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Cottage Destinations for Fall Travel
Looking to get away this fall? Check out these beautiful towns that set our cottage-loving hearts aflutter with great stays, shops and views around town. Sure, this coastal town is a classic summer destination, but the Maine coast in the fall has a
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Create an Inspiring Journaling Nook
When your weeks become overrun with everyday minutiae, how do you squeeze in time to appreciate and ponder your life? New York Times best-selling author Debbie Macomber says journaling helps her cultivate a life of gratitude, reflection and self-appr
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Bungalow Beauty
When a family inhabits a home, their spirits and personalities, along with their tastes and preferences, permeate each space. This is especially true of the kitchen, where busy families congregate over shared meals and laughter. When Pamela Martin J
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Gothic Modern
Who doesn’t love a really old house with a story behind it? But when that house is a 176-year-old Gothic Revival that includes a creepy wall mural with hidden faces and rooms that are dark and drafty, you know that you are in for the ride of your lif
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Feeling Content
You can buy a lot for your home, but you can’t buy character. At least, that’s what Courtney Achilli believes, and when you take your first steps into the historic home she shares with her husband, John, as well as the vacationers who book a stay thr
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B & B Basics
“Overall, I always try to have a meshing of the masculine and the feminine so that anyone who walks into the space thinks, ‘I could really be comfortable here,’” Courtney says. “It doesn’t feel like you’re staying in someone’s grandmother’s room or t
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Cooling Trend
The cult of classy meets the cult of cool in this Franklin, Tennessee, home. Homeowners Dan and Bobbi Oswald enlisted Lauren Ashley Elder, owner of Lauren Elder Interiors and Rosemary Home, to update their home and bring it into the present day. “The
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Small Home, Big Heart
Call it old school, but artist and decorator Kristin Try, and her husband, Greg, have raised their three daughters (ages 6, 9 and 13 years) in a very small 1,100-square-foot, 3-bedroom rowhouse in Alexandria, Virginia. “There’s a special closeness th
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Freshen Up for Fall
How do you usher the feeling of fall into your home? You know, that warm and fuzzy feeling that you get when sipping hot cocoa next to a fire or bundling up in a cozy sweater to fend off the cold? Designer Janna Allbritton of Yellow Prairie Interior
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The Perfect Fit
Whether you’re moving into a new home or refreshing an outdated one, every design choice is personal. But if you’re in doubt, an interior designer can come to your rescue. After all, it’s their job to help you achieve your dreams. Below, Janna shares
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Vintage Meets MODERN
If you’ve followed along with Project House this year, you’ve been witness to our dream home becoming a reality. Cottages and Bungalows and American Farmhouse Style have teamed up with Jeff Rosen of Yankee Barn Homes to build our dream house that i
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Keeping Consistent
When modernizing a home in a neighborhood that takes pride in its historic charm, how do you decide which iconic features to keep and which features need an upgrade? In the historic Portland Rose City Park neighborhood, one-story and low-rising class
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Well-Loved Style
Poring over high-end furniture catalogs or scrolling through pictures of bloggers’ immaculately matching rooms can be daunting when you’re trying to pin down your vision for an interior design. To combat the pressure to assemble pristine living areas
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Your furniture deserves to have just as much character as you do. And what better way to translate that than a fun and engaging project from the mind of Jen Crider. In her book, Amazing Furniture Makeovers: Easy DIY Projects to Transform Thrifted Fin
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Colorful World of Whimsy
“I’ve always had a thing for chairs and design,” says Chair Whimsy artist Wendy Conklin. Her work creates a bold, joyful world where color and patterns surprise us, and we are emboldened to go with what we love instead of conventional design choices.
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Farm to Table
Fall is the perfect time to take your gatherings outdoors and enjoy the beauty of the autumn landscape. The golden leaves and soft light make every backdrop glow, and it’s a nice way to enjoy your outdoor spaces before it’s time to button up for cold
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Fresh, Sophisticated Finds for Fall
1 Who doesn’t love adorable birds? Charming 10-inch-high bookends. Bird cage bookends, $28.50. Visit 2 Ready to fill with fall bounty. This bowl features a weathered beige-and-white marble finish and two aged iron handles. Zoda
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LIVING THE Barefoot Dream
When is a cottage not justacottage? When it’s the foundation for a new lifestyle. Interior designer Lisa Peterson and her husband, Mark, wanted to build their home in a location that would allow them to live their dream life together. “I’ve always
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Beach Blues
In the living room of this Santa Barbara beach cottage hangs a beautiful piece of art by a local artist. Commissioned by the homeowner Jan Kopf, it’s a painting of her favorite spot on the Santa Barbara coastline, and it truly captures the essence of
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Haven Made
A home should tell the story of the family who lives in it and the land it resides on, interweaving the ways that people and places interplay. Sonya and Jim wanted just that for the interiors of their home: gracious spaces that displayed their family
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My friend Beverly, an author, playwright and diehard New Yorker, had no plans to leave Manhattan. The daughter of preachers, she grew up in various bare-bones parsonages across Florida and decamped from the Sunshine State just after high school for m
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Coastal Comfort
There this world are that some simply places have in their own kind of magic, where the pace slows, warm breezes blow and a sense of calm and comfort can be felt in the air. For many, Florida is one of those places, and it’s no wonder that people fin
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Storied Treasures
With every flea-market find and vintage collectible comes a story. Maybe there’s a long lost lamp that completed a set or a neglected piece of furniture that just needed a good cleaning. Whatever the stories are, Annette Vartanian, editor of A Vintag
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The Heart Of The HOME
As the central space ofthehome, the kitchen sets the style and tone. If you’ve been following along the building process of our Springfield Barn Home project house this year, you’ve seen our cottage/farmhouse vision become a foundation, that foundati
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Contemporary Cottage Charm
Cottages have been popular since the early 20th century. And thanks to their enduring style, the definition of cottages and cottage décor has evolved and adapted through the years in keeping with modern times. Molly Hyde English, in her book Contempo
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