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Bright Lights, Covid City: Broadway in the Dark
— ‘Broadway in the Dark’ is an ode to the artists, theatres, industry and the city I call home — the one that has been put on hold during these unprecedented ‘dark’ days. And this feels personal because I am an actor, a photographer, a New Yorker. Th
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From Globetrotting to Grounded: An Exploration of Wild Foods and Connection
— Is it possible to be homesick, not for a place, but for the past? One of the central themes of my book, Feasting Wild: In Search of the Last Untamed Food, is the sense of nostalgia we might feel for a time when eating meant something different. Whe
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Politics: Palliative Care for a Curable Disease?
— How many politicians do you know who are actively committed to their own personal growth? How many do yoga, meditate or invest in healthy behavioural change? How many have resolved their own dysfunction, limiting beliefs, insecurities, unmet needs,
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Harvest Time: A Recipe for Roasted Corn & Cherry Tomato Salsa
— Grasping at those last rays of warm sunshine I admire the changing colors of the leaves. It is time to grab the season’s final harvest of delicious corn. The husks are still glowing and bright green.  When shopping for corn from the market (or any
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The Complex Rules for Raising Adult Children: From Protector to Guide
— Ask me how to take care of children. I got you. Ask me how to raise good people with manners. A mix of structure and praise does the trick. But ask me how to be the mother of two grown young men. I am clueless. There are about a million books that
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How to Create a Great Outdoor Workout
— Doing your workout outside has lots of great benefits. Did you know that if you exercise outdoors, you’re likely to burn more calories? Not only are you getting a hit of vitamin D from the sun, but your brain is also getting more oxygen. You’re als
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How to Take Control of Your Life and Begin Living Consciously
— Letting yourself drift through life can be tempting, especially if you find decisions hard to make. However, this approach denies you the greatest experiences life can offer. If you begin wondering why you’re unhappy with your circumstances, consid
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Real Talk: 6 Women Share How They’ve Been Navigating COVID-19
— I saw a meme today where number 13 goes, “I am the worst number.” 666 follows up with, “No, I am the worst number.” 2020 goes, “Bitches, please.” In March, we were scared for every single breath that left our body; by August, many have become desen
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The Age of Isolation: How Can We Manage It & What Can We Learn from It?
— I am convinced that, as we debated whether 2020 was the beginning of a new era, none of us expected it to be so life-changing. As our lives made a 180, we’ve been pushed into a reality of uncertainty and isolation. Detached from most of that which
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Animal Nature: An Invitation for Reclaiming, Untaming & Being
— Last week, I reached for Mary Oliver’s poem Wild Geese — you know the line, “Let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.” Something in me just needed to read it again. For the last six weeks, since the disappearance of my beloved cat Mila
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Give Me Your Pain: One Man’s Quest to Bear the Pain of Others’ and Heal His Own
— Usually, people think that I’m a strong, happy person…but behind my smiles they just don’t know how much I’m in pain and almost broken…” Pain. How can a person understand life when life was crushed before living it? And what about the crude impact
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Winning An Emotional Struggle with Partnership, Love and Self-Love
— Since a was a little girl I have been fed the vision of partnership. Unfortunately, it was a distorted vision. It was a vision that did not teach me what authentic love looks like or feels like. I don’t remember seeing my parents hug, kiss or even
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From Perfect to Poverty…and the Lesson-Filled Journey Back
— Cold feet. I seriously had cold feet again… and not because I was about to get into a relationship or baulking at some massive life milestone. I had cold feet because they were standing on wet grass outside the door of my tent early in the twilight
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Why Letting Go of Aspects of Your Past is So Hard and How to Make It Easier
— You know you need to move on from a negative experience, like a breakup or the loss of a family member. But you can’t seem to let go of thoughts about that event that swirl around in your head. Yes, you can let go. For your mental health or just so
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How Nutrition Affects Your Mental Health and Simple Tips for Eating Healthier
— Many of us like to think of healthy nutrition as a way to boost our performance in training, or as a sustainable way to lose excess weight and keep it off for good, but sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves of the importance healthy eating p
