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Quick–fire Questions & Answers
HOW TO REMOVE AN APP FROM THE APP LIBRARY? As of iOS/iPadOS 15.4, you can’t remove an app from the App Library without deleting it altogether. All apps installed, even those offloaded to iCloud, are automatically added to the App Library. Touch and h
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Lila’s Sky Ark
$14.99 From Needs OS X 10.10 or later Lila’s Sky Ark is a psychedelic pixel art adventure where your protagonist, Lila, has to… well, that’s not immediately clear at the start. You run around the brightly colored world, throwing o
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Creating Guitarists For More Than 50 Years
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AS WE’VE MENTIONED, the iPad is a tremendously versatile device, but most iPad owners still need to buy an assortment of cables and adaptors in order to connect the iPad to other non–Apple devices. Apple makes its own range of cables and adaptors, wi
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Where To Back Up To?
It’s really important that you choose one option or the other. The most immediate difference between them is that backups made to iCloud use up some of your paid-for storage allowance. If you’re already using most of that and would need to increase y
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Long Live The Music
APPLE HAS OFFICIALLY discontinued the iPod, and the last of the line, the iPod touch, is now reported to be sold out in the US. However, we can take our music and other media with us on more devices than ever before, and Apple is bringing new feature
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Garmin Dash Cam 67W
There are currently three models in the Garmin Dash range that look almost identical, yet span a price range of $170 to $260. With 180-degree FOV and Vault storage, Garmin’s new cloud storage solution, this is the latest flagship 67W. Compact, matchb
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Hydra 2 > AI Camera
Free (IAPs), $11.99 for the full unlocked Pro Pack From Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Needs iOS 14.3 or later Your iPhone’s Camera app is designed to automatically capture true colors and tonal detail in a scene. However, you may wan
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The Taptic Engine
The Magic Trackpad doesn’t have any buttons or moving parts, but you can still feel — and hear — the trackpad ‘click’ when you press it. This technology is known as haptic feedback, and it enables devices such as trackpads to create the sensation of
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The Ultimate Photos App Superguide
+ ALSO INSIDE… The Apple interface The past, present and future of interface design — from the computer that inspired Steve Jobs, to neomorphism The beginner’s guide to Contacts Are you getting the most out of Apple’s address book? … and much more! C
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Choose Your Size
THERE ARE NOW four different iPad models available, ranging from the 8.3–inch iPad mini to the 12.9–inch iPad Pro. So the first thing to do when buying a new iPad is simply to decide on the screen size that you need. The iPad mini’s compact design is
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JBL Flip 6
JBL’s Flip 6 is designed to be taken anywhere including to the beach or the pool, with an IP67 water and dust–proof rating that means it can be immersed in water up to 3 feet with no ill effects. It charges over USB–C and a cable is provided in the b
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Which Processor?
THE CPU — CENTRAL processing unit — is the heart of any computing device, providing the speed and power that it needs to perform a variety of tasks. For many years, the iPad was limited in power compared to the various desktop and laptop Macs, as the
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Best Monitors For $350 And Under
PICKING A MONITOR to compliment your Mac or MacBook is incredibly important. You may be spending hours in front of it, so you want something that offers bright colors without causing eyestrain, while high resolutions and larger screen sizes can give
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Use Dynamic Links In IWork
THE HUMBLE LINK has lots of different uses, and they are employed to great effect in Apple’s Pages, Numbers, and Keynote applications. You can use them for tasks as simple as directing your reader to a web page or opening an email with the address fi
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GREAT REASONS TO SUBSCRIBE Save money • Never miss an issue • Get every issue delivered to your door To order go to or call 1-844-779-2822 and mention code B2HMAG TERMS AND CONDITIONS Savings based off the US newsst
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Apple Magic Trackpad
FOR ALL ITS LEGENDARY DESIGN SKILLS, Apple has made some truly terrible mistakes with its mice (and keyboards) over the years. The infamous ‘hockey puck’ mouse was a laughing stock back in 1998, and even today the current Magic Mouse is marred by App
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Power Scientific Research
THE WORLD IS full of complex scientific problems, with even more thrown into the mix thanks to Covid. Even at the planet’s foremost research facilities, the process of solving these issues can be slow, and helping out can obviously seem like an impos
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News In Brief
TAP TO PAY ARRIVES? We reported in Mac|Life #192 that Apple has announced Tap to Pay on iPhone, which makes it possible to accept Apple Pay and contactless card payments on an iPhone with no additional hardware required. A video shared on Twitter sho
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Do More With Shortcuts
ONCE YOU’VE MASTERED the basics of choosing shortcuts from the Gallery, running them, creating your own and sharing with others, you’re ready to dig deeper. The shortcuts we’ve discussed so far are simple, with only a few actions and limited inputs.
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More Amazing Things To Do
Safari Extensions and content blockers can completely transform your online experience. Vinegar ($1.99) strips the ads from YouTube and gives you more control over how videos play. Adblock Plus (Free) gets rid of pop–ups and other irritations, Social
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Apple No Longer #1 – Or Is It?
APPLE IS NO longer the most valuable company in the world. Following its warning to investors about the risks from component supply constraints, which it said could mean a revenue hit of $4bn to $8bn in the current quarter, Apple’s share price tumble
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New Features From Apple
FIND OUT ABOUT THE LATEST FEATURES IN iOS AND iPADOS 15 iOS AND iPADOS 15.4 were significant updates that introduced a host of new features. Among them are Face ID while wearing a mask, Tap to Pay on iPhone, improved SharePlay integration, Shortcuts
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Anker 521 Portable Power Station
Anker has used Lithium batteries in its 521 power station to create the most portable model in its series. At just under 10lb in weight, it nonetheless has a cell capacity of 256Wh and is convenient enough to take on a trip without it feeling like to
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HERE AT MAC|LIFE we believe you should only buy the things that you really need, which is why our Reviews section is so important to us, and you. We don’t want you to waste time and money on inferior products, and while we aim to include only the bes
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Big News — Smart Reader
Free (IAPs) From Made for iPhone, iPad Needs iOS 15 or later Email newsletters are back. One of the earliest forms of online marketing has been transformed into a publishing model in its own right. Big News seeks to capitalize on tha
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Treblab Z7–pro
$159.97 From Features ANC, touch control, ear detection These active noise–canceling (ANC) headphones offer the latest in over–ear headphone technology — responsive touch controls, auto–pause through on–ear detection, awareness mode, and
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Center Stage
As well as updating the iPad’s front camera to significantly improve the quality of video calls, the current iPad range can all use Apple’s brilliant Center Stage feature too. Center Stage uses machine learning technology to automatically pan the cam
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HyperX SoloCast
$99.99 From Features Tap–to–Mute sensor, boom arm and mic stand threading The HyperX SoloCast is an inexpensive way to upgrade the way you sound in meetings or on your Discord channel. It’s compact enough to place anywhere, and it ca
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