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FactChecking The State Of The Union
Biden's address to Congress included claims that didn't tell the full story. The post FactChecking the State of the Union appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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COVID-19 Vaccines Can Slightly Alter Menstrual Cycle Temporarily, But Don’t Harm Fertility
Research suggests COVID-19 vaccination can cause changes in a person’s menstrual cycle. But the changes are small and short-lived -- and studies have shown there’s no effect on fertility. Yet people on social media are suggesting the cycle changes ar
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FBI Reimbursed Twitter for Providing User Information
In an email to a Twitter lawyer in February 2021, an unidentified Twitter employee wrote that the company had received over $3.4 million from the FBI since October 2019 as reimbursement for Twitter's processing of legal requests for user information.
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Post Misstates Quote from Starbucks CEO on Marriage
Starbucks has a long history of supporting LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriage. But a post on social media twists a 2013 statement from its CEO at the time to falsely claim he said don't buy Starbucks coffee "if you support traditional marriage." The
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U.S. Spent Much More in Afghan War Than in Support for Ukraine So Far, Contrary to Online Claim
The U.S. spent more than $849 billion in the 20-year war in Afghanistan and has spent about $113 billion to support Ukraine since Russia invaded in 2022. But a video on social media falsely claims that the aid for Ukraine is "double the U.S. expendit
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Hannity’s Dubious Claim About Studies Showing ‘No Systemic Racism in Policing’
Discussing the fallout from the death of Tyre Nichols, Fox News' Sean Hannity said two academic studies found police officers are as or less likely to shoot Black suspects, showing, "There is no systemic racism in policing. It doesn't exist.” But tha
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It’s Too Soon to Attribute the California Storms to Climate Change, Experts Say
The relentless storms that hit California from Dec. 27 to Jan. 16 caused extreme flooding and extensive damage, killing at least 22 people. Climate scientists told us it’s too soon to know whether climate change had a role in this particular event, a
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Democrats Misleadingly Suggest Widespread GOP Support for FairTax Bill Unlikely to Become Law
Few Republican lawmakers have publicly supported the FairTax Act, but that hasn't stopped Democratic leaders from suggesting that the bill has wide support among congressional Republicans. The post Democrats Misleadingly Suggest Widespread GOP Suppor
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Biden’s Misleading Unemployment Statistic
At the U.S. Conference of Mayors' winter meeting, President Joe Biden left the false impression that unemployment declined by more than 16 million people on his watch, when the decline was under 5 million. The post Biden’s Misleading Unemployment Sta
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Damar Hamlin Is Recovering and Has Appeared Publicly, Contrary to Online Claims
Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest Jan. 2 on the football field after being hit in the chest during a tackle. Hamlin was discharged from the hospital on Jan. 11 and has made several public appearances since then. But posts on
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Polio Elimination Due to Vaccination, Not End of Pesticide Use
Polio, a paralytic disease caused by a virus, has been eliminated in the U.S. -- and nearly wiped out globally -- thanks to vaccines. But social media posts are reviving old, false claims that polio is instead caused by pesticides and outbreaks of th
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Viral Tweet Misrepresents NOAA Report on Rising Global Temperature
The warming trend in global temperature continued in 2022, which was the sixth-warmest year on record, according to a recent report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. But a viral tweet -- using just a small segment of a NOAA gr
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Posts Mislead on Illinois SAFE-T Act and Elimination of Cash Bail
Illinois' new criminal justice law, known as the SAFE-T Act, would eliminate cash bail but allow a judge to detain anyone who is deemed a danger to others or a flight risk. Social media posts misleadingly claim that anyone arrested for serious crimes
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Biden’s Numbers, January 2023 Update
Here's how the United States has fared since President Joe Biden took office two years ago. The post Biden’s Numbers, January 2023 Update appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Magic Johnson Did Not Contract HIV from a Vaccine, Contrary to Online Claim
Since his diagnosis in 1991, NBA player Magic Johnson has repeatedly said he contracted HIV through sexual transmission. But a viral social media post by a spreader of vaccine misinformation falsely claims that Johnson was exposed to the virus from a
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Posts Misinterpret NYC Health Tweet About Omicron Subvariant XBB.1.5
