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We know what you’re thinking: didn’t streaming kill the radio (star)? Far from it: rather than going extinct, they’ve evolved. Perhaps the closest you could get to the Platonic ideal of a digital radio, this is the fourth-generation of the Ruark R1,
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Gadget Guru’s Magic Box
Because Mrs Guru is now working from home, GaGu’s mind is being forcibly turned once again to renovations. There’s a whole trickle-down list of jobs to be done, the first of which was for Guru to board the loft. Given the ample insulation of Guru Tow
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Product 02: Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
Plenty of true wireless buds have tried to compete with (or rip off) Apple AirPods, and quite a few are close competitors to AirPods Pro. Galaxy Buds Live from Samsung are the first buds we can think of that attempt to do both at once, however. What’
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Philips OLED+935
This year has seen quite a few brands launch their first 48-inch OLED sets. But there’s more to this TV than just being available in a smaller size: the Philips OLED+935 has piled on the features until it covers all realistic audio/visual bases – and
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Meet The Team
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Thirty years on, the reboot of Unsolved Mysteries is a bit less supernatural nonsense and a bit more grisly murder, but it’s well worth a watch if you’re hunting around on Netflix. With Idles, imagine John Spencer Blues Explosion went to war with the
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Product 03: Jabra Elite 85t
So far we have had Bose’s music-focused buds that sound stunning, have great noise cancelling but are somewhat bulbous. Then we’ve looked at Samsung’s compact buds, which are great to wear and offer pretty good sound for their size and shape. This of
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Amazon Echo
With the latest Amazon Echo, we have the biggest design change in the six years since the Alexa smart speaker first appeared on the scene: cylinders are out, spheres are in. We’re going to be honest: we preferred the old cylindrical design for the Ec
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Duncan Bell Is Social Distancing
What a year it’s been! The big winners of 2020 in the tech world have been Amazon and, in fact, anyone with a functioning online shop. With an honorary mention going to Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony, whose respective consoles must have made them a min
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Verdict: The Overall Winner Is…
£219.99, jabra.co.uk WE’RE IMPRESSED Great fit, compact size, really impressive audio and a mix of active noise cancelling and noise isolation that is like an off switch for the world. Jabra also has an excellent track record for rolling out improvem
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Best Of The Best
If you’re looking for the very best tech available today, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Best of the Best is the most useful gadget-buying guide you will ever encounter. To create it, we’ve extensively tested the best tech the world has t
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Editor’s Letter
So it’s possible this may be the least orthodox Christmas ever. It’s certainly stranger than the one where the petty larcenists were tortured by that sadistic child. Weirder even than the one where Santa was kidnapped by the Pumpkin King and a sentie
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There’s something special about instant cameras. No composing the perfect photo, no firing up Photoshop and smoothing out the wrinkles, just a true snapshot of life that you can share immediately. The Polaroid Now gives you that through its automatic
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Things To Consider When Upgrading To True Wireless
Sound generally remains of lower quality than comparably priced wired or standard Bluetooth headphones but is vastly improved over earlier true wireless. In fact, the sound of the most recent contenders is so much better that they are now the ideal b
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Given we’re facing a fairly locked down festive period, we could all do with a taste of the Caribbean right now. Fortunately, Bacardi has you covered, bringing you that bashment spirit, whether you’re more interested in spinning records or spinning l
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• £TBC, lg.com There’s a long, long list of things that makes for great true wireless ear buds, and in creating the Tone Free FN7s LG is determined that it has ticked absolutely every box. Fit? Covered, with innovative new ear tips offering solid pas
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For a first step on the smart streaming ladder, you could do a lot worse than going Roku. This is highly affordable, manages a solid 4K HDR picture and, critically, is unbiased. While Roku now offers its own programming, the voice search on its remot
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5 Essential Add-ons
While it’s not the cheapest charger out there, this is pretty much perfect for juicing up your true wireless buds. Not only does it offer 5W Qi charging, it also has a 5,000mAh in-built battery, making it the ideal last resort when even your case is
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Hit The Right Notes
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If you’re picking up a next-gen console, you need a next-gen TV to go with it. The Q90T gives you an ultra-low 11ms input lag, supports VFR, auto low-latency, HDMI 2.1 – everything the PS5 and Xbox Series X demand to look their best. It’s super-brigh
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From £5.99/month, netflix.com Those not quite ready to move on from Halloween or in need of a dark counterweight to all those joyous offerings should enjoy hunkering down to this Japanese dark drama. Mother is about a boy whose dangerously codependen
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Money No Object
We admit this might be a little niche, but if you’re a Leica-owning photographer who spends their weekends photographing polar bears or climbing mountains, this is undoubtedly the jacket for you. It’s designed to be worn in extreme weather, but also
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Rugged, waterproof, and plenty clever, the Pawfit 2 allows you to track your dog’s movements both to see how healthy they are and to work out just where they’ve run off to now. If they do get lost, program in a voice message for anyone that might fin
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From £5.99/month, disneyplus.com At this point, we don’t know much about what will happen in the second season of the popular Star Wars show. What we do know is that it’ll pick up where it left off, with the Mandalorian now tasked with reuniting the
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The Hottest Timepieces Right Now
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The amount of tech Oral B is able to cram into something so small is quite unreal. Here it mixes an oscillating head with micro vibrations, includes a linear magnetic drive to focus cleaning energy right on the tips of its bristles, applies a smart p
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Amazon Prime Video
Included with £79 Amazon Prime membership, amazon.co.uk We’re never running out of horror anthologies to watch, but Welcome to the Blumhouse takes the genre to another level by taking the full-length film route. It offers viewers suspense-filled offe
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Back On Track
Fitness trackers and running watches are most usually worn on the wrist and therefore provide information based on how one side of the body moves. This information is analysed and extrapolated by the algorithms in the watch to ‘guess’ how the rest of
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The chunky Instinct Solar is both a practical and useful multi-sports watch made for the outdoors, and one of the best monochrome smart watches you can get because of its outrageous battery life. Garmin’s innovative Power Glass trickle-charges the ba
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