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Big Or Small?
Regular MSL readers will recall the account of last summer’s highly rewarding off-road biking adventure, when Mikko and I explored the scenic beauty and riding challenges of the Peak District’s wonderful byways. Expertly guided by knowledgeable local
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2024 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-4R
Isn’t this just the thing to cheer us all up in the dark, cold, miserable winter months? Not only a surprise new bike from Team Green, but a saucy little buzzbomb of a machine, which simultaneously takes us back to our callow youth and fills us with
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Tested by: Dave Manning | £5.48 | Nowadays, there are many products that do the job of what was once the preserve of a product that was apparently named after the War Department’s 40th product (have a think about it!), some of whic
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Long Refinement Of A Single Concept
When I think of England’s central role in the development of sports and racing motorcycles, I see long development of quite basic designs. The three obvious ones are the great racing singles from Norton, AJS and Velocette. In the case of the AJS, the
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Rare Bit Of Wales With Nick Sanders
Wales doesn’t always get the credit it deserves as a biking destination. Many of us bikers regularly head up to the Lakes or Scotland in search of biking Nirvana, but there are plenty of good roads and natural beauty to be found in Wales. The Nationa
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Charged With Responsibility
Aside from filling all of the pages, there’s a requirement to deliver interesting and varied content 12 times a year, without deviation, repetition or hesitation. Fortunately, the world of motorcycling is a diverse and eclectic one, and there is alwa
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Two-in-one Twin
The new Motor Morini Seiemmezzo – which, of course, is Italian for ‘six-and-a-half ’ – is a swift glance in the rear-view mirror for Morini as it is, of course, named as such with reference to the iconic 350cc air-cooled vee twin that was called the
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Top Of The World
One last look around the house before I stepped outside into one of the hottest summer days in North Wales. All the months of research, planning and dreaming of the trip to Nordkapp, and its finally come to the day of departure. The bike of choice, a
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Motorcycle Sport & Leisure’s contributors...
Alan has been writing about bikes for more than 30 years, and riding them for even longer. He’s regularly given the keys to factory prototypes and being on first-name terms with the bosses of bike companies around the world allows him to bag many sco
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Test fleet: Suzuki GSX-S1000 GT
It hasn’t been the greatest weather to ride motorbikes in. Freezing fog, ice, and sub-zero temperatures for weeks on end made January a bit of a no-ride zone, but I did manage one trip to Oxford, only to get a rude awakening. Like most of us, I expec
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Test fleet: Moto Morini X-Cape 650
Much of the riding of late has been short trips, mainly involving the closest that I get to commuting nowadays, what with working from home becoming the norm now. And while that means that the mileage on the Morini hasn’t risen at a vast rate of knot
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This month’s Star Letter wins a Weise Stealth Hoodie. Combining the comfort and style of a classic hoodie with the protection of a motorcycle jacket, the Weise Stealth is fitted with CE-armour at shoulder, elbow and back, and is rated AA for safety.
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Back In The Day...
It’s 55 years ago and, like it or not, The Times, They Are A-Changin’... The editors of Motorcycle Sport, traditional waxed-cotton-clad motorcyclists to a man, were loyal to British motorcycles and thought they would always be. But the ‘60s brought t
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Yamaha’s Ténéré 700: At Last, Mud
It’s still there outside my garage, a gritty sheen of mud acting as a constant reminder that I should have washed down the driveway after having brought the T7 back to an acceptable level of cleanliness. I took a massive jump forward this month in my
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Our Top Ten Products This Month…
£399.99 | Featuring three-layer laminated technology, fixed mesh lining and removable thermal liner, the Voyager 3C has eight pockets plus multiple waist and sleeve adjuster tabs. Cooling is assured with the AFS Max ventilation system
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Bike Industry Asks UK Government For More Time To Work On Decarbonisation
Planned 2035 cut-off for all petrol-powered motorcycles is too soon for manufacturers, claims the MCIA. If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you might have noticed that petrol- and diesel-powered cars are on their way out in Britain, with a b
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Meteoric Arrival
The man with overall responsibility for creating Royal Enfield’s first twin-cylinder modern-era cruiser is New Jersey native Adrian Sellers, 42, who after a four-year stint with Honda R&D in Italy and, before that, nine years at Yamaha’s Design Labor
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Rear-view Mirror
The market for retro-styled motorcycles is not only one that seems to be expanding year by year, but is also one that has been part of several manufacturers’ ranges for quite some time. So much so that some bikes are being produced that could be said
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True To Trail
While a casual glance may initially deceive you, no, this isn’t a Japanese trails bike from the Eighties, it is, as has already been pointed out, a brand-new motorcycle! Despite the visual appearance bearing much more than just a passing resemblance
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Wings of Gold
One of Honda’s most famous models ever, the Gold Wing, has a well-renowned reputation for providing unparalleled levels of luxury and extravagance. Think Gold Wing, and images like we see in Honda brochures readily come to mind; Wings with contented
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Welcome To The Club
BMW has done something we weren’t expecting, producing both a superbike and a naked bike that share the same engine and power – the M 1000 R isn’t a diluted S 1000RR, the engines are transferable. The M 1000 R is a true naked superbike. What we have
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Test fleet: Honda NT1100 DCT
I’ve done just over 5000 miles on my Honda NT1100 since I took charge of it back in autumn last year. Passing that milestone helped trigger an overall assessment of what it’s been like to live with to date. In short, I think the NT is a useful, pract
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Legal Eagle
Q. I’m in it, up to my neck! I’ve never been in trouble with the police before, but last year was a nightmare. I’ve a battered old Fazer 1000 I use for work and it seems to be a police magnet. Firstly, I got pulled for no insurance – it hadn’t auto r
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Tell Us About Your Ride!
We love to read about our readers’ rides. Whether it’s a local bimble to your favourite spot, a week spent touring and exploring, a one-off trip of a lifetime or anything (and everything) in between, if you have a story to tell we’d love to hear it,
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Vosges On The Way
The day started up in the Swiss Alps. I was staying at the delightful hostel at the top of the Grimsel Pass, with snow-peaked mountains everywhere I looked. I wasn’t in a rush to leave the place, but I had been on the road for a long time, and it was
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Suzuki Bandit 600, From Road To Track
I’d hoped that last month’s frustrations with bike prep and applications for my ACU licence and so forth would be ended by now. I’ll admit to being a positive-thinking kind of chap (face it, I have to be, entering racing at my stage in life...) but I
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WIN WIN WIN WIN! a Cardo system Packtalk Neo Duo
We’ve teamed up with our friends at Pama to offer Motorcycle Sport & Leisure readers the chance to WIN a Cardo System PACKTALK NEO Duo worth £592! The PACKTALK NEO from Cardo Systems is perfect for those riding alone or with friends, whether choosing
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The Seven Ps
My view is that the core of Adventure travel is going to new, exciting, unusual or remote places. Taking the path less trodden. I also believe that taking the wrong bike, not using technology or eschewing whatever comforts are available, does not mak
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The History Of Japan’s Pocket Rockets
We’re all extremely old around here, so we most certainly remember the last time Kawasaki had a 399cc inline-four mini-superbike on its books. That was around 1999, when the last of the ZXR400s were drifting off the showrooms of the kingdom, overshad
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750 Words about Socks
Late in 2021, I bought two pairs of motorcycle socks from Goldtop Motorcycle Outfitters in Hertfordshire, England, wherever that is. I can’t recall how I became aware of Goldtop. Perhaps they posted an ad on Facebook. I went to the catalogue, and set
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