An unclear tweet from New York City health officials was meant to caution residents that the latest omicron subvariant, XBB.1.5, might be more likely than previous variants to infect vaccinated or previously infected people. Social media posts misint
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Social Media Posts Twist Meaning of CDC, FDA Disclosure on Bivalent Booster
Government health agencies disclosed a potential safety concern for strokes in those 65 and older with one of the COVID-19 vaccines, but the agencies haven't found any causal relationship and the concern was flagged by just one of several monitoring
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Timeline of Biden’s Classified Documents
President Joe Biden now finds himself ensnared in his own classified documents investigation, after attorneys working for him found several small batches of documents marked as classified from Biden's time as vice president. Here's our timeline of wh
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COVID-19 Vaccines Tested in Clinical Trials, Despite Bogus Social Media Claims
The COVID-19 vaccines were tested in large, randomized controlled trials before the Food and Drug Administration authorized them for emergency use. But a popular YouTube video spins a conspiracy theory that distorts legal codes to falsely claim other
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McCarthy Distorts Facts About DOJ Search of Mar-a-Lago
In questioning why the FBI "raid[ed] President Trump," House Speaker Kevin McCarthy falsely claimed that government officials "could have come and taken" classified government documents stored at Donald Trump's private club and residence in Florida "
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What to Know About the Special Counsels Investigating Trump and Biden
Here we provide readers with a refresher about special counsels, including their authority and responsibilities. We also provide some information about the men selected to head the investigations of the current and former presidents. The post What to
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No Surge in Athlete Deaths, Contrary to Widespread Anti-Vaccine Claims
Sports medicine experts say there has been no increase in sudden death or cardiac injury among U.S. athletes since the COVID-19 vaccines became available. Yet anti-vaccine campaigners, comparing unreliable numbers to an unrelated study, have again sp
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Hot Air Over Gas Stoves
The Biden administration is not planning to ban gas stoves. But comments from a commissioner on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission about gas stoves being a "hidden hazard" and that "products that can’t be made safe can be banned" provided ju
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No Evidence for Kari Lake’s Claim that Maricopa County Ballots Lacked Chain of Custody Records
A judge on Dec. 24 dismissed Kari Lake's claim that there was no chain of custody for 300,000 mail-in ballots in Maricopa County, Arizona, during the 2022 election, yet posts on social media continue to spread the baseless claim. Every mail-in ballot
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Biden and Abbott Twist Their Border Narratives
President Joe Biden, who recently made his first visit as president to the southern border, and Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who greeted Biden in Texas, offered competing versions of who's to blame for a spike in illegal immigration. But both t
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Classified Documents Found at Former Biden Office, Drawing Comparisons to Trump
The Justice Department is reviewing the circumstances surrounding the discovery of classified documents by personal lawyers for President Joe Biden inside his former office. We review what we currently know about the documents, as well as how this si
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FactChecking the House Speaker Election
There were some factual missteps in several nominating speeches by lawmakers as Rep. Kevin McCarthy repeatedly fell short of the votes needed to become speaker of the House. The post FactChecking the House Speaker Election appeared first on FactChec
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NFL Player Damar Hamlin’s Cardiac Arrest Triggers Unfounded Social Media Claims
Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field and suffered a cardiac arrest moments after taking a hit to his chest during a tackle. While it's not yet known why his heart stopped, some experts say his condition is most likely due to a hea
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Our Most Popular Articles in 2022
Before we ring in 2023, we look back at the most popular articles that we posted to our website in 2022. The post Our Most Popular Articles in 2022 appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Social Media Posts Misrepresent FDA’s COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Research
A vaccine safety surveillance study from the Food and Drug Administration has been misrepresented online. The paper did not establish a link between the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine and blood clots, as some have claimed -- and to date, other, mor
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