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The Festive Spirit
Source: Reserve Bank of India Total value of transactions done at POS terminals in Jan-Nov 2021 The growth against ₹12.49 lakh crore in full calendar year 2020 The pre-pandemic POS spending figure in the full year of 2019 ■
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The New Genie in Town
The Indian consumer never had it better. Whether it is the latest appliance or low-value purchases, the craze around point-of-sale credit has seen consumers making a beeline for such credit options that enable them to make purchases without having to
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Business Today
Chairman & Editor-in-Chief: Aroon Purie Vice Chairperson: Kalli Purie Group Chief Executive Officer: Dinesh Bhatia Executive Director: Rahul Kanwal Chief Revenue Officer: Alok Nair Editor: Sourav Majumdar Group Creative Editor: Nilanjan Das Group Pho
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Fuelling The Bnpl Fire
1 Changing consumption patterns, rising aspirations in smaller towns 2 One-click offerings, seamless KYC and onboarding 3 Apps integrated into the shopping and buying journey, growing e-commerce business and online payments 4 Rising smartphone adopti
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The Class of 2021
Benchmark indices S&P BSE Sensex and NSE Nifty gained 22 per cent and 24 per cent, respectively, on a year-to-date (YTD) basis YTD change as on December 31, 2021 Source: ACE Equity Solana, the fifth-largest digital currency, delivered mind-boggling r
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On Your Radar
IF THINGS go as per plan, Adani Wilmar will list on the bourses in early 2022. The company is a name in the FMCG space with a portfolio of edible oil brands. Its ₹4,500-crore public issue will see Adani Group being listed outside infrastructure, a sp
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Should you Invest Overseas?
DELHI-BASED housewife Archana Gupta wants to send her 14-year-old daughter abroad for higher studies. There is, however, one big challenge before her. The 45-year-old is worried about the depreciating rupee, which means she will have to shell out mor
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Out Of The Box
Boxing is meditative for me. It’s something that requires your mind and body to work together,” says 38-year-old Divya Jain, Founder and CEO of Safeducate, and Co-founder of Seekho. The London School of Economics alumna—who runs one of the largest in
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Stay Fit And Fine
Be it to jump-start your fitness routine, help you track your workout or keep an eye on your vital stats, the Apple Watch does it all. It’s great at recording workouts, guided breathing sessions, measuring ECG, heart rate and even blood oxygen levels
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Shape Of The Curve
−0.5% Year-on-year gross bank credit growth to micro and small enterprises remained negative in Oct 2021 60% Capacity utilisation at the aggregate level for manufacturing in Q1 of FY22, down from 69.4% in the previous quarter 40% Labour force partici
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A Breath Of Purified Air
MOVIE THEATRES are the first to shut whenever Covid-19 infections go up. But when PVR Cinemas, India’s largest multiplex chain, welcomed back audiences in November, it did so with the promise of clean, sterilised cinema halls. This also meant purifie
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Apple’s India
SINCE SUMIT VIJ laid his hands on a MacBook Air for the first time in 2009, his business has grown manifold and the Delhi-based entrepreneur has bought almost the entire Apple products line-up. But when Apple introduced its new Mac portfolio built on
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‘We Want To Get The Business Back On Track’
▶ Have you spoken to Invesco about the proposed merger? The matter is sub-judice and we have not discussed it. We want a resolution to the issue. We do not have a problem and it was they who went to court. ▶ Tell us about the non-compete clause with
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‘I’m Not Emotional About My Businesses’
After dipping his toes into many diverse businesses over the decades, maverick billionaire Ajay Piramal seems to have homed in on financial services and pharmaceuticals as his two big bets. With the completion of the Dewan Housing acquisition and a d
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‘Always Have A People-first Approach’
What was the problem you were grappling with? The pandemic led to an inevitable and unforeseen halt in production in 2020. The business suffered and we were unable to remedy the situation because of the restrictions. Our numbers dwindled and many of
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What’s Hot, What Will Be
Elevated global fuel and commodity prices have shrunk profit margins of the manufacturing industry, with most unable to pass on the entire impact of expensive raw materials to consumers amid muted demand. The core consumer price index inflation, whic
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The scent Of Me
IMAGINE HAVING AN UTTERLY unique fragrance composed just for you. Designed keeping in mind your loves, your nature and even how well it sits on your skin—it is the smell of you. Welcome to the world of bespoke perfumes, the ultimate in luxury. Smells
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In Depth Knowledge From The Most Credible Source
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Makings Of A Trap
1 Availing loan for consumption and discretionary purchases 2 No history of loan or credit bureau records 3 Availing multiple BNPL products without realising the implications 4 Over-leveraging, creating a bad bureau record for future loans such as ho
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The Bnpl Mania
IS YOUR ELECTRIC bill lying unpaid? Or perhaps your gas bill? Is your phone recharge due, or cable bill? Is it because you are running a little low on cash or want to spend elsewhere? Well, Freecharge, a Gurugram-based fintech, has you covered with a
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Arranged Marriage
IT HAS BEEN a busy 12 months for Punit Goenka. Sitting in his spacious room in Zee Entertainment Enterprises’ central Mumbai office, the relief on his face is palpable. He has just signed a deal to merge Zee, where Goenka is the MD & CEO, with Sony P
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The Man With The Mugs
For 59-year-old adman Sandeep Goyal, Chairman, Mogae Media, his collection of Toby mugs is a prized possession. A Toby mug, or jug, is a figural ceramic pitcher modelled in the form of a popular character—historical, fictional or generic. “Toby mugs
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The Ev Economics
NOIDA-BASED KARAN KUMAR has a daily commute of over 60 km. The 26-year-old software engineer, who drives his own car, travels to work 30 km away in Delhi and back home. Rising fuel prices and a drop in his car’s efficiency, however, have made his mon
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Leveraging Leena
LEENA NAIR takes charge as Chanel’s global CEO at a challenging time—the luxury fashion powerhouse saw profits drop over 41 per cent in 2020, courtesy Covid-19. Chanel will bank on the Unilever CHRO’s people smarts to resuscitate its P&L. ■
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The Big Shift
THE TIME WAS early 2015. This consumer business functioned without a national sales head or a team driving innovation. There was no research and development to speak of and the business just chugged along without any great sense of direction. Sounds
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Smokin’ Hot, VC Style
AMID ITS share price stagnating for over eight years in the ₹200-300 range, ITC finally divulged its business strategies. From unlocking value through the demerger of its non-cigarettes FMCG and hotels business to a possible listing of ITC Infotech,
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Government Push
1 To extend policy support of up to 50 per cent of project cost to execute highly capital-intensive and resource-intensive projects for semiconductor fabs and display fabs 2 To extend policy support of 30 per cent to approved units for compound semic
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Rupee Bummer
A WEAKENING RUPEE has made India’s imports expensive. But exports won’t benefit either, thanks to supply-side bottlenecks and fragile global demand owing to Omicron. Outbound shipments in November were at a low of $30.04 billion; inbound shipments at
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New Twist
In 2019, Seattle-based Amazon picked up a 49 per cent stake in the Kishore Biyani-promoted Future Coupons for ₹1,500 crore. The money was handy for Biyani in the midst of liquidity woes, while it gave Amazon an indirect holding of 3.58 per cent in Fu
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Home Is Where The Movie Is
Who says setting up a projector is a hassle? Just place the ultra-short-throw P1 PRO on the table in front of the wall and project up to 120 inches diagonally. Belonging to the Optoma CinemaX family, which has won awards like the Red Dot Design Award
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