superior gained its name – here is the gospel truth edition – and how it came about. The naming story starts with Harold Bowden (Sir from 1921, after inheriting his father’s baronetcy), bo
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A World Beater
To East Anglians (adopted in my case) and others, the Greeves story is legend. Of English parentage, Invacar founder Oscar Bertrum Greeves (b.1906, Lyon), rather than follow his father into the leather trade, was apprenticed to Austin cars and later
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The ‘V’ sign
A few months back, Editor Robinson penned a piece on V-twins which set me pondering why so many manufacturers produced such complicated engines in pioneer days, when even making a decent single was a challenge. Was it the seemingly trivial factor tha
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A Certain Lack Of Fluidity
A parts washer is a great and useful thing, some use an old oil tin – I did for years – then invested in a small bench top recirculating washer. The fluid was changed regularly and all was well until I used the last of my old fluid. The regular stuff
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Classic Motorcycle
Tim Britton, Alan Cathcart, Jonathan Hill, Roy Poynting, Richard Rosenthal, Martin Squires, Jerry Thurston, Alan Turner, Andy Westlake, Steve Wilson. Dave Clark, Sally Clifford, Erik Meesters. ■
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You Were Asking
After reading The Classic MotorCycle, October 2021, page 84 feature, briefly covering the BSA and mention of the V-twin powered three and four wheeled cars, long-time friend Brian Simmons of Shropshire (formerly Kent) phoned to relate the following n
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The Pioneer years of American motorcycling from 1901 to 1916, saw almost 300 different manufacturers of varying degrees of financial solvency and technical prowess attempt to carve a place for themselves in this exciting, new arena of mechanised pers
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Readers’ Letters
I refer to the Classic Camera piece in TCM for October, concerning Valerie Peto. According to the caption, she was a Streatham resident, so possibly a member of the Streatham & District MCC. At one time this was one of the larger clubs in the ACU’s S
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Fun, Fun, Fun
Sometimes, when one climbs aboard a motorcycle, one just knows it’s going to be just right. That was the feeling I had, when Colin Jansen left me to play with his 350cc Ducati Scrambler. I knew I was going to have a ball. When I was 17, my first road
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Book Review
Author: Brian Thorby Foreword: Stewart W Wilkins Published by: Banovallum Books, an imprint of Mortons Books Ltd, Media Centre, Morton Way, Horncastle, Lincolnshire, LN9 6JR 01507 529529 Hardbound, 170 x 245mm (portrait)
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Back to Brooklands
Covid regulations forced Brooklands Museum to move its annual Motorcycle Day from the traditional July date, and unfortunately, the new date clashed with the VMCC’s 75th celebrations at Cadwell Park. As visitors were admitted and the motorcycle park
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The Way We Were In November
Over 200 motorcycles, from Abingdon to Zenith, and accessory makers from Accles and Pollock Ltd to the Wright Saddle Company Ltd had stands at the year’s Olympia Show. Tottenham, London engine maker JAP was displaying a range of sporting and touring
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This Month’s Star Letter Wins
The writer of this month’s Star Letter wins Weise Montana 150 Gloves worth £99.99. Ditch the bulk without compromising on warmth. Waterproof gloves with a 150-gram Thinsulate® Supreme inner liner, secured with mcFit® Technology, so it won’t pull out.
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Star Letter
After reading the piece about the legend Mike Hailwood, I thought the attached may be of interest, while it also reminded me of what a personable chap he was. I was at the Race of the Year meeting at Mallory Park, l think it was 1963, where Mike was
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The New Version Of The Ducati Scrambler
Ducati brought out its new Scrambler for 2015 (production began in late 2014, after it was unveiled at Intermot, Germany, in October) and it was an instant hit. The new Scrambler took elements of the old, but thoroughly reimagined them, while the eng
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Bonhams at Stafford
Among the exciting machines offered in Bonhams’ October Stafford sale (over October 9/10 2021) is this exceptional 1931 Vincent-HRD, one of the earliest examples of Phil Vincent’s own built machines extant. It was featured in our April 2003 issue, an
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Ducati Widecase Singles
After owning Ducatis for more than 30 years, Howard Davies decided to turn his enthusiasm for the marque into a business, with The company's name neatly defines its main interest. Now, years later and the business well established, thank
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“Looking For Adventure, Perris Decided To Take Off For The Continent To Race His Velocette KTT – As Well As Ride It There!”
Born on May 28, 1931, in Toronto, Canada, Frank Perris was three when the family moved back to Cheshire, owing to his father’s job. With his dad a keen motorcyclist – as well as model engineer – young Perris was clearly possessed of an engineering be
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