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Daily Recco, October 8: Kind Of Blue Is A Testament To Timeless Music
Music, they say, is food for the soul. It transverses beyond the barriers of language, geography and every other barrier that humankind could create. Some forms of music also break the barrier of time. One such album that transverses the boundaries o
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Daily Recco, October 7: Spotlight On The Society We Live In
Sexual violence, especially against minors, is one of the most disturbing news articles that you might read. Sometimes, you may opt to give that news item a miss while scrolling through the news feed on your phone or reading the newspaper. But have y
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Remembering Jagjit Singh: The Singer Who Made Ghazals Accessible To Everyone
I saw his work ethic up close. My maternal uncle, Late Satish Bhatia, retired chief producer (Light Music), All India Radio, Delhi, and music director, had composed the music of a TV serial called Apna Apna Aasmaan which was to air on Doordarshan in
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Vodafone, Cairn Cases: Why It Is Time For India To Re-look At Its Retro Tax
All investors, particularly overseas ones, expect the certainty of a stable tax regime. Overseas businesses tend not to anticipate that key rules of the game would be changed drastically after their investments have been made. From 2012 onwards, the
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Happy Birthday, Sting: Every Song You Make, We'll Be Listening To You
“Every breath you take and every move you make, Every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you.” In May 2019, this song was recognised by Broadcast Music. Inc (a leader in music rights management) as being the most played song in ra
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Daily Recco, September 28: Kumbalangi Nights, a cinematic gem
If you are an avid cinema-goer, you will be able to appreciate the fact that once in every while there comes a film that makes you fall in love with it. An unadulterated love for every aspect of the film — the story, characters (the protagonists and
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How To Pull The Economy Out Of The Covid-19 Pit
The pandemic has changed the lives of 7.8 billion people in the world, prompting nations and people to start rethinking about the new normal of life. The world faces a severe public health crisis of Covid-19 pandemic along with various socio-economic
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Farewell SP Balasubrahmanyam: The Ever-smiling Face And Emotive Voice
For many, it was news that they were dreading for weeks. So, it was no sudden shocker. But the magnitude of it was no less. “SPB no more,” said a message on the journos WhatsApp group. And then confirmation started pouring in. The ever-smiling golden
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Born In The USA - Bruce Springsteen: Hero Of The Working Class
I have seen rock concerts at renowned venues all over the world – Madison Square Garden (New York), Royal Albert Hall, Wembley Arena, Hammersmith Apollo (London), the forecourt of the Chateau de Versailles, Palais des Congres de Paris, Zenith (Paris)
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How Western Music Covers Have Yielded To A Fertile, Original Indie Music Scene In India
I heard a band play English music live for the first time in Chandigarh in the late 1960s. I was 12 years old. My father was posted there as an Air Force Squadron Commander. The band consisted of airmen — all Christians (of whom some were Anglo-India
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Roger Waters: The Septuagenarian Firebrand
“Time is linear Memory is a stranger History is for fools Man is a tool in the hands Of the great God Almighty And they gave him command Of a nuclear submarine And sent him back in search of The Garden of Eden”. Such imagery, while critiquing our min
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How Economic Activities Centred On Compassion Can Triumph Over Catastrophes
For us, the millennials, the two ends of our present lives are separated by years that not only formed the contours of our physical and mental being, but also fashioned something that typifies our behaviour — a market. The gulf between the pre-libera
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How To Cure An Economy That Is Sick
When the Covid-19 pandemic hit India this summer, the government faced a tough choice: lives over livelihoods. It opted, apparently, for saving lives when it imposed a harsh, unprecedented, four-phase. lockdown lasting till May 31, the benefits of wh
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How Rafi, Asha And Other Playback Singers Of 50s And 60s Sang Jingles Too
“Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper, What shall we give him? White bread and butter”. Many musicians who made it big in Bollywood started out as advertisement jingle artists before their talent was recognised and they were given a movie break,
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Remembering Rahat Indori: A fiery solace
My introduction to Rahat Indori had the background score of thunderous applause - just as his name was announced at the Mushaira. A dark bald man – looking more like a retired PSU employee than a poet – slowly walked to the centre of the stage. As hi
