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Warsaw Pact
There is a popular perception that the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, better known as NATO, was established to defend western Europe from the Communist Warsaw Pact. In reality NATO was formed first in 1949 in response to the creation of the Iron
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America Under Attack
Although the most well-known and remembered Japanese target on 7 December 1941 was the US Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, the attackers also wreaked havoc at several other installations. Facilities and personnel of the US Navy, Marine Corps and Army c
History of War2 min lettiInternational Relations
Timeline Of The… Cold War
On 6 and 9 August, 1945, the US detonates the first two atomic bombs, over the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over 200,000 people. The Soviet Union successfully tests its first atomic bomb, roughly equal in size to the Trinity, th
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War In Focus
19 May, 1944 The Queen and Princess Elizabeth talk to paratroopers in front of a Halifax aircraft during a tour of Airborne forces. King George IV also was present, inspecting the men who were kitted out in their full gear and parachutes. Just weeks
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Victory Goblet
The Raid on the Medway was one of the most celebrated military victories in Dutch history. Fought during the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-67), a Dutch fleet sailed up the River Medway in Kent and attacked the English Royal Navy off Chatham and Gillin
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Murder In The Cathedral
Although Cnut proved himself to be a strong and successful king, on several occasions during his reign he found himself at odds with his supporters, even members of his extended family. Ulf was Cnut’s brother-in-law, married to his sister Estrid. In
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Pearl Harbor 80 Years 1941-2021
The political wrangling, threat and counter-threat, had swirled for months – apparently to no avail. For the government of Japan there appeared to be no alternative to war with the United States, the nation’s powerful rival for preeminence in the Pac
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Emperor Of The North
Most famous now for his futile efforts to turn back the encroaching tide on the seashore, the life of Cnut was extraordinary. As well as being a strong, reliable supporter of the Church, he was also an archetypal Viking raider. Forming part of a dyna
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November 1941
On 18 November General Claude Auchinleck launched his attempt to break the Siege of Tobruk and push the Axis forces back west. The operation began following an audacious commando raid on the Axis lines, called Operation Flipper. This included an assa
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The Battle Of London 1939-45
Author: Jerry White Publisher: Vintage/Penguin Random House UK Price: £30 On sale: Out now While the story of London during the Second World War – and especially during the Blitz – has been told and retold across subsequent decades, this latest work
History of War3 min lettiInternational Relations
Able Archer The Brink Of Oblivion
Following the development of the atomic bomb at the end of the Second World War, the United States and the USSR found themselves in a bitter arms race. In the decades following, both had their fingers poised over the nuclear button. Yet arguably one
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History of War
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The Forgotten Battle
Director: Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. Starring: Gijs Blom, Jamie Flatters, Susan Radder, Tom Felton Released: Available on Netflix in the UK now The Forgotten Battle is an appropriate, if somewhat unassuming, name for the intense and tragic struggle
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Editor’s Note
The attack on the World Trade Center in 2001 was an unquestionably monumental turning point in the history of the USA – an attack on American soil that will no doubt continue to influence events long into the future. Similarly, 80 years ago this mont
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History Hubris
*No, not really… Dear readers, In History of War’s last issue you may have spotted a typo on the cover. We are very sorry this happened and hope that it did not spoil your enjoyment of the magazine. We have recently introduced new systems as part of
History of War3 min lettiInternational Relations
Invasion Of Czechoslovakia
On the night of 20-21 August 1968, some 2,000 tanks and 175,000 Warsaw Pact troops marched into Czechoslovakia to give military support “in the struggle against the rightist, anti-socialist and counter-revolutionary forces”. In reality, this was an i
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Interview With Wwii Glider Pilot Ron Johnson
Operation Market Garden was the daring Allied airborne attempt to liberate the Netherlands, cross the River Rhine and advance into Germany. An extremely ambitious plan, the operation infamously failed to achieve its objectives in September 1944, with
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Albatros D.va
COMMISSIONED: 1917 ORIGIN: GERMANY LENGTH: 7.33M (24FT) WINGSPAN: 9.05M (29FT 8IN) ENGINE: MERCEDES D.IIIA 127-138 KW (170-185HP) CREW: 1 PRIMARY WEAPON: 2 X LMG08/15 SPANDAU 7.92MM (0.312IN) MACHINE GUNS The Albatros Flugzeugwerke produced a line of
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To Break Russia’s Chains
Author: Vladimir Alexandrov Publisher: Pegasus Books Price: £22 This excellent study expertly chronicles the complexities of the Russian Revolution and the Civil War through the extraordinary life of Boris Savinkov. Dubbed neither a Red nor a White,
History of War2 min lettiInternational Relations
The Armchair General
Author: John Buckley Publisher: Century Price: £14.99 On sale: Out now George MacDonald Fraser, of Flashman renown, once said in a talk about his experiences in the Burma Campaign in 1943 that war was ghastly and frightful, but that it could also be
History of War3 min lettiInternational Relations
Reagan’s Star Wars
The term ‘Star Wars’ is very firmly associated with the multi-billion dollar movie franchise, but it also became shorthand for President Ronald Reagan’s ill-fated Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) – America’s attempt to militarise space at the heigh
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Pearl Harbor’s Lasting Legacy
In the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the consternation of the American people quickly turned to rage. Military recruiting offices overflowed with volunteers and patriotic sentiment soared, silencing a once robust isolationist movement. Scrap metal and r
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The Last Duel
Director: Ridley Scott Cast: Matt Damon, Adam Driver, Jodie Comer Released: Out now On 29 December 1386, in a frosty field on the outskirts of north Paris, the last legally sanctioned trial by combat took place in France, between knights Jean de Carr
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The Imperial War Museum is hosting several events throughout the last month of 2021, including an innovative Horrible Histories stage show With five museums spread across England, the Imperial War Museum has much to offer visitors in the build up to
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Airspeed Horsa
Manufactured by the British company Airspeed Limited, the Horsa was named after a legendary Anglo-Saxon warrior who reputedly conquered southern Britain in the 5th century. Introduced in 1941, the Horsa was built in large numbers to air-land troops,
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Battle Of Malakoff
SEVASTOPOL, CRIMEA, RUSSIAN EMPIRE 8 SEPTEMBER 1855 Colonel Eduard Totleben, a gifted Russian military engineer trained at the prestigious School of Engineering in St Petersburg, arrived in Sevastopol in summer, 1854, to oversee the improvement of th
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Glider Pilot Regiment
Formed on 21 December 1941, the Glider Pilot Regiment provided the crews for the British Army’s military gliders. It was created in response to successful German airborne operations during the Battle of France and was organised into two ‘Wings’. Each
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Paul Triquet
Paul Triquet glanced at the weapon he’d just taken from an enemy prisoner. The young German officer, shaken to his core, had appeared all too willing to relinquish his Walther P38 pistol in return for escaping the incessant Allied bombardment. The ar
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