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Going Nuts
When I was a child I was always intrigued by the nursery rhyme Little Nut Tree that featured the lines, “I had a little nut tree and nothing would it bear / But a silver nutmeg and a golden pear.” Even back then it didn’t make sense and a quick Googl
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Book Club
Part gardening bible, part call to action, this publication by award-winning authors Kathleen Norris Brenzel and Mary-Kate Mackey presents advice, tips and howtos for gardeners seeking better health, increased happiness and stronger communities. The
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Peach Perfet
“Millions of peaches, peaches for me ...” If you’d like to be singing this while picking armfuls of peaches from your own tree in summer, now is a great time to plant one — or two! During winter, when the trees are dormant, peaches are available bare
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Outdoor Heating Ideas
Designed by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer, Hiroshi Tsunoda, the multi-award-winning EcoSmart Stix is a visually striking firepit combining contemporary styling with exceptional practicality and safety. The dramatic and sculptural ethanol fire is
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Breaking The Clay
The majority of our soils suffer from compaction. Most is shallow, but some may be deeper. In general, our focus on soil improvement is directed to the top 10-30cm of the soil, or the ‘A’ horizon. Common advice suggests we should dig a wide, shallow
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Autumn Foliage Plants
If there was a tree that could be classed as an overachiever, it would be the crepe myrtle. Their crinkly summer flowers, which come in multiple colours including white, purple, red, mauve and pink, last for several months and are a magnet for bees.
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Sail Away
The Shaderunner® retractable sail system is ideally suited to a range of applications around the home, from outdoor entertaining spaces and patios to swimming pools and courtyards. With a wide range of fabrics and colour options available, the Shader
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Gold Coins
Cumquats are the smallest of the citrus clan but each little fruit’s sour but tangy flavour packs a punch. Neat, tidy and evergreen, they are also extremely ornamental, bedecked with golden fruit during winter when we’re in need of a bit of garden ch
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Pot Luck
Where garden space is at a premium, pots are definitely the way to squeeze in a few productive plants. You can also use the portability of containers to chase the sun or find spaces protected from cold winds. While most herbs are naturally at home in
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Feeling Edgy
Define your garden and create a visually stunning centrepiece with quick and easy-to-install steel edging. Whether it’s large-scale feature terracing or raised planters, steel edging is a simple solution to a variety of outdoor projects. All you need
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Designer Gardens
Since purchasing a derelict sandstone chapel and cemetery in 2013, homeowners Simon and Lauren have made it their responsibility to not only preserve the history of this Hawkesbury riverside property, but to also make sure it remains for another 150
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Materials Matter
The owners of this Queens Park courtyard garden wanted to reclaim their uninspiring and unused backyard with a contemporary design that was clean, uncluttered and had a sense of flow. For Trystan Graham, director of Outdoor Establishments, the materi
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Indoors To Out
“When selecting your outdoor furniture, think about the space as an extension of your interior living area — you want to maintain the flow and feel from your interior space,” says Mimi Hughes, GlobeWest’s Melbourne showroom manager. “Choosing a colou
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Serene Scene
There is a wonderful synergy about this garden and courtyard space. A green sanctuary, it offers privacy from neighbouring properties and the street, with cooling shade elements and ample space to entertain. Joanne Green Landscape and Interior has de
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Plot To P Plate
I’ve long dreamed of wandering along the gravel-topped aisles of a capacious walled kitchen garden. Bed after bed of leafy salad veggies, sculptural artichokes, tomato-laden growing frames, and aromatic herbs flanking my journey. A garden bench to re
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Feel The Heat
The HEATSTRIP® collection of electric radiant heaters is perfect for the outdoors and hard–to–heat indoor spaces. As there is typically constant air movement in an outdoor or open indoor area, many conventional heaters rely on convection heating that
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Safety First
For obvious reasons, safety is paramount when dealing with fire. Nobody wants to end the party with a trip to the emergency room, so taking a few sensible precautions when incorporating fire into your outdoor landscape is simply common sense. • Be su
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Reflect Yourself
“I think it’s key to create a space that represents you, not a space that represents others. Ask yourself how you want to feel when you are there — calm and relaxed or awake and revitalised,” says Steve Warner of OUTHOUSE design. “Both these experien
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Pot Luck
Innovative pots are wowing designers for a host of reasons. The best designer is mother nature, and with a vast array of plants that offer sculptural beauty, fragrance or coloured blooms, showcasing them in a designer pot can make a dramatic differen
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Create Cohesion
“The biggest trend is the desire for people to spend more time in their own personal outdoor space, hence an increasing number are choosing to have a professional garden design prepared,” says Justine Carlile of Carlile Landscape Design. “This allows
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Editor’s Note
It’s cooling down now, but that’s no reason to abandon your outdoor space. In Best Of this edition, we take a look at the hottest outdoor heating options (pun intended) that will help you make the most of your outside area year-round. Potted plants a
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Curb Appeal
With an inspired sense of style, plenty of luxurious planting and several focal points to capture interest, this newly established garden is a winner. Before the garden renovation, the two derelict buildings on site were replaced with two high-end re
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Feeding Your Plants
Most gardeners use chemical fertilisers that are a cocktail of three major nutrients in specific ratios for plant growth — nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous — but these nutrients are available organically in manures, mulch, vermicast (worm poo) and
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Features From Mother Nature
A decorative solution that reduces the heat by providing passive cooling in your outdoor space, as well as attracting wildlife, a water feature is a desirable addition to any landscape. Long held as an essential element of our existence, water is a l
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No Need To Dig
Some people prefer to grow their veggies in no-dig gardens as it means you don’t need to deep-dug the ground and you save preparation time. The premise is simple. You create a raised bed framed by timber, brick or other materials over the top of unwa
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The Room Outside
The outdoor room is as much a state of mind as it is a space. It might be defined by the curve of a garden bed or a straight-as-a-die clipped hedge, or it might be a paved patio, a covered deck or a poolside conversation area. It’s how you furnish an
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Measure Twice
“Measure your space and do it twice. Then ask for advice,” says Mary Sidey of Dune Outdoors. “We offer a service where we plot the space to scale with a few options for style and budget. We also offer an onsite consultation service where we design th
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In The Know
Getting the kids involved in gardening couldn’t be easier with the Mt Elephant gardening kit. The Spring Gardening Kit contains little seedlings to grow deliciously juicy strawberries, as well as Mt Elephant’s Pancake Mix, which has been created with
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