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Write In And Win – Every Question Wins A Prize!
Our Star Question winner will receive vouchers worth £25; the writers of all other questions printed will receive a £10 voucher. They can be redeemed against any products in the latest Mr Fothergill’s catalogue, which will be sent out with the vouche
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Kitchen Garden Christmas GIFT GUIDE Looking for something unique and useful to gift this year? Backdoorshoes are the answer! Lightweight, waterproof, durable clogs featuring a range of prints from Bees (as featured) – Daisies – Nuts & Bolts – Chillies. There rea
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Kg Problem Solver
I was wondering if you could help me by identifying what has happened to my apple tree. Back in March and April I noticed white cotton-like fluff on the tree. Each day I was spraying the tree with water to get rid of it, only to find the next day it
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Sow Exciting
The start of a new year is always an exciting one for vegetable growers. Since the new catalogues have come out, many of us will have been flipping back and forth through the pages of each one – or similarly online – thinking about ordering old favou
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Garlic For The Frozen North
I live in Moray, way up in Scotland, and I was wondering if you could recommend a garlic that would grow well up here. It gets very cold in the winter as you can imagine, with heavy frosts and snow. Lindy Robertson, Moray EMMA SAYS: Garlic is general
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Despite the new wave of trendy and exotic veg that has grabbed our attention in recent years, the cabbage family (brassicaceae) endures and is still a favourite on allotment plots everywhere. This important family includes all of those leafy greens w
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Kg Plotters Revealed
We were overwhelmed with the response to this competition and choosing just 12 was really difficult but the following are the lucky winners and we will be featuring them over the coming months aS our Plotter of the Month. CHRIS SLADE FROM PLYMOUTH, D
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Exclusive – Save £5 On Charles’ New Book!
Charles Dowding is acknowledged as a world authority on no-dig gardening and his latest book Charles Dowding’s No Dig Gardening Course 1 draws from his popular online course. This volume contains 19 essential lessons to help you get started with no-d
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Our Sponsors
We would like to thank the following sponsors for their support with Plotter of the Month: This company produces high-quality sheds that are well designed, beautiful and practical too. It also makes bespoke sheds for customers, plus other accessories
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Prime Time For Hedges
Although hedges do require regular maintenance you’ll find that they repay the effort, especially if you can gather a harvest from them at the same time. They have a number of advantages over traditional fencing, too. ■ They look good, and if evergre
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It’s the beginning of a new year and we have a whole new gardening season to look forward to – the perfect antidote to what for many has been a rather gloomy time. So rather than look back in this issue we look forward and make plans for all the deli
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10 Ideas For Your Plot This Year
Wildflower patches and more naturalistic planting are very popular right now. Just a small area of wildflowers on your plot somewhere will encourage pollinators to your crops. Naturalistic planting creates a softer look to the garden and you could in
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Fast Growing
Conifer hedges are among the fastest growing, but must not be allowed to get out of hand Conifer hedges such as Cuprocyparis leylandii or Lawson’s cypress (Chamaecyparis lawsoniana) are fast growing and dense, offering essential privacy. C. leylandii
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Top Jobs For January
Check stakes and ties are still strong. Plants may have lost a lot of lower leaves in a hard winter, but if there is a good cluster at the top they can still produce an excellent crop. Early varieties appear in shops this month. Buy while there is pl
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Time For Tea
When it comes to growing fruit and veg we all know that different plants need different levels of feed and differing nutrients to perform to their best in the garden. There are lots of different fertilisers and feeds on the market for almost every pl
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Food And More
If your hedge is not too closely clipped or is planted along its length with small trees, there is the opportunity to make it productive as well as practical. For example, brambles will almost certainly spring up, seeded by birds, and can be allowed
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Pests And Problems
Rats and mice can wreak havoc if they get into a vegetable store. Keep doors closed and block any gaps so your potatoes, apples and pumpkins remain intact. Protect sprouting pea and bean seeds too - mice dig up seeds and nip off shoots. These grey ap
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The Low Impact Garden
The last year has seen interest in gardening skyrocket. While this is a welcome side effect of lockdown we mustn’t forget that the climate crisis hasn’t gone away We need to ensure that our surge in enthusiasm is having a positive impact, not only on
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The Clipping Conundrum
In its first few years your new hedge will require only very light clipping to encourage dense growth. Once it has grown a little above where you want the mature height to be, cut it back to that height and maintain it from then on. In future years m
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What To Do In January
■ Pick over salads and any veg being overwintered and remove any dead or yellow leaves. ■ If you have heat, such as a propagator, sow early onions in plug trays or pots to produce seedlings ready for planting out in spring. ■ Continue to prepare the
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Hooked On Gardening
How the years have flown since a field of dreams became an allotment site at Hook Cross, Hook in Hampshire. March 2020 saw Hook Allotment Association mark 10 years of allotment gardening on its 5.35 acre site. Originally arable farmland, it was bough
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Product Reviews Propagators
This heated propagator has a tall lid to accommodate young plants as well as seedlings, with specially designed grooves for the placement of the grow lights. These will last an average of 10,000 hours, diffusing light deep into plant leaves. The kit
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What’s New?
Britain’s climate zones are shifting by up to five kilometres a year because of rising temperatures – with potentially catastrophic impacts for wildlife, says a new report by Rewilding Britain. The shift, the report asserts, is due to the climate hea
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Seeds To Savour
Sometimes the most wonderful things are staring us in the face. In my humble opinion, seeds are one of them. We grow pumpkins for their rich autumnal hues but few can be bothered to take their snack-worthy seeds seriously. We admire the lofty spectac
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Reader Offers
An essential part of any kitchen garden has to be alliums. With endless culinary uses, onions, shallots and garlic have become a real staple in virtually every cuisine throughout the ages. This specially selected collection contains some of our best-
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Have Your Say
★ STAR ★ LETTER WINS £25 VOUCHER Loving the recommendations to grow upwards in previous issues! We tried it with some ‘Serpente di Sicilia’ (‘Serpent of Sicily’) at the allotment last year and it loved it! Kayleigh Beirne, Gwent TONY SAYS: Now why do
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Growing Online
Steve is outside on one of the KG plots with tips on starting a new site. It might be overgrown so a good idea is to cover with weed suppressant fabric and cultivate little by little. Ideally, a plot should get plenty of sunshine, some shade if possi
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WORTH OVER £857 Garden in style with these beautiful gardening accessories by Burgon & Ball. British Meadow is the latest design collection in the gorgeous RHS Gifts for Gardeners series, which showcases historic botanical illustrations from the RHS
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From The Forum Healthy Strawberries
COLIN2016: There is a strawberry bed on my plot with strawberry plants poking out of a weed barrier with netting resting on top of the plants. Wondering what I need to do to keep them healthy over winter. GEOFF: Young strawberry plants are better tha
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Gardening On A Budget
I love the creativity of gardening, finding different ways of growing my own as cheaply as possible. Having grown some food in corners of gardens and on windowsills since my teens, I created my first veg plot while pregnant with my daughter (she is n
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