The Christian Science Monitor4 min letti
Olympics Have Lockdown Aura. But The Narrative Isn’t Locked In.
Against a pandemic backdrop, the Tokyo Games include no shortage of challenges. Yet the promise of internationalism and athleticism remain.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min letti
Hopes And Fears: Why Cuban Protesters Rally American Left And Right
New Biden administration sanctions on Cuba officials are further proof the island nation stirs strong passions across the U.S. political spectrum.
The Christian Science Monitor7 min letti
Meet The Young Mom Who Became The Face Of Belarus’ Democracy Movement
When her husband was imprisoned in Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya took up his fight against Belarus’ dictator. An interview about her journey.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min letti
Say Thanks To This Pandemic-survival Trend
In the U.S., the average well-being of individuals has risen, owing in part to a newfound appreciation for gratitude.
The Christian Science Monitor9 min letti
For These Young Sisters, A Period Of Family, Love, And Sacrifice
Sisters Jaelynn and Jennifer Ashley Ciballos couldn’t be more different. Yet they work together to bring their family a much-needed sense of financial stability – and show the value of prioritizing the people who matter most. Episode 6 of “Stronger.”
The Christian Science Monitor4 min letti
Comedies Usually Reward Cynicism. Then Came ‘Ted Lasso.’
As “Ted Lasso” returns for a second season, culture watchers reflect on what has made a comedy show that aims for optimism and kindness a sleeper hit.
The Christian Science Monitor12 min letti
Florida Brought Back Its Panthers. Can People Live With Them?
The big cats’ revival in Florida is a conservation success story. But can they coexist with Florida’s booming population?
The Christian Science Monitor4 min letti
In Africa’s Last Absolute Monarchy, A Protest Movement Arises
Protesters are challenging the writ of the monarchy in Eswatini, a country of 1.2 million, at a time of mounting frustration in other African countries.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min letti
Bridges From Old Wind Turbines, Better A/C From Nonstick Coatings
In our progress roundup, engineers address environmental concerns mere decades old: air conditioning’s climate impact and aging wind turbine blades.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min letti
A Tall Hurdle For These Olympics
The pandemic is only one of the Games’ problems. Strong suspicions of doping by athletes continue to demand solutions for fair competition.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min letti
Sewage Equity? In Alabama, Trust Is As Important As Pipes.
Some in low-income, rural areas have sewage flowing into their yards – evidence of infrastructure inequities. An Alabama program may have a solution.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min letti
Canada Residential Schools: Will Hunt For Indigenous Graves Bring Healing?
After the discovery of unmarked children’s graves at several residential schools in Canada, Indigenous groups are demanding they all be searched.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min letti
The ‘Yoke’ That Makes Burdens Light
Wearing a “yoke” in our daily lives may sound like an encumbrance. But when it’s the figurative yoke of Christ, we find ourselves better equipped to navigate life’s challenges with God-given strength, grace, joy, and love.
The Christian Science Monitor8 min letti
The Pandemic Pushed Her To The Limit. But This Teacher Carries On.
Teaching has become a love-stress relationship for Leslie Stevenson, made only more difficult by the pandemic. Can she find a way to do what she feels called to do without burning out? Episode 5 of our podcast “Stronger.”
The Christian Science Monitor5 min letti
How Book Dash Nurtures South Africa’s Young Readers
For Book Dash, getting more books into the hands and homes of South African kids is a question of social justice.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min letti
Where Slogans Wear Thin, Citizens Grow Weary
Unrest hits Cuba and South Africa as the influence of iconic leaders wanes and citizens demand more than slogans.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min lettiWorld
A Deluge Of Giving After China’s Floods
Money and volunteers flow into Henan province after historic floods, perhaps setting a high-water mark for Chinese charity.
The Christian Science Monitor8 min letti
Cities Grapple With Homelessness, As Tent Clusters Proliferate
Homelessness: The pandemic drove more people into tents, and emergency measures left many undisturbed. Now, localities are seeking better solutions.
The Christian Science Monitor6 min lettiPoverty & Homelessness
First Flint, Then Jackson. Is America Ready To Fix Its Water Supply?
A water system failure in Jackson, Mississippi, is a sign of wider challenges – with what you could call the basic plumbing of society.
The Christian Science Monitor2 min lettiInternational Relations
Honesty Pays Off In Moldova
In two elections, voters in the former Soviet state have been won over by a leader who sees the honesty in them as key to solving the country’s woes.
The Christian Science Monitor5 min lettiInternational Relations
Russia Worries: Will US Exit From Afghanistan Bring Back Bad Old Days?
Afghanistan was the Soviet Union’s Vietnam War, and its effects still linger in Russia. So the U.S. withdrawal is disconcertingly familiar to Moscow.
The Christian Science Monitor7 min letti
As Floodwaters Recede In Europe, Helping Hands Come Rushing In
The aftermath of last week’s flooding in Germany, Belgium, and neighboring countries has seen Europeans of all stripes helping to rescue and recover.
The Christian Science Monitor4 min lettiCrime & Violence
Police Reform: Why It’s So Tough To Get – And Keep – The Right Chief
Police reform can sometimes depend on getting the right police chief. But cities might be churning through them too quickly to create real change.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min letti
Amid Biking Boom, More Adults Decide It’s Finally Time To Learn
Adults in bike-riding classes are overcoming fear and embarrassment – gaining a new way to get to work and to exercise, as well as make new friends.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min letti
Monday Sunrise Briefing: A Climate Of Fire And Rain
Here are three news events - Europe flood recovery and a global spyware investigation - from this past weekend (while you may have been building a shed or throwing a pot, and enjoying an offline life). Also, what to look for in the news this week.
The Christian Science Monitor10 min letti
In Year Of Tests, This Hotel Worker Found Community – And Her Voice
For hotel service worker Mariza Rocha, the pandemic left her without work and struggling with loneliness. Her union helped her see the power of community support in times of crisis. This is Episode 4 of our podcast “Stronger.”
The Christian Science Monitor5 min lettiRegional & Ethnic
New Generation Of Cooks Lifts Lid On India’s Diverse Cuisine
Regional Indian cuisines with distinct ingredients and techniques are being rediscovered and celebrated through new cookbooks.
The Christian Science Monitor6 min lettiInternational Relations
When A Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wages War, Who Loses?
War in Tigray has prompted debate about Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Nobel Peace Prize. But what does the Nobel represent anyway?
The Christian Science Monitor2 min lettiWorld
The Other Flood In Germany – Generous Volunteers
Worldwide, the pandemic has not diminished volunteering. The response of Germans to severe floods shows why: Volunteering helps build trust and affection.
The Christian Science Monitor3 min letti
Melting Pot: Vietnamese Family Settles In New Orleans
“Things We Lost to the Water” transposes Vietnamese refugee tale to New Orleans, where a single mother writes notes to her absent husband.
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