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A Salvadoran Writer Busts The Trumpian Myth Of The Tattooed Immigrant Threat
LOS ANGELES - The author Roberto Lovato is strolling around the concrete edge of MacArthur Park Lake, contemplating the role this place has played in the life of L.A.'s Central American community, himself included. "El Parque MacArthur," Lovato says,
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Review: 'Scuse Me While I 'Kiss The Ground': How Soil Might Be Earth's Climate Change Savior
With climate change back on the front burner so to speak, dirt is probably not the hero you were expecting. The documentary "Kiss the Ground" makes the case that by regenerating the Earth's soils, we can balance the climate, replenish the water suppl
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Review: From The Nazis To RBG, How Richard Wagner Changed The World
You cannot escape Richard Wagner. If this review has reached you, anywhere in the world and by whatever means, you have already had your life affected in some way by a 19th-century megalomaniacal composer of mythic German operas. It doesn't matter th
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JPMorgan Gets Yet Another 'Sweetheart' Deal From Feds For Flagrant Market Corruption
Judging from the statements put out Tuesday by federal securities regulators and the Department of Justice, JPMorgan Chase & Co. got caught in a serious, flagrant, years-long plot to rig financial markets. The Justice Department broke the offense dow
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The Do's And Don'ts Of Quarantine Auditions, According To Casting Directors
During the COVID-19 pandemic, actors have been forced to audition almost exclusively remotely via video chat and self-tapes, filmed from home and submitted online. The Los Angeles Times recently spoke with casting directors Zora DeHorter, Carla Hool
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As Some Push For Faster COVID-19 Reopenings, Newsom Warns Of A Possible Second Wave
By practically every metric, California is steadily beating back the coronavirus pandemic. But officials are watching data that could suggest a second surge of the virus is on the way, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday. As COVID-19 test positivity rates,
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As Flames Tear Through Wine Country, Residents Flash Back To 2017
SANTA ROSA, Calif. - In the hills above Highway 12, Emmilia Carrington hoisted a trash can full of water into her neighbor's backyard and tipped it over, turning smoldering ash into a rush of steam that curled up over her black rain boots. Nearby, th
Los Angeles Times6 min lettiPolitics
Column: Trump Claims The Economy Will Do Better If He's Reelected. History Says He's Wrong
Until very recently, Donald Trump was fond of proclaiming that his reelection would be a boon to the U.S. economy and the stock market. If Democrat Joe Biden were to be elected president, he told Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business Network, "this market'
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The 14 Most Fascinating Details In Mariah Carey's Revealing New Book
In Mariah Carey's new memoir, the Grammy-winning artist makes one thing clear: She sees "no benefit to protect people who didn't protect me." Throughout "The Meaning of Mariah Carey," released Tuesday, Carey writes about the people in her life who ha
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Embrace The Darkness: Antonio Campos And Sean Durkin On Movies Hollywood Doesn't Want To Make
Antonio Campos and Sean Durkin, along with Josh Mond, broke through a little over a decade ago with their Borderline Films collaboration, a company in which one of them would direct and the others would produce. The partnership resulted in a series o
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Zooming In: How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Changed Hollywood's Audition Process
LOS ANGELES - While auditioning for a family Christmas commercial in Los Angeles, actors Elizabeth Bemis and Gabriel Villanueva made a bold choice. After hitting their marks and delivering their lines as a married couple, the pair leaned in for a qui
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BTS Announces New Album Slated For November Release
K-pop stars BTS will drop their fifth full-length album, "BE (Deluxe Edition)," on Nov. 20, the band's label, Big Hit Entertainment, said on Sunday. BTS contributed to the album's concept, composition and design so it "contains the most 'BTS' music,"
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Food Delivery Apps Are More Popular Than Ever. But Can They Help Restaurants Survive?
