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Pompeii Dig Unearths Fighting Fresco In 'Gladiators' Tavern'
A well-preserved fresco depicting fighting gladiators has been unearthed by archaeologists in the ancient Roman city of Pompeii. The scene is of the end of a fight between two types of gladiator – a murmillo and a Thracian – where one wins and the ot
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I Was Proud My Literature Award. Then Came The Talk Of ‘Box-ticking’ | Chitra Ramaswamy
It’s clear that the publishing world needs more diversity. Why do some see this as compromising quality?
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'First World War's Pompeii': Burial For British Soldiers Found In Flemish Field
Ceremony marks end of archaeological dig that unearthed web of tunnels and remains of 110 men
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In Its Insatiable Pursuit Of Power, Silicon Valley Is Fuelling The Climate Crisis | Rebecca Solnit
Big tech isn’t interested in a better world, just a more profitable one. To beat it, we need to break its stranglehold on us
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Breaking The Mould: Leo Varadkar Is No Typical Irish Politician
When Boris Johnson was foreign secretary he allegedly asked his staff about Leo Varadkar: “Why isn’t he called Murphy like all the rest of them?” It was presumably a joke – and not greatly appreciated when the leaked remark reached Dublin. But Johnso
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What I Learned From My Year Of Reading Outside The Box | Afua Hirsch
As a Booker prize judge, I encountered stories I would never have consciously sought out, and it was wonderful
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The Big Polluters’ Masterstroke Was To Blame The Climate Crisis On You And Me | George Monbiot
Fossil fuel giants have known the harm they do for decades. But they created a system that absolves them of responsibility
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If You Are Under 34, You Have Never Experienced A Month Of Below Average Temperatures | Greg Jericho
This week has seen a mass worldwide protest on climate change. The Extinction Rebellion is playing for keeps, and the protesters are setting out to make noise and force politicians and authorities to deal with them. If you think those protesting are
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From Emperors To Inventors: The Unsung Heroes To Celebrate In Black History Month
Black academics and cultural commentators pick eight watershed moments and fearless people we should be remembering this month
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Born To Make You Flappy: Why Pop Is Obsessed With Wings
The new Charlie’s Angels video marks the return of a pop staple. Here we chart its feathered history
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Idi Amin's Mastery Of Media Revealed In Newly Published Photos
Photos taken by official photographers show how Ugandan dictator exploited media ‘to amplify ego and political will’
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The 12-week Pregnancy Rule Makes The Pain Of Miscarriage Worse | Katy Lindemann
The secrecy around early pregnancy means that many women grieve in private, weighed down by feelings of guilt and failure
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How Does Diplomatic Immunity Work?
The death of the teenager Harry Dunn in a Northamptonshire road traffic collision in August involving Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat, has focused attention on the peculiar legal status of diplomatic immunity. It is the protection given unde
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Jonathan Safran Foer: I’ve Got No Beef With His Plan To Save The Planet | Rebecca Nicholson
Jonathan Safran Foer published Eating Animals in 2009. I didn’t read it until 2015, because I had a feeling that it would be persuasive and I would have to stop eating meat, which I found delicious, especially buttery, white-bread ham sandwiches and
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How Canada’s Far Right Is Using Anti-Muslim Propaganda To Target Trudeau
Anti-Trudeau conspiracies are being disseminated in earnest ahead of the general election, echoing US ‘birthers’, who alleged Obama was ineligible for office or was secretly a Muslim
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Man Of Mysteries: Yang Hengjun, His Spy Fiction And China’s Accusations Of Espionage
The Australian blogger has faced protracted interrogations, his hands and feet shackled as he is repeatedly told he faces execution
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Why The World Needs An IMF For The Climate Crisis | Keston K Perry
Just like after 1945, a new dawn of international bodies is required – this time to protect and empower the global south
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Ballers To Honey Boo Boo: Pop Culture Tastes Of The Democratic Candidates
After Pete Buttigieg revealed his affection for Rebel Wilson comedies, what can we learn from the film, music and TV choices of the other presidential possibilities?
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How The Alt-right Co-opted The OK Hand Sign To Fool The Media
The media has been manipulated by extremists but focusing on the victims offers journalists a way to redress the balance
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In The Twisted Story Of Eugenics, The Bad Guy Is All Of Us | Angela Saini
Francis Galton is rightly criticised for advancing this immoral, racist non-science. But remember, his ideas were mainstream
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132,000 Descendants Of Expelled Jews Apply For Spanish Citizenship
Application deadline passes under law designed to atone for 15th-century ‘historical wrong’
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The Women Taking The Plastic Out Of Periods
Sanitary products litter Europe’s beaches, and 200,000 tonnes a year end up in UK landfill. Meet the people fighting for ‘environmenstrual’ alternatives
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'Things Are Getting Unstable': Global Heating And The Rise Of Rockfalls In Swiss Alps
As Switzerland’s glaciers melt, dangerous rockfalls become more likely and towns are forced to live under an existential threat
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Silence Still Surrounds The Murder Of My Fiance, Jamal Khashoggi. Who Will Speak Up? | Hatice Cengiz
A year on, no action has been taken about the killing. The Trump administration has much to answer for
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'War For Survival': Brazil’s Amazon Tribes Despair As Land Raids Surge Under Bolsonaro
Activists say onslaught has intensified as illegal loggers and land-grabbers take the president’s verbal offensive against indigenous communities as a green light to act
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One In Five UK Doctors 'Suffers Or Witnesses' Sexual Harassment
One in five doctors has been sexually harassed or witnessed it at work, with offences including explicit text messages or emails or being groped, propositioned or repeatedly asked to go on a date, a survey has found. The perpetrators are mostly patie
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Greta Thunberg’s Defiance Unsettles The Patriarchy – Wonderful | Suzanne Moore
The 16-year-old climate-emergency activist refuses to kowtow to old men, and it has left them squirming
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Chile Under Fire Over Treasure Hunter's Plan To Unearth Legendary Pirate Hoard
Archaeologists and environmentalists condemn proposal to use heavy machinery to seek 18th-century trove
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Eddie Murphy Shows You Can Evolve, Apologise – And Still Be Funny
A 30-year-old video of George Carlin is proof some standups have long understood the ugliness of attacking underdogs. It’s a lesson many current comics are learning
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Why Europe’s New Populists Tell So Many Lies – And Do It So Shamelessly | Catherine Fieschi
From Matteo Salvini to Boris Johnson, populist politicians brazenly distort the truth. Don’t think they do it to be believed
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