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Mature Optimism: Balancing Beauty, Tragedy and Hope in a Complicated World
— As we think about the transition into a new year, I have to ask myself: will this one be better? One of my Facebook friends is always posting about how we should be positive and always have a good attitude. He says that “we create our own reality”
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Thank you, Father (a Love Story, of Sorts)
— My father and I had many disagreements. He was a wonderful father, but sometimes, to assert my independence, I would disagree with him for no good reason. We always had a good relationship, but there were tensions. Tonight, for reasons I cannot fat
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7 Ways to Release Grief from Your Body
— After a sudden and traumatic loss a few years ago, my grief and shock first expressed themselves through my body: I couldn’t stop shuddering. This shaking was so bad that even once I could sleep again, it woke me at night. So I didn’t need bestsell
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HLGBTQ+: When Will the Discussion End?
— Once upon time there was a planet in which the inhabitants were either blue or white. Blues were either inclined toward whites or blues. And whites were inclined toward whites or blues. And then there were the blues who liked both blues and whites
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Breath, Your Brain And The Power To Change
— Breathing, we do it every moment of every day and yet most of us just take it for granted. We see breathing as a binary process, either I’m breathing (and therefore alive) or I’m not breathing (and therefore in danger or already dead). But a little
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No Man Left Behind: Growing from vs. Separating from Our Past
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes — I was talking with a new friend yesterday, we talked about all the things I love talking about. Yoga, health, philosophy, wellbeing, love, sex, god, relationships, trauma, drama, psychology and recreating one’s se
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Releasing The Mind: A Journey From Overthinking and Projection…to Peace
Estimated reading time: 9 minutes — I’ve always been someone who feels very deeply. A few years ago, I would have rephrased that statement with, “I’m someone who feels too deeply.” Most of my life I’ve tried to feel less in order to fit in with othe
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The Creative Hero’s Journey: 5 Reasons You Should Write Your Book, Paint Your Picture, Sing Your Song
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes — I used to be a professional disease hunter, a board-certified surgical pathologist. I was the M.D. in a white coat who stared at your skin (or breast, brain or bone, etc.) biopsy under the microscope and let your
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Making Sense and Finding Meaning in Broken Relationships
— Endlessly searching for love with all its nuances has been the story of my life. From a very young age into much of my adult life, I was driven by a seemingly insatiable need to understand and to find love, believing and hoping that true love that
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Moving Past Old Patterns Allows Us to Boldly Step into the Future
— Afraid of one’s self, one’s mind, one’s past and one’s patterns… aren’t we all a bit afraid of lapsing back into the persons we used to be? We work and learn and grow and change and then fall back into our old and outworn patterns of being… What is
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We Feel Only as Much Love as We Allow Ourselves to
— I never let myself receive love. Throughout all my life, with my own parents, my siblings, my friends and my lovers… there have been so many people who have loved me and yet I barely felt any of it. I never let myself receive love because I didn’t
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A Yoga Practice for Forgiveness
— Whether we need to forgive ourselves or others, it’s important that we process our healing not just in our minds, but in our bodies. So much of our past trauma and lived experience is held in the physical body. In the yoga tradition it is believed
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It’s Personal: A Reflection on Grief
— Sitting on the sturdy plastic church chair on the end of one of several rectangular tables, I watched — or, rather, allowed my eyeballs to take in — a slideshow of pictures, most of which were from his childhood. Small Danny, often wearing a tie an
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Saying Goodbye to Sara
— We never really know when it will be the last time we talk to someone, the last time we see them, the last hug. The time was 2:23pm. Or there about. It’s hard to pinpoint the precise time when you’re in that deep sleep state where time seems not to
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Lost And Found: Bewilderment As An Invitation To Transformation
— When I get lost while driving in the Hudson Valley — which is often — I usually welcome seeing a new place. When one of my two young daughters asks me a thought-stopping question (“Papa, are we indigenous people anywhere on the planet?” “Papa, do o
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How Not to Lose Your Temper: 3 Simple Tips to Reduce Anger and Calm Emotions
— You can feel it start. The anger is about to explode. You don’t want to lash out, but something inside you seems to be pushing you on. And before you know it, you find yourself shouting at a total stranger. The last year has been difficult for all
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Sleep Better… A Few Stretches for Bedtime
— Finally, the day is done and we make our way towards the bed, we crawl in… but no sleep comes. Sometimes the mind-body has trouble fully relaxing, the excitement (or stressors!) and memories of the day are still alive in our minds and active throug
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Go Ahead… Try Something New!