LOS ANGELES - How much should delivery companies be able to charge restaurants? It's a question that has been brought into sharp relief by COVID-19, as restaurants have seen takeout and delivery orders, which might have previously made up a fraction
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Who Is Chris Wallace? Meet The Presidential Debate Moderator From Fox News
Fox News anchor Chris Wallace will be the moderator when President Donald Trump and his Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, face off at Case Western University in Cleveland on Sept. 29 for the first of three presidential debates. Th
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Record Temperatures Lure 'Heat Tourists' To Death Valley National Park
LOS ANGELES - Once he saw that temperatures in Death Valley National Park had hit 130 degrees Fahrenheit, Dan Markham, 40, knew he had to go. The southern Utah local made the drive last month and found himself in the company of dozens of other park v
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'Great British Baking Show' Is The COVID-free TV Comfort Food We Need Right Now
The West Coast is on fire. A reality-star president is nudging the country closer to a constitutional crisis on a near-daily basis. Schools are closed and millions remain out of work thanks to an unchecked pandemic. We've lost real-life heroes who fo
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Paradise Again Threatened As Deadly Fires Push Toward Towns Gutted By 2018 Inferno
SAN FRANCISCO - Two years after being decimated by the worst blaze in California history, the town of Paradise was again under threat, this time from the deadly North Complex fire. Butte County sheriff's officials issued an evacuation order for Pulga
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Fires Besiege California's Wine Country: 11,000 Acres Burned, Homes Lost, Thousands Flee
SANTA ROSA, Calif. - Another series of wildfires stormed California's wine country overnight as flames destroyed numerous homes and other buildings in Napa and Sonoma counties and forced thousands to flee. A number of homes began to burn early Monday
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Federal Judge Orders Postal Service To Stop Operations That Slowed Mail
The U.S. Postal Service must prioritize election mail and immediately reverse changes that resulted in widespread delays in several states, a federal judge ruled Monday. The nationwide order is the latest rejection of efforts by Louis DeJoy, the post
Los Angeles Times2 min letti
Detainees At California's For-profit ICE Detention Centers Will Soon Be Able To Sue Over Abuse, Harm
LOS ANGELES - Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill Sunday backed by immigrant-rights advocates that mandates greater accountability by the companies that operate federal detention facilities in California. Assembly Bill 3228 allows people to sue private d
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Sorry, No, Prince Harry And Meghan Aren't Doing A Netflix Reality Show
Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, are getting heat for the mere whiff of reality-show rumors wafting from their massive Netflix deal. The British tabloid The Sun reported Monday that the Sussexes would be partaking in some sort of reali
Los Angeles Times6 min lettiPolitics
A Nightmare Comes True For 12 Hong Kongers Arrested At Sea, Now In Chinese Detention
HONG KONG - The young woman keeps two timers on her phone: one counting down until her anniversary with her boyfriend, the other tracking how many days it has been since he vanished at sea. She'd noticed him acting strange in the days before Aug. 23:
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'We Are Fighting For Real Democracy': Why Protesters Are Taking On Thailand's King
SINGAPORE - The morning after a landmark and taboo-busting day of protest in Thailand, pro-democracy demonstrators made one of their most provocative moves against the government. In the Bangkok plaza where a marker commemorating the 1932 introductio
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
Napa County Fire With 'Dangerous Rate Of Spread' Forces Evacuations
SAN FRANCISCO - A fast-moving fire in Napa County on Sunday forced evacuations north of the town of St. Helena as large swaths of Northern California faced dangerous fire weather. The Glass fire had burned 800 acres about 4 miles northwest of downtow
Los Angeles Times6 min lettiSociety
Breonna Taylor's Death Shocked The Nation. In Louisville, Many Black People Are Far From Surprised
LOUISVILLE, Ky. - Before the shops downtown closed due to the coronavirus, then remained shuttered amid protests decrying police brutality, Tawana Bain's restaurant exuded an air of bustling electricity. The sounds of Louisville college football and
Los Angeles Times2 min lettiSociety
Driver Arrested For Attempted Murder At Yorba Linda Protest Against Police Brutality
LOS ANGELES - A woman was arrested Saturday on suspicion of attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon after driving her car into a crowd during a demonstration in Yorba Linda involving protesters against police brutality and counter-demonstra
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
Angels' Playoff Hopes Officially End As They Lose To Homer-happy Dodgers
LOS ANGELES - Still treating his recently strained left hamstring with care, Justin Turner never ran faster than a jog Friday night. This time, he didn't need to. Turner produced his 10th career multiple home run game in the Los Angeles Dodgers' Free
Los Angeles Times6 min letti
In Amy Coney Barrett, Conservatives See The Supreme Court Champion They've Longed For
WASHINGTON - In his all-but-certain nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, President Donald Trump has chosen a well-regarded legal scholar who has strong appeal to conservatives and who almost surely would move the high court significantly to the rig
Los Angeles Times5 min letti
If A Metal Album Is Released In A Pandemic, Does It Make A Sound? Deftones Are About To Find Out
The job of any good metal album is capturing fans' collective despair and fury. But how do you get them into a new record if even the band can't be in the same room together due to COVID-19? When Chino Moreno tracked his vocals for Deftones' new albu
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