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Pop Portrait
On the day of this shoot, William Trostel and model Vasia met up to roam around the City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. “I go into a lot of shoots with a set idea in my head,” he says. “This one, however, was not one of those shoots. We just grabbed a
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Creative Captures
Beautiful landscapes aside, there’s also plenty of fun to be had on autumn shoots. Try capturing the human elements of the season and involve the whole family at the same time. If you head to firework displays, find a clear view or high vantage point
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Recompose Your Photos
It’s often only when you review your pictures in the cold light of day that you realise you could have made some different choices that may have given a better composition. The ‘fix’ might have been as simple as getting the lens a bit closer to a sub
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Reach For The Sky
Drones have (ahem) taken off in recent years, and we know that many readers proudly own one. Whether you use yours to shoot video clips or still images, they’re a fantastic tool to have – as long as you’re following the rules. Here, I’ll cover the ba
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Camera College
Photographer and writer Marcus is a former editor of Digital Camera What’s the deal with digital processing? If you shoot JPEGs or movie clips, you need to pay more attention to the treatments your camera applies, compared with shooting raw… Last iss
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Warrior 2 James Abbott
One of the most exciting aspects of processing a portrait shot is that there’s a multitude of ways to process the image without making it look unreal – unlike landscape photography, for instance, where some effects simply look wrong. There are many w
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A World Of Your Own
The chances are we’re probably not going to make it to space in our lifetime to photograph some undiscovered planets! But you can still come up with your own! This planet, believe it or not, has been made from children’s playdough and Photoshop trick
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That’s A Moiré!
Subjects that have fine, grid-like details near the resolution limit of the grid-like pattern of photosites on the sensor can create problems during demosaicing. The most common artifact is what’s known as ‘moiré’, which manifests itself as stripes o
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Photo Answers
Andrew is a highly-experienced writer and photographer – if you have a problem, he is here to help. Q Why does sensor dirt show up on my long-exposure landscapes, but not so much on other images? Charlie Posner A The length the shutter is open doesn’
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Take The Road Less Travelled
It’s always exciting to arrive into a new place with a camera bag and a few empty memory cards. But every unfamiliar location has a lot to take in and learn about in order to make the best of your (often limited) time. I’m currently midway through a
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Converting Light Into Pixels
In a digital SLR, the sensor is blocked by a set of shutter blinds and a mirror, which have to move out of the way to expose the sensor to light. In a mirrorless camera, the sensor is visible when you remove the lens. Your camera’s imaging sensor is
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Six Ways To Shoot… Documentary Images
Good documentary images have a narrative about the subject you are photographing. You won’t necessarily capture this all in one shot so build up your story with images that are varied and reveal something interesting viewed as a collection. Possibly
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Interfit Honey Badger Unleashed
£699/$749 Released out into the wild lightly larger and nearly 1kg heavier than the mains-powered Honey Badger head, the newer Unleashed edition runs on a rechargeable battery. Unlike the Elinchrom and Profoto battery-pow
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A Rainy-day Project
Food is something we all need and enjoy. If you also want to create a feast for your eyes and you’ve got an hour to spare, why not try this food photography project? For this simple setup, I used a watermelon and turned it into an umbrella, but there
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Picture Presets
Many cameras feature a range of preset picture processing profiles that have their own blends of colour, contrast and sharpness (although there may be fairly subtle differences between some profiles). You are free to choose whichever preset you like
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Interfit Honey Badger 320Ws 2-Light Kit
£500/$470 It’s a flash kit with attitude Taking its name from what is reputedly the world’s most fearless animal, the Honey Badger head makes a bold entrance in yellow and black. It has a maximum power rating of 320Ws, wh
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Alternative Perspectives
More than 10 years ago, Randy Scott Slavin took a dive down what he calls “the panoramic rabbit hole”, when he started using a VR photography app called Photosynth. “It basically allowed you to do a 360 dance and stitch a 360x180 panorama,” he says.
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Behind The Photograph Autumn Edit
In the autumn, visitors flock to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont to see the world’s finest display of autumn colour. But it is impossible to predict precisely when the maple trees will be on fire. A local landscape photographer told us that, one yea
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From Snapshot To Artwork
Have you ever wondered why your images don’t look like those that you see in glossy photography magazines or images trending on social media? Sometimes it can be difficult to translate what we see in front of us in to a photograph that portrays the s
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Take Control
As well as making adjustments to brighten or darken the whole picture, you may also be able to make selective adjustments to shadows and highlights. For instance, Canon cameras feature Auto Lighting Optimizer (ALO), and Nikon bodies come with Active
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Good Heavens!
Our reader Paul Byers Great Dun Fell is 15 minutes outside of Penrith in Cumbria. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but once I’d started walking to the top, I couldn’t believe how clear the sky was. By the time the Milky Way had risen to a point w
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Manfrotto Lykos Bi-Color
£330/$320 A useful constant companion This lightweight 470g LED constant light is designed to slot into your camera’s hotshoe, via the supplied mini ball head. The ball head and the lamp itself can also be mounted on a regular tri
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Larger Than Life
Chris Bailey is a portrait photographer from Frome. He tells us: “I had the opportunity to shoot some headshots of actor Clem So.” Clem has appeared in many films including Skyfall, Spectre, Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Jurassic World: Fallen Kin
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Shot Of The Month
Fine-art photographer Camera: Linhof L679 Lens: Wide-angle 4x5 lens Exposure: Multiple-exposure; see text This day-to-night photograph of the Sandhill Cranes is from a series on bird migration commissioned by National Geographic
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