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At 62, Madonna Continues To Provoke
“Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi, Ahahu purusakaram sankha cakrasi, Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam, Dharinam dharinam sahasra sirasam, Vande, Om Shanti, Om Shanti, Shanti Shanti, Shanti Om” This Sanskrit shloka is taken from the opening hymn of Y
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How Sridevi Eclipsed Her Heroes
Sridevi - The Eternal Screen Goddess, by author and screenwriter Satyarth Nayak, charts the actress's five-decade-long journey from a child star to India's First Female Superstar. With exclusive interviews of the biggest actors and directors that Sri
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Happy Birthday, Mark Knopfler: The Sultan of Swing
In the early 1980s, a friend of mine from the merchant navy who knew about my passion for the band Jethro Tull, gave me a cassette recording of a BBC radio show of Ian Anderson (the heart and soul of Jethro Tull), on which he presented songs that he
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How Dancing Can Help You Heal In Corona Times
To most, dance is a form of expression and art. However, what most people do not know, is that it also connects people as it works as a social tool. Dance heals and can serve as a form of meditation. Celebration of the Self Dance as a form of express
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Chaitanya Tamhane's The Disciple heads to Venice International Film Festival
The first-time filmmaker Chaitanya Tamhane travelled to Venice it was with his maiden feature, Court (2014), which was part of the Orizzonti (Horizons) section of the festival. He’d return with the Best Film and the Lion of the Future awards. Two yea
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TikTok: US Explores, India's Ban Continues
Just after a month after India banned the popular mobile short videos app TikTok, along with other 58 Chinese apps on June 29, 2020, citing national security and privacy concerns, US President Donald Trump has said, “We may be banning TikTok. We may
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How Readymade Garment Makers Are Hit By The Covid-19 Pandemic
One of the worst-hit business sectors in the pandemic is textiles, and within that segment, garment makers, especially those who were betting on exports. A sharp fall in domestic and exports demand due to Covid-19, lower profitability, and elongation
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How The Covid Pandemic Is Souring India’s $5 Trillion Dream
Covid-19 has emerged as the biggest impediment to India’s ambition for becoming a $5 trillion economy by 2024. This deadline can be explained from the fact that 2024 marks the end of the tenure of the current dispensation with General Elections sched
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Why Printing More Money Will Help The Post-Covid Great Indian Economic Revival
What I will argue for in this article is quite unorthodox and contrary to the conventional economic arguments that we are used to. In order to tide over the Covid-19 crisis and kickstart the economy, the government should consider printing money and
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AR Rahman and the Oscars ‘curse’
A few days ago, when AR Rahman spoke about the presence of gangs working against good movies coming to him, Shekhar Kapur pointed that winning the Oscar could have been the kiss of death for music composer in Bollywood. While Kapur felt that winning
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Remembering Mohammed Rafi: The Jewel Of Indian Music
The Bharat Ratna is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India. Instituted on January 2, 1954, the award is conferred in recognition of exceptional service/performance of the highest order, without distinction of race, occupation, position o
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Why Cinema Is More Than Recreation
Imagine a museum of South Asian cinema in the Kapoor Haveli. Lingering on for years in Peshawar, this crumbling structure standing strong in the face of decades of harsh monsoon rains and neglect is reportedly close to being replaced by a shopping ma
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Amala Shankar, 1919-2020: Danseuse par excellence
Hundred-odd things goes the expression. If you live that long, then you have seen many wars — including hot and cold, many kingdoms lost and some revived. Stars being born, then faded or jaded. Four-score artistes. In 2020, when the Prince of Saurash
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How Rajat Barmecha, Teenage Star Of ‘Udaan’, Came Of Age
Ten years back, Rajat Barmecha made a splash with an affecting performance in his debut film, Udaan (2010), also the first directorial venture of Vikramaditya Motwane. The father-son drama earned critical acclaim but Barmecha struggled to find parts
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Why Air Travel In India May Shrink Further
Analysts and rating agencies seem to affirm what many had already dreaded. The Indian aviation sector will be sucked into an air pocket that will further aggravate its problems. Curtailed mobility of people due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related re
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