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52 Lazy, Crazy, Steamy, Dreamy, Delicious Days Of Summer
Some of your favorite shows may have ended for the season, but that doesn’t mean you need to take to your hammock until September. Summer is the perfect time to discover new favorites as well as catch up on all of the series, books, and mini-adventur
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Why Queer as Folk Matters
THIS SUMMER IS A MILESTONE for the LGBTQ community: the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots that sparked the modern gay rights movement. So there’s no better time to reflect on the groundbreaking drama Queer as Folk, which was based on a British
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Criminal Mind
You took over as showrunner from Edward Allen Bernero, a former cop. How did you manage to fill his shoes? Ed and our FBI consultants brought the unique perspective of having chased offenders, which was vital. I’ve also got family in law enforcement.
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Chemistry Lessons
THERE’S ONLY ONE THING THAT showcases a great actor better than a wonderful role, and that’s playing the role opposite another great actor. Whether they’re portraying professional or personal partnerships, these actor pairings bring sizzle to our sum
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Class Act
"I love deep conversations." Carrie Ann Inaba says warmly, motioning for a visitor to settle on her dressing room couch, a cozy white two-seater flocked with fluffy pillows and fit for a gab-until-dawn slumber party. “I could have them all day long.”
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Sleuth Sayer
WHEN THE CBS DRAMA ELEMENTARY DEBUTED IN 2012, it was not a guarantee that the public would embrace a modern version of Sherlock Holmes, starring Jonny Lee Miller as the curmudgeonly sleuth and Lucy Liu as Watson. But then came the hefty satchel of s
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Location Location Location
THE RAIN POURING DOWN ON TANGIER LATE ONE AFTERNOON last winter left the cast and crew of Blood & Treasure ankle-deep in water and up to their ears in an unexpected production quandary. The Moroccan coastal city was supposed to double for balmy Havan
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Man ’Splaining
HE WASN’T THE SEXIEST man in the world. He wasn’t the handsomest. And no one claimed he was the smartest. But being “The Most Interesting Man in the World” was enough to turn a beer pitchman into one of Madison Avenue’s funniest, most liked, and most
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The Kids Are ALL Right
ALTHOUGH IT MAY SOUND POSITIVELY prehistoric to young iPad devotees, Instagrammers, and Fortnite fans, there was a time not so long ago when Saturday morning was all about our favorite TV shows. And yes, while some of those shows were literally prehi
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Marry. Cheat. Kill.
WITH QUIETUDE AND SOUL (THOSE empathy-filled eyes!), Sam Jaeger, 42, has become a beloved perennial in our living rooms and cinemas over many years now. Most famous as “super husband” Joel Graham on Parenthood, the Ohio native has worked with three o
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Laura Chinn’s Clearwater
THE PREMISE BEHIND LAURA CHINN’S Florida Girls is a case of “write what you know.” Chinn moved from California to Florida when she was 9, then looped back to the Golden State to pursue acting at age 20. “I fully love all things Florida. Even when I p
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On the Page
In this latest of the best-selling FBI Thriller series, agents Savich and Sherlock are solving their most twisted case yet, involving a missing CIA analyst and a kidnapper with powerful connections. For nearly a decade, Taddeo followed three American
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Do the Fight Thing
EVEN BEFORE SHE TRIED out for the lead role in The Outpost, Jessica Green was working out like a warrior. “I’d been training at Heartbreak Conditioning, a mixed martial arts gym in Australia—the same gym that produces UFC fighter Mark Hunt,” says Gre
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Ware with All
IF YOU’VE NEVER SPENT A LONG WEEKEND devouring a Ruth Ware thriller on a hammock, this is the summer to start. Her fifth novel, The Turn of the Key, is set in the Scottish Highlands and is as compulsively readable as you would expect a Ware book to b
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Gimme Shelter
THE RESCUE DOGS THAT BRANDON McMillan trains for new “forever” homes get put through a training regimen that would exhaust a young Bruce Lee. “These dogs eat, sleep, and breathe training,” says McMillan, who for the last five years has been the host
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24 Hours With … Nancy O’Dell
I set two alarms. One is across the room so I’m forced to get up. My daughter, Ashby, who’s 12, is still asleep. So are our three dogs, Shih Tzu Penny and Yorkies Buttercup and Jewels—or P, B & J, as we call them. This is my sacred quiet-house time.
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Match Point
FORTUNE MAY TYPICALLY favor the bold, but that certainly wasn’t the case at the spring fashion shows. Makeup artists who usually revel in a shout of fuchsia lips or a bolt of electric-bright eyeliner chose to soften things up a bit this season with s
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Michelle Yeoh
IN THE PEAK OF SUMMER’S SIZZLE, THERE’S a refreshing chill being felt in the air. Ice blue is the season’s coolest, most alluring color—and when cocktailed with ultrafeminine fabrics like chiffon and lace, the look exudes the kind of fairy-tale glamo
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In the Stars
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAN CAIN! The Masters of Illusion host’s astrology chart combines spectacular charisma with a dedicated work ethic and a powerful ambition. His sun is in fiery and colorful Leo, the quintessential performer. His moon is in single-min
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Shore Things
Who says you have to go completely barefaced at the beach or pool? A thin flick of aqua blue liquid liner along your top lids adds a wink of flirty color without looking makeup-y. And this one’s waterproof, so it’ll stay put right up through sunset c
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Fashion and Photo Credits
Cover The women of Criminal Minds: On Brewster: Dress by Simone Rocha. Shoes by Stuart Weitzman. On Cook: Vintage trench coat by Versace. Shoes by Fendi. Earrings by Jagger and Co. On Tyler: Dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Shoes by Alexander McQueen. Jewel
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Beaming Beauty
MAKEUP ITEM THAT’S ALWAYS IN YOUR BAG: I carry a selection of lip liners and lipsticks with me at all times, in case I unexpectedly head somewhere smart. I find a plum lip can dress up even the most casual attire. STYLE SIGNATURE: I tend to be all ov
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7 Things That Make Me Smile
Talking Heads’ “This Must Be the Place” is a song that makes me happy. It’s quirky—just like me. I collect perfume because the bottles look beautiful and smell amazing. I have a vintage bottle that currently doesn’t have a scent in it. The glass is p
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The Rad Pack
THIS SUMMER, IT SEEMS fashion designers are less interested in the surf and more into what’s happening on the turf. After a couple of years of drawing inspiration from surfer culture, they turned their attention toward a different kind of board sport
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“Low tech, high concept” is how photographer Robert Trachtenberg (“The End of the Line,” p. 66) describes the movie magic of his photo shoot with the Criminal Minds cast: “We took a bunch of broken-down railroad cars in the Valley and made it look li
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