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Beyond the Physical, Cycling Produces Many Surprising Mental Health Benefits as Well
— The connection between mental health and physical activity is undeniable. A study on this connection, conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2011 to 2015 with over a million adult participants, showed that people who exerc
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Using your Intuition to Navigate Your Spiritual Growth
— I was once one of those novice lightworkers who looked at spirituality and saw only rainbows, unicorns, and magic. When I started to follow others living these so-called spiritual lives I thought, “I want some of that!” At the time, I had no idea w
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A Walk On The Wild Side: Nature as Therapy
— I’m a wife and a mom. I buy groceries, give hugs, cook meals, plan adventures, scrub floors, and wash dishes. I’m also a writer and I homeschool my teenagers, and for the past two and a half years I’ve been trying to work remotely full-time, travel
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How To Thrive In Times Of Change
— Most of the world sees the COVID-19 pandemic as a crisis. For most people, the focus has primarily been on the turmoil. Loss of jobs. Concerns about money. Fear with health care. Amidst this widespread uncertainty about the future and when and how
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A Mindful Approach to Restoring Your Balance in Body, Mind and Spirit
— From our first steps, each memorable moment of our lives leads us to find our balance. As parents, we watch with bated breath as our child takes their first wobbly steps and then we applaud and carry on as though they just landed on the moon. We re
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Good vs. Evil in the Workplace and Beyond…and What You Can Do
— “I could help him, but I’m not going to.” This is what a colleague said to me years ago about a coworker who was clearly spinning out of control and about to crash professionally. Let’s just think about that idea for a moment: I am able to help, bu
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7 Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence
— Do you consider yourself confident? Given how self-confidence impacts how you look at things, as well as your overall mood and well-being, this is definitely an aspect of your life worth exploring. If you’re not feeling confident, it can feel diffi
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Meditation is Your Best Productivity Tool
— Ten years into my dream job as an English instructor, I started to experience the worst nightmare known to any teacher: Burnout. I can’t say when exactly it started or even why; I just know that I underwent a downward spiral of where I was lacking
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Diabetes: Why It’s Often Undiagnosed, Symptoms to Look for and What You Can Do
— Imagine having one of the most common chronic diseases in the nation without being aware of it. As it stands, that’s the reality for 1 in 5 of the 34 million Americans with diabetes. As a leading cause of death and disability in the U.S., diabetes
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A Cure For The Virus Of Racism
— The prevalence of racial prejudice has been like a viral infection in the physical structure of American society, but like with any virus, there is a cure. The time for the cure is NOW. The first step to cure any disease is the acknowledgment that
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Health-Boosting, Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors
— Staying healthy is important at any age, but it’s especially important as you get older. Fortunately, keeping fit and active doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated thanks to the variety of low-impact options to keep seniors healthy without too
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Art Is Our Teacher: Let’s Learn From Rather than Destroy the Art which Reflects Our Past
— The assailant’s aim was clear: To wipe out the old man’s existence like a besieging army sacking a city. Front to back, back to front, the old man tottered as he clung to the cool, smooth platform while his attackers tugged and thrashed at his stur
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Kids, Quarantine & Devices: Managing Screen Time During COVID and Beyond
— The Hard Work of Managing Kids’ Devices During a Quarantine (and in General) One afternoon, about a year and a half ago, I was looking at my bookshelf and noticed 6 parenting books I had purchased within the previous 12 months, but never read. Out
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Soup’s On! Musings On Life & A Recipe For Summer Black Bean Soup With Cucumber Yogurt
— Here in the Catskills where I live, it’s finally warming up outside and I am filled with a vacillating mixture of hope, anxiety, joy, fear — and love all at the same time. When I find myself too far at the edge of one or all of those feelings, I do
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The Rights And Responsibilities Of White Privilege In A Time Of Racism
— “Evil cracker! Evil cracker! Evil cracker!” The words came hurling at me as I was leaving a store in St. Louis Park with my dementia-cursed mother who still has enough defiance and chutzpah to refuse a cane to assist her labored walking. “Huh? Are
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