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Dan Guerrero To Step Down As AD At UCLA
LOS ANGELES - Dan Guerrero, the UCLA athletic director whose 17-year tenure has been accompanied by wild success in almost every measure besides the school's two biggest sports, will retire at the end of June. Guerrero's retirement plans became publi
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Rams Cooper Kupp And Todd Gurley Well-armed For Stiff Competition With Tacklers
LOS ANGELES - It began as a typical Cooper Kupp reception. In last week's victory over the New Orleans Saints, the Rams' slot receiver lined up on the left side, and then broke toward the middle of the field, catching a pass from quarterback Jared Go
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
Helton Believes Slovis Could Jump-start USC's Season Against Utes
LOS ANGELES_Three years ago, as tears fell throughout a crestfallen visiting locker room in Utah, a freshman USC quarterback spoke up. Sam Darnold had just been handed a last-second loss in his first collegiate start. The defeat to Utah left USC at 1
Los Angeles Times5 min letti
Arash Markazi: A Behind The Scenes Look At How The Clippers Won Kawhi Leonard And Paul George
LOS ANGELES - Doc Rivers smiled as he sipped on a diet soda Monday night near a golf course in Los Angeles. "I have my first official dinner with Paul George and Kawhi Leonard tonight," he said, still giddy that the Clippers were able to land two of
Los Angeles Times6 min lettiPolitics
Michael Hiltzik: In Landmark Session, California Legislature Shows What Progressive Lawmaking Looks Like
California is often identified as one of the most liberal states in the union - perhaps the most liberal. In the session just ended, its Legislature showed its willingness to live up to that standard. Among the measures passed in Sacramento were bill
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Sure Knows How To Accept An Emmy. Here's The Proof
Some people don't know how to say "Thank you." But Julia Louis-Dreyfus does. The actress has won so many Emmys - eight for acting, to tie with Cloris Leachman for most ever by a performer, a tie she may break at Sunday night's ceremony - she could be
Los Angeles Times5 min letti
Personal Electronic Devices Focus Of Conception Boat Fire Inquiry
SANTA BARBARA, Calif. - When the Conception first hit the water in the early 1980s, the personal electronics revolution was decades away. Divers who boarded the 75-foot boat for excursions in the Channel Islands brought film cameras. There were no sm
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The Global Climate Strike Could Make History. Here's What You Need To Know
WASHINGTON - The Global Climate Strike is expected to be one of the largest environmental protests in history, and young people want to show they shouldn't be underestimated. On Friday, more than 5,000 youth-led demonstrations in 156 countries - incl
Los Angeles Times6 min letti
Q&A: What Is The UN Climate Change Summit?
Enough with the platitudes - it's time for world leaders to take concrete actions to avert a catastrophic heating of the planet. That's the message United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has delivered to the heads of state gathering in New
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Protests Planned Worldwide Friday Calling For Action On Climate Change
SEATTLE - At Amazon's Seattle headquarters Friday, more than 1,600 workers plan to walk out, saying their employer is failing to do enough about climate change. In New York, where the United Nations Climate Action Summit convenes Monday, students in
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Ocean Robots Take The Pulse Of Our Planet By Measuring Microbes
It looks like a trashcan bobbing in the waters off the California coast. But it's hardly garbage. In fact, it may play a key role in monitoring the health of our oceans. The vital signs? The health of the seas' smallest residents - phytoplankton. Fro
Los Angeles Times6 min letti
Walmart Y Amazon Quieren Ver Dentro De Tu Casa. ¿Deberías Permitirlo?
