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ECS Liva Z3 Plus: Affordable Mini PC
The ECS Liva Z3 Plus may not look like much of a system, but packed inside this not-quite-palm-size device is a Core i5 desktop capable of running office tasks with ease. The model seen here is held back by its skimpy 4GB of standard onboard RAM, but
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Locast: Inexpensive Local TV Streaming
Due to the way live TV video-streaming services obtain streaming rights for cable channels, most subscriptions cost as much as a traditional cable bill. Many people end up paying for channels they don’t want to watch, too, which partially defeats the
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Golden Frog VyprVPN: The Latest VPN Tech
Your antivirus may protect your computer, but a VPN protects your computer where it touches the internet, sending your web traffic from your computer to the internet via an impenetrable tunnel. Golden Frog VyprVPN has a robust offering of servers acr
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Spellbreak (for PC): Engaging (and Free) Battle Royale
I don’t like fantasy. Game of Thrones? Lord of the Rings? World of Warcraft? Nope, not for me. I also don’t like battle royale games. Whether it’s the realism of PUBG or the wackiness of Fortnite, I find games where you compete to be the last one sta
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Fastest Mobile Networks: We’re Still on the Road
We launched our annual Fastest Mobile Networks testing in 2010, but 2020 is the year we almost missed. In March, it quickly became clear that life was not going to be normal for a while, and our traditional testing wasn’t going to happen. In prior te
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Should You Upgrade to a 5G Phone?
For our 11th year of speed testing major wireless networks across the country, we drove to 26 US cities to see if 5G lives up to the hype. The answer: not quite yet. While Verizon regains the title of fastest mobile network in our first nationwide 4G
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Intel Launches 11th Generation Core ‘Tiger Lake’ Laptop Processors
Intel’s next-generation Tiger Lake processors, unveiled this week, will bring refined artificial intelligence processing and dramatically improved graphics performance to new premium ultraportable laptops this fall. A total of nine Tiger Lake configu
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Do UV Light Phone Sanitizers Really Work?
The best ways to protect yourself against COVID-19 and other contagious illnesses include frequent hand washing, social distancing, and using appropriate personal protective equipment such as masks. If you’re looking to take your precautionary game t
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Intel ‘Iris Xe’ Is Here: 5 Ways Intel’s Powerful New Integrated Graphics Will Change Laptops
In early September, Intel pulled back the curtain on its 11th generation of mobile processors, known by the code name “Tiger Lake.” The first chips will appear as members of the long-running U-series of processors, designed for mainstream and ultrapo
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How to Get Hard-to-Find Electronics
It’s getting difficult, if not impossible, to find certain electronics items. And high on the list of in-demand items are laptops; even schools can’t get them. Low-range PCs of any size and shape are selling out, as are low-cost Chromebooks. Printers
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Hands On With the LG Wing: The Most Useful Dual-Screen Phone?
