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Sans Mustard? France Gets Creative Amid Shortage.
A half dozen tourists huddle around a metallic counter at the Edward Fallot mustard mill, as company employee Martine Dupin pumps various blends of Dijon mustard onto miniature wooden spoons. There are gingerbread, blackcurrant, and whole seed “old s
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Charlayne Hunter-Gault: ‘I Want To Tell The Truth About Our People’
In January 1961, Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes became the first Black students to attend the University of Georgia. After graduation, Ms. Hunter-Gault pursued a career in journalism writing for, among others, The New Yorker and The New York Ti
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Putin’s Nuclear Threat: Now The West Takes It Seriously
For NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s veiled threats to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine amount to one thing – “nuclear blackmailing.” NATO partners will not bow to such nuke-rattling, the alliance leader said
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Meet The Amateur Art Sleuths Helping Bring Back Asia’s Stolen Heritage
Growing up, Vijay Kumar’s favorite book was a Tamil historical fiction novel that told tales of a mighty king who ruled over southern India, where Mr. Kumar is from. It sparked in him an interest in ancient Indian history, particularly temples and th
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Can A Democrat Win Over Rural Ohio? Tim Ryan Gives It A Shot.
Hemmed by cornfields, Rep. Tim Ryan perches on a plastic picnic bench, his back to a red barn. He smiles at the local farmers he’s just met and who are now sitting at tables arranged in a horseshoe.  Mr. Ryan, who is running to be Ohio’s next senator
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After Hurricane Ian, Floods Leave A Deep Insurance Gap
Fuss Johnson was born in Daytona, Florida, grew up in North Carolina, and then returned to the Sunshine State with his family as a teenager. He once tried living in California. He caught the first ride back. “It’s hard to imagine being anywhere else,
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When Real-world Pressures Give Ideologues Pause
The words carried added power by virtue of the speaker, and his manner: a famously cerebral former British cabinet minister, in a quiet, almost matter-of-fact tone. “Reality bites,” Michael Gove remarked on Sunday, the opening day of his Conservative
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About Those Nuclear Threats By Russia
As Russia’s military forces lose ground in Ukraine, President Vladimir Putin has escalated his threats to use nuclear weapons. The United States, he said Friday, had “created a precedent” in 1945 by dropping atomic bombs on imperial Japan to force it
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Don’t Drain The Swamp: Annie Proulx Extols The Virtues Of Wetlands
Swamps, bogs, and marshes have long been portrayed as uninhabitable, impenetrable, and menacing – as places to avoid. For centuries, humans drained wetlands to plant crops and graze livestock, and the land was increasingly claimed for housing and lat
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What The Military Could Learn From The Civil Rights Movement
A two-time Pulitzer Prize winner and veteran defense correspondent whose bestsellers have chronicled U.S. wars, Thomas E. Ricks was drawn to study the civil rights movement through the war stories of his wife, Mary Kay Ricks.  “We’d be driving along,
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‘The First Time I Wore Hearing Aids’: A Poet Stands Up To Misunderstanding
When Raymond Antrobus released his first poetry collection, he titled it “The Perseverance.”   Early on, family members thought Mr. Antrobus, born in London to a Jamaican father and a British mother, had a learning disability. At age 6, he learned he
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Supply-chain Snarls Are Receding. Will That Curb Inflation?
