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Christian Burgos – Christiane Burgos Giuliano Agmont - Edmundo Ubiratan - Ricardo Torquetto Aldeniei Flávio Gomes Santos Enrich Traduções Técnicas Ltda. André Bor
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Tragic Mistakes
The accident with Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 has generated world shock, especially after Iran's government has assumed that its anti aircraft defense system has downed the Boeing 737-800 that took off from Tehran, killing all 173 peo
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Between Rotors And Rotary Wings
There were over 700 exhibitors distributed in the convention center of Anaheim in the United States that has received at least 15,000 visitors from tens of countries. The 71st edition of the Heli-Expo, promoted by the largest association dedicated to
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Your Dream Team
In 1992, during Barcelona Olympic Games, devastated from the defeat to the Soviet Union four years before, the United States have assembled the world’s best talent collection, and have won a male basketball gold medal after a splendid exhibition. By
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Purchase Guide 2020
List prices: FOB prices of aircrafts are based in the basic value publicized by manufacturers and in market references. Seats (pilot/passengers): The typical number specified in the columns is not the officially certified number by the aircraft. The
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The 737’s Future
Boeing's decision to stop production of the 737 MAX has occurred because it would be inviable for the firm to maintain active the assembly line of the new jet without a definite term to begin again commercial flights of the model. Even so, it is an u
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The World’s Largest Twin-engine Aircraft
Boeing has promoted in this early 2020 the inaugural takeoff of its newest aircraft, the 777-9X. After some setbacks, the jet is now performing an extensive campaign of flight tests, which considers the increase of more test aircrafts in the program.
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Unstable Weather
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) completes 75 years of existence in 2020, exactly in April. Founded in Havana, capital city of Cuba, the entity emerged from the Chicago Convention, the global treatise that sets forth the basis of ci
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Forcast For 2020
with direct connections served by the airlines in expenses in air transport of consumers and companies transported by the commerce tourism expenses associated with air travels for the treasure chest of governments in duties and taxes ■
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The Attack To Iran’s Military Leader
In the dawn of the first Friday of 2020, January 3, two Hellfire missiles launched by an USAF MQ-9 Reaper drone hit upon vehicles of a convoy leaving Bagdad International Airport, in Iraq. The attack killed major-general Gasem Soleimani, Iran’s most
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Host In An Aircraft
Try to imagine yourself inside an aircraft for one week. Sleeping and waking up day after day after day taking bath and brushing teeth! Don't tell me, you have certainly thought about a luxurious business jet during a trip around the world. You are w
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For Eating And Drinking
The Costa Rican hotel complex has a fashionable restaurant and bar installed inside a historic C-123 Fairchild Provider. It is El Avión, which has a history. In October 1986, the CIA (American intelligence agency), under the command of Oliver Nort, w
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Between The Past And The Future
2020 is the last year of the second decade of the third millennium. It certainly is the termination of a cycle that will be remembered by historians of the future. For the aviation it has an unquestionable historic value. It marks a period of search
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Direct From Las Vegas
As it always happens at the end of the year, we have gone to Las Vegas, in the United States, and we show the NBAA’s novelties of this year. The highlight is the launch of the Gulfstream and the contract of over one billion dollars closed by Embraer.
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At What Speed Is My Aircraft Flying ?
One of the main objectives of the aeronautical industry is the search for higher and higher speeds. After all, the time saved in a trip can be used in other more productive or pleasant activities. However, when it comes to measure how fast their mach
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The 12 Labors Of Hercules
Romans refer to Heraclitus, the demigod of Greek mythology, son of Zeus and mortal Alcmena, as Hercules; the hero stood out by his strength and courage. He has become famous for completing twelve dangerous labors and ascending Mount Olympus after a g
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A New Jet Ranger
Someone who knows about aviation especially that one of rotary wings, has already certainly heard, seen and probably flown in a Bell Jet Ranger. It is a mythic, iconic aircraft, developed in the early 1960’s, up to now renowned for its robustness and
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New Bet In Las Vegas
Set in the middle of the desert, Las Vegas was born and has grown thanks mostly to the business aviation development. It is not by accident that Nevada’s most famous city alternates with Orlando, in Florida, in the organization of the largest global
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What Is To Be Expected From Business Aviation?
This segment is becoming so popular that a special area was dedicated to it in the fair. Vertical takeoff and landing electrical aircrafts (eVTOL) have become a major focus for companies like Uber, for example, which was recently associated to Signat
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Interior Beauty
Heraclitus may have lived some centuries ago, but his conclusion that “the only constant is change” reveals itself more precise than ever. The fascinating world of private aviation is a perfect example of an industry that is in constant state of flow
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Boeing In Crisis
The Boeing 737 MAX should regularly operate again in mid-March 2020, soon after receiving the recertification from the American aviation agency, the FAA. Until then, the global prohibition of flights imposed to the new jet would have completed one ye
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Flight On Board Of An E195-e2
It is a cloudy day with southwest wind prevailing with moderate intensity, achieving 13 knots. We have 22 degrees Celsius (ISA + 12) temperature and 1,018 hectopascals (hPa) atmospheric pressure. The flight is scheduled at 3:00 pm, departing from Con
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The First Ultralight
That Friday was about to rain in the outskirts of Paris on September 17, 1909. But bad weather has not intimidated Alberto Santos Dumont, who has decided to continue the flight routine in his improvised airdrome in the lawns of Saint Cyr near Versail
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Should I Takeoff?
“The crew’s acceptance to operate the aircraft above the weight and passenger limits without considering the possibility of the occurrence of an emergency situation, like the breakdown of one of the engines, has contributed to make the flight inviabl
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Extreme Turbulence
The tempest advances. It should reach Florida in some hours. The governor suspends toll collection to speed up the exit of thousands of people looking for refuge in the North. It is expected that winds of up to 260 kilometers per hour will sweep the
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A Show In 50 Pictures
The Air Venture, held by the Experimental Aircraft Association, was born from a meeting of friends and quickly has become a site of debates about experimental aviation. The forums annually held during the fair consider numberless themes, from safety
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The 75 Years Of D-day
Considered until today the history’s largest disembark sea mission, Neptune Operation has become manifest as decisive for the defeat of the Nazis in Second World War. Better known as D-day, the mobilization has preceded the famous Battle of Normandy,
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9 Museums To Be Visited In The Us
Americans have inherited from Europeans a virtuous cultural trace, the obstinacy for preserving their memory, especially in areas where they have exerted some protagonism. Aeronautical museums spread throughout the country reveal the affection of the
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Man And Machine
The cover matter of this month explores the enticing technological universe of the aeronautical industry. He have prepared a meticulous report on the TBM 940 single-turboprop, explaining the changes of the new member of a family that exists for over
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A Swiss Machine
Anytime the market is given the news that a new aircraft will be launched, our thinking automatically addresses the few and traditional already existing manufacturers. After all, a new project requires, in addition to many money, research and develop
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