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Fast Track
“Frozen puff pastry. Keep a box in the freezer and any leftovers have pie potential – from Bolognese to chicken curry!” – Katharine Pope “Tempura hake fillets in a tortilla with salsa and guac = cheat's fish tacos!” – Kate Wilson “I always have som
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Chefs On The Side
Even if you don’t know his name, you’ll be familiar with James Diack’s mini empire of eateries in Johannesburg. Coobs, Il Contadino and La Stalla are just some of his impressive portfolio and were all supplied by Brightside, the farm his family owns
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Bottle Rockets
Behind the bar: Dino Batista, director of the now closed mobile bar service Molecular Bars in Joburg. Place your order: There are currently six non-alcoholic, lightly carbonated cocktails to be enjoyed as is or mixed with spirits. “The paloma is a d
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More Meals On Wheels
THE BOWERY Run by chef Guy Bower, The Bowery brings all the joy of shopping from local, independent producers to your doorstep. Place an order for a food box and you’ll get a delivery of seasonal produce, free-range meat and other pantry items, along
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The Taste case
Cape Wine Master Allan Mullins has selected Woolies’ wines for three  decades. Find his choices at woolworths.co.za and follow him on Twitter, @AllanMullinsSA Jeff Grier of Villiera was a Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) pioneer and he has produced this g
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Know Your Onions
“My dad introduced me to leeks and I fell in love immediately! As a kid, I was drawn to brassica and allium flavours and loved something pungent and challenging, which is a big part of my goat’s cheese and chicken liver obsession today. These creamy
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The Beginning Of The End
IF EVER THERE WAS A YEAR WE WANTED TO PUT BEHIND US, it is this one. But I admit there are some days when I still feel gratitude for 2020. It feels insensitive to say this, after there has been so much suffering and loss, but there have been some une
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Ready To Pop?
Champagne and MCC – what's the difference? By law, a sparkling wine can only be called Champagne if it is produced in the Champagne region of France. Méthode Cap Classique (MCC) wines are premium products made in SA according to the traditional Fren
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The Crying Game: Cook Like A Pro
SWEATING onions involves cooking them over a heat that’s high enough to cook them but not so high that they will start browning. They will start to shine as the heat and salt draw out the moisture. Stir frequently. COOKING UNTIL TRANSLUCENT means yo
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Woolworths Taste
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Anatomy Of A Bottle
Standard bubbly bottles like this contain 750 ml of wine. Sulphur dioxide helps to preserve this wine. The amount of ethanol present per 100 ml. This wine meets Woolies’ Farming for the Future standards. The foil covers the neck of the bottle and
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Allium Familia
RED ONIONS are undeniably the supermodel in this family – they don’t need to work hard to be noticed. They have a naturally occurring sweetness and are packed with anthocyanins, which give them their glamorous purple colour. They work well with a hit
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What You Said
I decided to try your Peppermint Crisp tart recipe by Jan Hendrik van der Westhuizen (May 2020, p 85). With so much time on my hands during lockdown, I decided to get back to my past and take up some new cooking and baking skills. My husband absolute
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One To Relish
When my restaurant was cooking, I was the master of the 15-minute home dinner. I would return home from The Kitchen, a bizarre mix of perfume and food clinging to my clothes, to perform a short-order dinner for my family. Invariably, it was a hasty a
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Spring Break
“There’s minimal effort in creating this flavourful broth. Just let it simmer while you get on with the business of the evening.” Serves 4 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 40 minutes broccoli 400–500 gbaby leeks 200 g, thinly sli
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From Facebook:
“In recognition of my British heritage, I made Hannah Lewry’s home-made Cornish pasties. Very easy (I took TASTE mag’s hint and used Woolies puff pastry) and very tasty! I served them with a nice big salad. Thank you Woolies, TASTE magazine and Hanna
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From Here To Timbuktu
Idon’t know what your family holidays were like, but when I was young, it wasn’t unusual for me to find myself in an airport in North Africa, where I would simply whip out my book and start reading while we waited for the next leg of our trip to begi
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Fast-and-easy Standbys
FREE-RANGE SKINLESS CHICKEN BREAST FILLETS These versatile fillets – hand-trimmed of excess fat and bone – are a fridge essential for days when inspiration is low. They turn wraps, salads and stir-fries into satisfying suppers in minutes. From R106.9
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From bakes to pizzas, home-made sausage rolls to meatballs – and even a kota – we’ve got some fabulous ideas for great-value dinners using sausage. We promise there won’t be a plate of bangers and mash in sight! Head to @WWTaste’s Instagram stories
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The Scoop
who makes ice cream with African flavours. Although he has a PhD in molecular biology, an episode of MasterChef changed the course of his career. These days he showcases his original flavour combos, such as bitter leaf ice cream with olive oil and Sc
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National Treasure
“AFTER A LONG, TIRING DAY AT  the office or dealing with a traumatic event, how many of us make our way back home dreaming of a specific dish? Sometimes even just recalling a particular meal soothes frayed nerves. And then getting to actually eat it
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NO DAIRY, No Problem
Serves 6 EASY GREAT VALUE Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 15 minutes rosmarino pasta 250 gasparagus tips 200 g, blanched and choppedfennel ½ bulb, roughly choppedparsley 10 g, roughly choppedfresh dill 10 g, roughly choppedwhite salad onions 75 g,
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No Machine? No Problem
To make ice cream without a machine, pour the mixture into large Ziploc bags and press to remove any excess air. Seal and lay flat in the freezer until set. Beat well three or four times to remove any ice crystals. Remove from the bag, process in a f
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What To Cook?
Serves 4 EASY Preparation: 5 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes chilli con carne spice mix 1 Tplant-based savoury mince 2 x 180 g punnetsmild chunky salsa 1 x 400 g jarsalsa nacho chips 1 x 250 g packetcrunchy summer salad 290 g, for serving olive oil 2
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Away With The Dairy...
Use coconut milk, rice milk, almond milk or any other alternative as a substitute for cow’s milk in baking recipes. To make dairy-free cream, whip chilled coconut cream – or make a cashew cream by soaking raw cashews in hot water and then blend until
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Soft Serves
Place scoops of caramel or Tin Roof ice cream into a tall glass, top with a couple of shots of espresso and drizzle with Bar One sauce. Scoop caramel ice cream into cones and stud with chips. ■
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Woolworths Taste Tube
Remember microwave fudge? The 90s tuck-shop staple is having a comeback. Lockdown gave us galaxy fudge (beautiful, but fiddly), slow-cooker fudge and even cheesecake fudge but Keletso Motau is keeping things nostalgic with a classic version, loaded w
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* Learn The Lingo
TEMPERING To temper eggs, bring liquid (milk) to a boil in a small saucepan. While whisking the egg yolks in a mixing bowl, add the hot milk to the mixture in a thin stream. This will gradually heat the yolks and prevent them from scrambling. ■
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Inside Scoops
Scoop, scoopicecream.co.za Eish Kream, eishkream.co.za Kristen’s Kick-Ass Ice Cream; kristenskickass.co.za The Creamery; thecreamery.co.za The Nice Ice Cream Company; thenicecompany.co Unframed; unframedicecream.com Scream; @scream_homemadeicecream
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Table Talk
This two-ingredient hack is cutting through our existential angst with a moment of nostalgia from our childhoods. Remember the chocolate sauce that set hard the moment it hit the ice cream? It’s back – and available in adult flavours. PHOTOGRAPH JAN
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