Ergonomics isn’t everything, but it’s a lot. The swiveling LG Wing has the most standard “phone” form factor of this year’s crop of amazing, expanding phones, giving you a dual-screen experience without feeling too chunky, wide, or weird in your hand
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How to Share Files Between Android Devices With Nearby Share
Do you own an Android device? A new feature from Google called Nearby Share lets you send photos, videos, and files to fellow Android users. As long as the devices are within a certain range, you can transfer any type of file. Nearby Share also taps
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The LG Wing Makes the iPhone 12 Look Boring
They fold. They flip. They swing. The weird phones are back, and I couldn’t be happier. After a decade of identical, featureless glass blocks, we’re seeing a slew of odd-looking, freshly formed smartphones popping onto the market. The Samsung Galaxy
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Survey: 64% of Parents Say They Received Little or No Tech Support for Remote Learning Last School Year
Distance learning is the new reality thrust upon most US parents and guardians by the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine. Before the new 2020-2021 school year kicked off, we conducted a survey to ask people what they’ve been dealing (and struggling) wi
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Consoles, Mobile, and PCs Have Merged: The Gaming Singularity Is Here
Nothing screams dystopia more than two massive corporations conscripting their massive audiences into a petty legal war. No viewer should care which studio controls which Marvel movie rights. No consumer should take a side in the ongoing war between
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This Technology Could Transform Humanity, If Silicon Valley Doesn’t Ruin It
A recent article in The Guardian stirred up a lot of excitement—and a little fear—on social media. The reason: The initial draft was reportedly written by GPT-3, OpenAI’s new text generator. Since its beta release, GPT-3, an artificial intelligence s
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Motorola Razr 5G: A Huge Improvement
Motorola revolutionized the mobile phone industry in 2004 when it launched the Razr. Almost overnight, the sleek clamshell phone became a status symbol and gained a dedicated following until Apple’s iPhone and a host of other smartphones hit the mark
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Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1: Affordable and Fun
The Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1 is as simple—and fun—to use as any other Instax camera. It’s a pure point-and-shoot, easy enough to pass off to a friend for a snapshot, and its wide-angle lens makes for solid selfies. If you’re looking for a square-fo
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Microsoft Surface Duo: Not Entirely Successful
The Microsoft Surface popularized a new category: the 2-in-1 PC. Now the company is hoping to do the same thing on a smaller scale with the Surface Duo, a phone-tablet that tries to enable those multitasking, productive workflows that never quite hap
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Lenovo ThinkPad T14s: A Mostly Spectacular Success
The ThinkPad T series has been Lenovo’s quintessential bread-and-butter business laptop for years, offered in both Intel and AMD flavors in models landing both above and below the 3-pound mark. At 2.8 pounds, the new ThinkPad T14s is one of the light
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Asus VivoBook Flip 14: Raw CPU Performance
The Asus VivoBook Flip 14 is an all-around capable convertible laptop powered by AMD. The Ryzen 7 processor in our test model is the laptop’s best feature, delivering better performance than its competitors. The VivoBook Flip 14’s build is adequate (
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Samsung Goes Big on Power, Size, and 5G With Galaxy Note20, Note20 Ultra
Are you ready to get to work? Samsung’s new Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra phones are refinements on the Galaxy S20 lineup that add an S Pen stylus, fix some notorious camera issues, and link up better with your Windows 10 PC. The Note20 start
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What to Do When Your Laptop Has No Sound
There’s nothing like cranking up some tunes to keep your momentum going during the workday. But if your laptop speakers aren’t working, it can really kill your groove. Here’s how to troubleshoot your PC when you aren’t getting any sound. While many o
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Your Personal Health Data Is Not Safe
Electronic medical records are an incredible boon to healthcare. When necessary, doctors can obtain important information such as your allergies, medical history, and known conditions, which can make all the difference in an emergency. But letting th
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10 Things Every Parent With a Connected Kid Needs to Know
Parents reading this story probably remember life before the internet—but your kids don’t. Internet access is just a given to them. Turn on the tap, you get water. Turn on the internet, you get cat videos, intense games, conversations with friends… j
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The Election Meddling Is Coming From Inside the (White) House
In late July, Donald Trump questioned on Twitter whether the US should delay the presidential election “until people can properly, securely and safely vote.” Were Trump not President of the United States, the tweet might stand as just another example
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Working Longer Hours During Quarantine? You’re Not Alone
Many Americans have been working from home since March, and the arrangement is making it difficult for some to maintain a work-life balance, according to data from Microsoft. Using its Microsoft 365 workplace data tool, Workplace Analytics, Microsoft
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Neo Geo at 30: The Big Red Machine’s Legacy Lives On
The Neo Geo Multi Video System, also known as the Neo Geo MVS, had a low-key arcade profile, despite its blaring red-and-white color scheme. Most 1990s-era arcade machines continued the 1980s tradition of flamboyant cabinet art by featuring their in-
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