Al-Monitor1 min letti
Oman To Issue Tourist Visas After 8-month Suspension
Travelers whose trips are organized through hotels or tourism companies can apply for visas.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiAmerican Government
Syrian Opposition Fears Being Left Behind Again After US Election
Many leaders of the Syrian opposition prefer Donald Trump, who used military force twice against the Syrian government, over Joe Biden, who served in an administration they believe turned a blind eye to the Iranian presence in Syria and allowed the r
Al-Monitor6 min lettiWorld
In New York Jewish Communities, Similarities To Israel's Virus Struggle
Israeli media are covering the conflict over coronavirus measures in New York's Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods, and the issue bears resemblance to Israel's virus situation.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiDiscrimination & Race Relations
Erdogan Goes On Offense Against European Leaders In Defense Of Lslam
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has taken up the cause of Islam in the West, further damaging Turkey's ties with Europe.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiWorld
Israel-Emirates Peace: An Inside Look
Crisscrossing Dubai, journalist Ben Caspit says that his four-day visit to the emirate this week reveals the intense potential that lies in the recent outing of Israel’s covert relations with the United Arab Emirates.
Al-Monitor2 min letti
Russian Strikes Kill Dozens Of Turkey-backed Rebels In Syria's Idlib
Dozens of rebel fighters are dead following suspected Russian airstrikes on a training camp in northwest Syria Monday, activists and war monitors said.  As many as 100 others were reportedly injured when warplanes targeted a training base run by Fa
Al-Monitor4 min lettiPolitics
Can Gulf States Adopt Universal Basic Income?
Existing social welfare systems have insulated Gulf nationals from changing economic realities and the likelihood of a major global energy transition in the coming decades.
Al-Monitor2 min lettiAmerican Government
US Government Says Iran Behind Emails Threatening Democratic Voters In Florida
The emails purportedly sent by the pro-Trump Proud Boys group were actually an Iranian operation, according to US intelligence, though Iran has denied the allegation.
Al-Monitor2 min lettiAmerican Government
US Won’t Change Its Syria Policy In Order To Free Missing Americans, Pompeo Says
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was asked if the Trump administration would consider meeting the Syrian regime's terms, which reportedly include withdrawing all American forces from the country.
Al-Monitor2 min lettiInternational Relations
UAE Cabinet Ratifies Normalization Accord With Israel
The cabinet's approval came a day before an Emirati delegation is scheduled to make a first official visit to Israel.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiInternational Relations
Turkey-backed President's Election To Reshape Negotiations In North Cyprus
Northern Cypriots elected right-wing nationalist Ersin Tatar in runoff presidential elections Sunday, likely drawing a new path for peace talks and energy-revenue sharing negotiations amid rising regional tensions.
Al-Monitor3 min lettiPolitics
Iran In Shock After 11-year-old Boy Commits Suicide Over Poverty
The suicide of an 11-year old boy from a destitute family has sent shock waves across Iranian society, further highlighting the questions of growing poverty and state neglect.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiCrime & Violence
New Turkish Indictment Prolongs ‘Torture’ For Philanthropist Kavala’s Family
Months after he was acquitted on charges he sought the government’s overthrow with popular protests, Turkish philanthropist Osman Kavala faces life in prison for his alleged involvement in a failed coup.
Al-Monitor2 min letti
Lebanon Receives FBI's Report On Beirut Port Explosion
Lebanese investigators have received the FBI’s report on the Beirut port explosion. The country will make a determination on what precisely caused the devastating blast. Judge Fadi Sawwan, who is leading the government’s investigation into the expl
Al-Monitor4 min lettiInternational Relations
As US Elections Near, GCC States Chart Middle Course Between US And China
Former Vice President and Democratic candidate for president Joe Biden's previous statement to make Saudi Arabia a 'pariah' hangs over the region.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Facebook Rebuffs Turkey’s Controversial Social Media Law
Facebook told Turkish civil society members it would not comply with Ankara’s new social media law over concerns it would limit free speech rights, setting the stage for possible fines and access blocks on the platform as other social media companies
Al-Monitor5 min lettiInternational Relations
Ethiopian Ambassador To Cairo Vows To Bridge Gaps Over Nile Dam
In an interview with Al-Monitor, the new Ethiopian ambassador to Egypt speaks about the stalled negotiations with Egypt and Sudan over the controversial dam Addis Ababa is building on the Blue Nile River.
Al-Monitor3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Algeria Cracks Down On Press As Protest Movement Persists
Algeria's massive protest movement, temporarily stifled by the pandemic, is also seeing many activists and journalists jailed as the government.
Al-Monitor4 min letti
Jihadist Regime Forbids Philosophy In Syria’s Idlib
Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, which controls most of Syria’s Idlib province forbids the teaching and even discussion of philosophy.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiPolitics
How Much Damage Can Arab States Do To Turkish Economy?
As Turkey’s Arab adversaries step up efforts to counter Ankara’s actions in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia has reportedly started a covert boycott of Turkish goods.
Al-Monitor2 min letti
Iranians Call COVID-19 Diagnosis 'Lesson' For Trump
To many Iranians, the news that US President Donald Trump has the novel coronavirus is poetic justice.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiInternational Relations
US, UAE Press Ahead To Broker Israel-Sudan Rapprochement
Sudan might be ready to establish ties with Israel, but first it needs for the United States to remove it from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism.
Al-Monitor3 min lettiWorld
Arab-Israeli Soccer Star Joins Emirati League
Following normalization of ties between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, the Emirati Al-Nasr soccer club has recruited Arab-Israeli star Dia Saba, who will be the first Israeli to join a Gulf league.
Al-Monitor3 min lettiWorld
Syriac Manuscripts Recovered From Suspected Islamic State Fighter In Mosul
Stolen manuscripts resurface as Iraqi security forces engage Islamic State cells, but safety concerns for minority communities still loom large.
Al-Monitor5 min lettiInternational Relations
Turkey Backs Azerbaijan In War With Armenia As Russia Stands By
The flare-up between Azerbaijan Armenia may have been planned by Azerbaijan and its regional ally Turkey, leaving Russia's intentions in supporting Turkey and Azerbaijan in question.
Al-Monitor6 min lettiInternational Relations
Turkey Backs Azerbaijan Against Armenia As War Looms Over Caucasus
Armenia and Azerbaijan are once again fighting over the enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh in a conflict that could draw in Russia and Turkey.
Al-Monitor3 min letti
Escaping Coronavirus Stress, Israelis Buy Chocolate
Young Israeli chocolatiers are battling the coronavirus-induced economic crisis to keep the local chocolate industry afloat.
Al-Monitor4 min letti
Sudan Floods Muddy Nile Dam Talks
The floods in Sudan have destroyed thousands of homes and killed hundreds amid stalled negotiations between Cairo, Addis Ababa and Khartoum over the Nile dam dispute.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiWorld
Coronavirus Rages, But Netanyahu Goes To Washington
The coronavirus pandemic sets new records in Israel, yet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans on going to Washington for a four-day trip.
Al-Monitor4 min lettiWorld
Coronavirus-infected Israel, On Brink Of Anarchy
As Israel records more than 3,000 new coronavirus cases a day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s opponents and also his ultra-Orthodox partners gang up against him.
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