Anticipating the end of supply-chain problems has proved akin to waiting for Godot: It never seems to come. But many of the factors that kept goods in such short supply throughout the pandemic are improving – and those are good tidings for the econom
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New Views: What Makes A Top US College, And The Significance Of Timbuktu
A Texas university offers a model of affordability that is boosting economic mobility. The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley serves a student body that is 90% Hispanic and made up primarily of first-generation college students. Over 60% of studen
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Softer Approaches To Jihadi Threats
Two trends in Africa have prompted a challenge to the military model of countering terrorist threats. Each trend bears watching for the global struggle against terrorism. The first is negative. During the past decade, the United States, France, and o
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Keepsakes And Memories: Finding, In The Clutter, A Life Well Lived
Last year, getting ready to move to Italy from the United States, I sorted through every possession in our New York apartment belonging to our family of four. Clothes, shoes, toys, china, silverware, handbags, board games, cosmetics – you name it. My
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Ukraine: In Bid To Create ‘Russian World,’ Education Was Weaponized
Ukrainian emergency workers were surprised when they first entered the white-painted school in Izium, after a Ukrainian counteroffensive swept away Russian troops. From the outside, Lyceum No. 6 appears unscathed by more than six months of Russian oc
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Remaking The Draft: Northern Europe Infuses Conscription With Values
Algirts Vilkoitis has gone “into the forest” many times over the last decade. With the trees of the Riga forest stretching skyward around him, Mr. Vilkoitis, a second-class lieutenant with Latvia’s National Guard, runs time trials, hefting 45-pound s
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Solving The Mystery Of Clayton’s Toxic Legacy
Last winter, here in the Pacific Northwest, we got more rain than we’d dared to hope for. And then the winter rains gave way to spring rains, and summer showed up, more or less – at least the rain was warmer. Most of us, fresh off the horror of the 1
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Shaken But Resilient, Florida Residents Move Forward Together After Ian
For Mindy Liepitz, it was just stuff in the end. A two-inch layer of black mud lies between the bottom of her shoes and the floor of her modest two-bedroom rental home in North Fort Myers. Her furniture is waterlogged, ruined. The electronics through
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Freedom Is His Business: How Jared Genser Extracts Political Prisoners
Human rights attorney Jared Genser didn’t properly exhale until his South Sudanese client Peter Biar Ajak, his wife, two young sons, and newborn daughter touched down in Washington and walked through the customs security gate at Dulles International
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Russia’s War Of The Pews In Ukraine
Call it the battle of the pews. In its military struggle to hold eastern Ukraine – by force and illegal annexation – Russia has also launched a campaign to ensure support from the dominant faith of Russian-speaking people. It is throwing money into t
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‘Do Something Small’: One Journalist Sees Solutions For World’s Oceans
Ian Urbina is what you might call a globe-trotting journalist, except he focuses his reporting on the oceans, not the land. Earlier this year he was honored for his investigative writing by the Society of Professional Journalists, for stories tied to
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‘Hester’ Imagines A Backstory To Hawthorne’s ‘The Scarlet Letter’
Ever wonder if a real woman might have inspired Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Hester Prynne? On rereading “The Scarlet Letter” as an adult, novelist Laurie Lico Albanese was so taken with its heroine, “who defies powerful men and vengeful villagers by wearin
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Human Experience Is Shared, Even If Words Aren’t
Last time we talked, we looked at the German word Fingerspitzengefühl, a combination of “fingertip” and “sense” or “feeling,” which connotes a kind of sixth-sense awareness of the right move in a difficult situation.  What about the notion that if a
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Driven To The Frontlines By Compassion
Joshua Curry knew little about Ukraine when Russia invaded. He just knew he had to get there. The former Navy flight officer had served in the Persian Gulf and had seen firsthand what military conflict can do to civilian life. “I had to get involved
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Supreme Court: A New Term, A New Justice, A Blockbuster Docket
The United States Supreme Court begins a new term today with one new justice, the same 6-3 ideological divide, historically low public approval ratings, and another docket littered with blockbuster cases. Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson is the first Bl
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Meet The ‘Noble Cousins’ On The Family Tree Of Words
False friends (faux amis) are a staple of Linguistics 101: pairs of words from two languages that seem identical or related but have different meanings. For example, the English gift has positive connotations, but its false friend Gift (“poison” in G
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‘They Teach You’: The Art Of Falconry Soars In Italy
“We usually hold falcons on our left side, so they feel the beating of our heart,” says Antonella Pintore. A distinguished falconer now based in Bolsena, a town of breathtaking beauty by the eponymous lake in central Italy, Ms. Pintore is also a hist
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Press Freedom, Democracy, And Fahad Shah
Fahad Shah, editor of The Kashmir Walla newspaper and a Monitor contributor, was jailed in February in response to stories that Indian authorities said were “glorifying terrorist activities.” He remains behind bars, having repeatedly made bail, only
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First Coloring, Now Lego. More Adults Discover Their Inner Child.
Greg Tull recently pulled aside his commanding officer for an unusual request. The boatswain’s mate asked for an extended period of leave from his Massachusetts Coast Guard station so that he could play with Lego bricks. Mr. Tull and his brother Bren
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