La guerra por los compradores del comercio electrónico se libra en el campo de la conveniencia. Pedidos con un solo clic, entregas el mismo día, reabastecimiento automático de papel higiénico: no existe ningún motivo de preocupación tan pequeño como
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
Prosecutors Fined In Sexual Abuse Case Against La Luz Del Mundo Leader And Two Followers
LOS ANGELES - A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge held state prosecutors in contempt Thursday for not turning evidence over in the sexual abuse case against the leader of La Luz Del Mundo and two of his followers. Judge Teresa Sullivan fined De
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Rams The Choice Over Browns In Sunday Night Football
The Los Angeles Times' NFL writer, Sam Farmer, examines this week's matchups. Lines according to Pregame.com (O/U = over/under). Last week's record 10-6 (.625); season 19-12-1 (.613). Using point spreads with the scores Farmer predicted, the record a
Los Angeles Times6 min letti
'Do Something': Active Shooter Trainings Teach How To Fight Back Against A Gunman
GOLDEN, Colo. - The gunman paced the hallways of the charter school, passing framed paintings of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson before stopping outside classroom 138. There, he took a deep breath, yanked open the door and began firing. "Shoot
Los Angeles Times7 min lettiSociety
Americans' Struggles With Medical Bills Are A Foreign Concept In Other Countries
GORINCHEM, Netherlands - In France, a visit to the doctor typically costs the equivalent of $1.12. A night in a German hospital costs a patient roughly $11. And in the Netherlands - one of the few wealthy nations other than the U.S. where patients fa
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Rosen Has Risen For Sinking Dolphins
What a few weeks ago was a burning question - who will start at quarterback for the Miami Dolphins - is now little more than a quaint curiosity. The team's one-time burning question sits under all the rubble of the first two weeks, when the woeful Do
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Commentary: Public University Students Should Have On-campus Access To The 'Abortion Pill'
When Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed the bill last year that would have provided California's public university students access to medication abortion - widely known as the "abortion pill" - at their on-campus student health centers, he justified it by sayin
Los Angeles Times3 min lettiPolitics
Darrell Issa's Nomination For Trade Post Hits A Snag Over His FBI Background File
WASHINGTON - Darrell Issa's nomination to serve as a Trump administration trade official hit a roadblock Thursday amid concern over something in the former California congressman's FBI background file. Early in a confirmation hearing by the Senate Fo
Los Angeles Times2 min letti
Lilly Singh Hopes Questions About Women In Late-night TV Won't 'Exist Anymore'
Lilly Singh isn't yet tired of being asked how it feels to be one of the only women hosting a late-night comedy show. But she's a bit tired of feeling that she has to answer that question on behalf of all women in comedy. "There's some weight to it,"
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
'Game Of Thrones' Wasn't Always An Emmy Darling. How Times Have Changed
It hasn't always been a gold rush for the cast of "Game of Thrones." The show has set several Emmy records, including by scoring 32 nominations in its final season. Coming into the 71st Primetime Emmy Awards this Sunday, it is the leader among script
Los Angeles Times10 min lettiFashion & Beauty
Commentary: Fast Fashion Is Cheap, Wasteful And Hurting The Planet — And You Can Stop It
Los Angeles Fashion Week begins in October in the biggest clothing manufacturing center in the country. But what do you find when you go beneath the clothes - not the nudity but something much more revealing: how the world's wardrobes are made, and w
Los Angeles Times7 min letti
Un Poeta Y Activista Inmigrante Enfrentó La Deportación Por Parte De ICE. Entonces 2 Jugadores De La NFL Lo Rescataron
LOS ÁNGELES — Hace unos meses, el futuro de José Bello parecía sombrío: detención, encarcelamiento, deportación y una separación a largo plazo de su pequeño hijo. Su único delito, afirmó, fue leer un poema. En una reunión en mayo de la junta de super
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
She Drives A Convertible And Bowls Her Age: 100, To Be Exact
Lillian Solomon tools around Los Angeles in a sexy silver-blue convertible, has a live-in boyfriend, plays blackjack at the Hollywood Park Casino, goes to the gym on Mondays and anchors her bowling team on Wednesdays. None of which would be all that
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
Review: 'Where's My Roy Cohn?' Is A Blunt, Absorbing Account Of A Master Manipulator's Life And Crimes
There are documentary portraits that pay respectful tribute to their famous subjects, that measure their lives and accomplishments with varying degrees of admiration and ambivalence. And then there is "Where's My Roy Cohn?," which moves decidedly and
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
AT&T Under Pressure To Sell DirecTV Amid Heavy Subscriber Losses
LOS ANGELES - Telecommunications giant AT&T is facing mounting pressure from an activist shareholder to pare down its operations by unloading the El Segundo-based satellite television giant DirecTV, which has been reeling from the loss of millions of
Los Angeles Times3 min letti
Editorial: Gavin Newsom Just Decided To Carry Trump's Water By Vetoing An Endangered Species Bill
On the eve of President Donald Trump's visit to California this week, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced his intention to veto a bill that would have protected the state's iconic migratory salmon and many other endangered species from the Trump administrati
Los Angeles Times4 min letti
The 10 Best (and Worst) Emmy Hosts In Recent History
This year's Emmys ceremony will be minus a host. A look back at previous ceremonies suggests that the strategy isn't a bad idea. Like the Oscars - which also went without a host this year - emceeing the Emmys is a risky endeavor for even the most pol
Los Angeles Times6 min letti
Border Patrol Agents Interviewing Families For 'Credible Fear,' Instead Of Asylum Officers
WASHINGTON - Border Patrol agents are beginning to screen migrant families for "credible fear" instead of highly trained asylum officers who are charged with determining whether applicants qualify for U.S. protection, the Los Angeles Times has learne
Los Angeles Times5 min letti
Michael Hiltzik: Can Trump Legally Revoke California's Clean Air Waiver? Short Answer: Probably Not.
President Trump's latest attempt to stick his thumb in California's eye - the revocation of the state's treasured authority to set its own auto emissions rules - rests on very shaky legal ground, experts say. At the very least, the move to revoke the
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