— When you have children, you often find yourself bringing new foods to the table with a smile that says, “Just try it.” Unfortunately, the only way to expand the palate is to introduce new textures and flavors a couple of times. One time does not a
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Emergence of a New World Order
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — The present situation in the world indicates that a new world order is on the verge of arising.  In spite of the apparent contradictions and incongruities that are more evident than ever on the surface of society,
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Following My Heart: A Journey of Transformation & Evolution of Purpose
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes — It was end of June 2002 when my beloved grandmother passed away. She was ninety-nine years old and a profound inspiration in my life. She not only taught me about courage and grace but she made it possible for me
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The Art of Self-Surrender
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — Surrendering is a unique and bizarre experience. Sometimes you don’t have any choice in the matter; life humbles and expands you in such a way that what little resistance there was inside of you fades on its own.
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Your Gut-Brain Connection Might Explain your Anxiety… and Much More
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes — A little while after the pandemic hit, my psychotherapist friends got busier than ever. Their client roster has been full these past 16 months. Anxiety and depression have been a common diagnosis amongst many of t
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Feminism for the Ages: How My Great Grandmother Became a Character in My Novel
Estimated reading time: 11 minutes — In 1892, when my great-grandmother Mary Davies was 20 years old, she took a trip from Topeka, Kansas, to Pontardulais, the village in Wales where her immigrant father had grown up. In 1976, when I was 21, I trave
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Ready to Snap? 4 Ways to Cope with Parenting Stress
Estimated reading time: 5 minutes — Parenting should not be a self-sacrificing role. As I’ve written about it before, I strongly believe that helping kids grow into healthy, happy individuals requires healthy and happy parents. But, that’s not to sa
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Your Energy Body: The Little-Known Key to Stronger Intuition and a Happier Life
— The first significant portion of my life I lived as a skeptic. I wasn’t exposed to many aspects of spirituality. One plus one always equaled two and I was happy with that. When I opened up intuitively at the age of 31, as a result of my grandmother
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Loss, Love & Lessons: Finding Happiness Again After a Devastating Loss
Estimated reading time: 7 minutes — How do we survive loss? I had never been tested in this regard, and then I found myself in the middle of more than I could ever imagined. I wasn’t sure how to find my way through it all, or if I would be able to.
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Taking The Hand of The Unknown: A Journey From Addiction to Intuition
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes — I am a grateful person in long-term recovery. It has been a hard, bumpy road to here, but I can tell you one thing: intuition has been by my side through it all (even when I didn’t recognize it). For me, intuition
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Clearing the Path: Trusting Your Intuitive Tools To Guide You
Estimated reading time: 3 minutes — Your intuition is your lifeline — and you came into this world with it. It’s your connection to everything that is good and powerful — your connection to the divine. It’s your internal navigation system. It guides
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Aligning With Divine Intuition
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes — When you know, you know…however, allowing yourself to know is a different story. For me, intuition is allowing yourself to trust and express this spontaneous sense — this invisible knowingness. That is witnessing
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I Told You So: Accepting The Invitation To Align With My (Bossy) Intuitive Voice
Estimated reading time: 4 minutes — Intuition is that small voice in the back of my mind telling me when something is off, just right, or completely out of alignment. I like to think of it as a bossy, big sister who protects and guides my path; but
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