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A Fighting Chance
The pandemic is having untold reverberations throughout different cross-sections of society, upending healthcare systems and sending economies into a tailspin, but an unintended upshot is a reduction in air pollution. As people the world over hunker
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Tales From a Tank Test
Computer simulations have come a long way for naval architects in the past several years, but nothing can replace a traditional tank test when it comes to truly understanding a given hull design’s performance before the full-size vessel is built. On
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It’s Electric
Dometic’s Optimus Electric Steering Actuator represents a major change to a critical system, and I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to call it the future of outboard steering. I installed Dometic’s electric steering on my 22-foot center console, and
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Sabre 58 Salon Express
One thing about the new Sabre 58 Salon Express—just a glance and you know you’re in the presence of New England design sensibility. Maybe it’s the long, portlight-arrayed trunk cabin or the ever-so-subtly upswept sheerline. Or maybe it’s the fine, lo
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Pursuit Sport 378
Once I’d finished touring Pursuit’s Sport 378 at the Miami Boat Show earlier this year, it seemed pretty clear to me—Chris Gratz and company had a hand (and most likely a wholly dominant one) in the creation of this sleek new cruise-worthy fishboat.
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Protector’s Targa Line
Protector Boats boldly run into rough seas that would send many weathered boaters home. The New Zealand builder began manufacturing high-performance rigid-hull inflatable boats for the Coast Guard in the mid-90s, but with proven seakeeping ability, t
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Sunseeker Predator 60 Evo
The first thing you’ll probably notice when you step aboard this new Sunseeker is the roof—or the lack of it. It’s clearly a hardtop model, but with the gigantic carbon-fiber sunroof open, there’s not much evidence of that. Add the huge side windows
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Uniesse Exuma HTC5
Plenty of boats claim to do it all, but many have yet to convince buyers, who opt for vessels specifically tailored to their needs. Uniesse hopes to change that with the Exuma HTC5, which should stand out among other multi-purpose yachts in its size
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Aquila 54
Sporting a 25-foot, 2-inch beam, the Aquila 54 power catamaran is not lacking when it comes to room for long-distance cruising and entertaining. Everything about this boat is spacious: The flybridge features an outdoor kitchen and room for toys, the
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Sea to Summit
My orange vest flows easily around me. A hard hat rests snugly atop my head. I feel my heart rate elevate with each step up the narrow path as I watch the back of the man in front of me and remember some time-honored advice: Don’t look down. We’re cl
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Sirena 88
You can tell just by looking at the Sirena 88 that there’s a lot of boat in there. Note the plumb bow and the raised foredeck and wheelhouse, not to mention its dizzying height. It’s obvious that the designer started out by imagining something huge,
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Unsung Heroes of Yacht Design
When boat nuts meet up and talk about powerboat designers—yeah, we’re kind of nerdy that way—a few big names always pop up: Jack Hargrave, Frank Huckins, Tom Fexas and, of course, C. Raymond Hunt. But there are a heck of a lot of other designers who
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Tank Tested
Boating feels far away. It’s a chilly February morning in Hoboken, New Jersey, and it’s still a few months before we’re back on the water in the Northeast, a few months before the wind is whistling in our ears as our boats pound through familiar Atla
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Legacy Maker
My Mount Rushmore of most notable boats is a select group. While not yet set in stone, my working list includes the Bertram 31, JFK’s Honey Fitz, Hatteras’s pioneering Knit-Wits and Hemingway’s Pilar. So, suffice it to say that when I heard that Whee
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A Sailing Story
It’s a common yarn that the two best days of a boater’s life are the day they buy a boat and the day they sell it. I can now say with certainty that that’s bullshit. Buying the boat was way more fun. This is where I need to make a confession: My firs
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From a Boatyard With Love
At a boat show many years ago, I overheard two executives from a major boatbuilder, one whose boats you’d probably like to own, lament the loss of first-time yacht buyers because of bad experiences with boatyards. Builders rely on buyers moving up in
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Movin’ On
Here’s the problem or, should I say, problems—the finger pier alongside the Betty Jane II is just about wide enough to accommodate a skinny, pigeon-toed, surefooted dachshund. And, unless there is an especially high tide, the drop to Betty’s cockpit
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48 Wallytender X
I always enjoy visiting Ferretti’s American headquarters in Ft. Lauderdale. Its main showroom, which encompasses slips filled with stylish, Italian-built vessels, has eye-catching European décor—and an espresso bar. Before my sea trial on the new 48
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Nefarious Activities
It was May 3, aka day 49 of our “Fifteen Day” quarantine. Like everyone else, I was having a long spring, going to the office every day on the coast of Lake Michigan but watching all the big stuff around me being closed, canceled and canned. Aside fr
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Ocean Alexander 45 Divergence Coupe
As we idled up to Alabama Jacks, the famous waterside restaurant in Key Largo, dozens of patrons turned to stare at our ride. Some snapped cell phone photos and one yelled out, “Hey, what kind of boat is that?” “It’s an Ocean Alexander,” the captain
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Invictus GT 280S
As a point of editorial pride, I don’t steal sentences from other writers, but I’m going to break every rule and quote my friend Dennis Caprio who wrote in this magazine: “If the Invictus 280 GT were a dog, she’d be a Staffordshire bull terrier—aggre
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Tiara 43 LE
Tiara turned heads around … and around … and around at the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale boat show thanks to first-of-its-kind 360-degree rotating cockpit seating on their 38 LS. Able to shift from watching the open water ahead or swimming children astern with
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MJM 3z
MJM Yachts may be rooted in their Down East heritage, but the company is continually evolving in order to bring the brand to a broader market. That evolution first manifested with outboard power on the 35z, and it continues to make waves with the bra
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Hunt 63
The Hinckley yard in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, is the antithesis of my previous few months. Alive and buzzing with activity, workers hustle from boat to boat. A refit Huckins is being lowered into the drink and a striking Talaria is getting engine wo
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A New Breed of Cat
The world’s fastest boats, whether powered by wind or fossil fuels, have one thing in common (well, multiple things actually): they’re multi-hulled catamarans. Why are catamarans faster? It boils down to hydrodynamics. Two slim hulls push less water
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The Wheel Man
At least that’s what I thought, having watched him defy physics and gravity for the last 20 years. Pastrana came onto the extreme sports scene as a teenager, just as this outlier of the sports world was gaining mass interest. He did things with a dir
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Leopard 53 Powercat
Bimini is the closest Bahamian island to South Florida—around 50 nautical miles from Ft. Lauderdale—and offers a sampling of everything the island nation has to offer. Friendly people, fun beach bars, conch fritters and pigeon peas, great fishing and
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If Not Now, When?
The pandemic has put the boat-buying rule book through the shredder. Times are uncertain. The market dips and spikes with news—good or bad—about a vaccine. Quarantine fatigue is boiling over onto the stove. Airlines and hotels continue to be pummeled
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Stranger Things
A giant fracas started the whole thing off. I said I’d be wearing a face mask during the sea trial, but the boat company folks said they wouldn’t—they’d made it thus far through the pandemic without masks, so why start now? Wailing and gnashing of te
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