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Viral Claim Gets Biden’s COVID-19 Travel and Immigration Policies Wrong
The Biden administration hasn't introduced COVID-19 travel restrictions on Americans going to Mexico since the delta variant became dominant in the U.S., and it is enforcing immigration laws at the border. But a meme falsely claiming the opposite is
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Old Photo of Biden Motorcade Misrepresented Online
Viral social media posts are purporting a photo — which shows a motorcade being met by a swarm of flags supporting former President Donald Trump — captures President Joe Biden’s July 28 visit to Pennsylvania. While some Trump supporters did protest B
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Vaccines Remain Largely Effective Against Delta Variant, Counter to Claims From Fox News Guest
Multiple studies show the FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccines continue to be effective against the delta variant of the coronavirus, even if the potency of the vaccines is somewhat reduced. But a guest on Fox News falsely claimed the delta variant “real
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COVID-19 Surges Among Unvaccinated in Florida, Contrary to Baseless Claims
Florida health officials have reported a 60% rise in COVID-19 cases, and hospitals are reporting that 95% of COVID-19 patients are not fully vaccinated. But a Facebook post makes the baseless claims that Florida's numbers are not going up, and that a
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Republicans’ Shaky, No Evidence Attempt to Cast Blame on Pelosi for Jan. 6
House Republicans have sought to change the narrative on the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol by pro-Trump protesters, claiming that Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "ultimately responsible for the breakdown of security at the Capitol." But their arguments overst
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Flawed Variant Information Fuels Baseless COVID-19 Theory
A conspiracy theory online baselessly suggests that the World Health Organization and other groups preplanned the variants of the novel coronavirus -- citing a dubious timeline. But the timeline doesn't square with the reality of when variants have b
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A Guide to the CDC’s Updated Mask Recommendations
Citing new data on the delta variant, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that fully vaccinated people wear face masks indoors in some parts of the country. The post A Guide to the CDC’s Updated Mask Recommendations appeared fi
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Posts Baselessly Link COVID-19 Tests to Vaccine Conspiracy Theory
The COVID-19 vaccines currently in use must be administered via injection. But Instagram posts baselessly suggest that Bill Gates and George Soros will use COVID-19 tests to secretly vaccinate people who haven't yet received the shots. There is no ev
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Video Twists Advice on Delta Variant and Vaccination
An epidemiologist recommended that people get the COVID-19 vaccine because some evidence suggests an unvaccinated person who gets the delta variant is "twice as likely to require hospital treatment" than someone infected with the alpha variant. But a
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Viral Posts Misrepresent CDC Announcement on COVID-19 PCR Test
Scientists consider polymerase chain reaction, or PCR, tests a highly reliable tool for diagnosing COVID-19. But social media posts are misrepresenting a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announcement regarding the eventual discontinu
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Beds for Olympic Athletes Were Not Designed for COVID-19 Concerns
Participants in the 2020 Olympic Games will be subject to many COVID-19 rules. But social media posts and a news report falsely claim athletes will be sleeping on specially made, flimsy "anti-sex beds" to prevent intimacy and COVID-19 infection. The
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Viral Posts Lift Bogus ‘Quarantine’ Story from Satire Site
A satire site a month ago published a joke about the Biden administration creating "quarantine camps" for the unvaccinated. Now that fabricated story is circulating online, presented as if it's real. The post Viral Posts Lift Bogus ‘Quarantine’ Story
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FactChecking Biden’s CNN Town Hall
In a prime-time town hall aired on CNN, President Joe Biden overstated some facts and misled on others. The post FactChecking Biden’s CNN Town Hall appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Fauci and Paul, Round 2
At a July 20 Senate hearing, Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, once again had a testy exchange over whether the U.S. funded gain-of-function research in China, with
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Businessman’s Social Media Post Distorts Facts on Definition of a Pandemic
A businessman's post on Instagram and Facebook wrongly claims that the U.S. government "changed the definition of pandemic" in 2004, suggesting that COVID-19 would not have qualified under the old definition. There's no evidence for those claims -- a
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Debunking Trump’s Latest Arizona Election Claims
After a contractor hired by state Senate Republicans to look into the results of the 2020 Arizona election provided an update on its findings at a legislative hearing on July 15, former President Donald Trump issued a series of false and misleading s
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Mayim Bialik and Sons Got COVID-19 Vaccine
Actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik has expressed skepticism about vaccines in the past, but she says she and her two teenage children have received the COVID-19 vaccine. A Facebook post says Bialik “refuses to vaccinate,” leaving the false impre
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Photo Shows 2018 France World Cup Celebration, Not Vaccine Protest
Social media posts are misrepresenting an old photo from France by suggesting the sea of people in the streets shows "[p]eople are waking up against vaccine tyranny." The photo actually shows a celebration in Paris after France won the 2018 World Cup
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CDC Data Contradict Julián Castro’s Texas COVID-19 Claims
Cases of COVID-19 are increasing in Texas, but it doesn't have the “highest COVID positivity rate and case count in the nation" -- contrary to what Democrat Julián Castro recently tweeted. The post CDC Data Contradict Julián Castro’s Texas COVID-19 C
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More Trump Election Distortions
Continuing to claim there is "so much evidence" of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election, former President Donald Trump offered two new distortions of the facts about election results in Georgia, a state where recounts showed he narrowly lost
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Posts Falsely Accuse U.S. Women’s Soccer Team of Disrespecting Veteran During Anthem
Before a July 5 match against Mexico, some members of the U.S. women's soccer team turned toward the flag while a World War II veteran played the national anthem on his harmonica. But social media posts mischaracterized their actions by claiming they
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Second Ladies in Combat Zones
In several recent speeches to members of the military, President Joe Biden has sprinkled in a curious piece of trivia about his wife, Jill, saying he thinks she is the only second lady to visit a war zone. She isn't. The post Second Ladies in Combat
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House GOP’s Misplaced Blame for Rising Homicides
On Twitter, the House Republican Conference posted an image of rising homicide rates in seven cities with this bit of misleading commentary: “Welcome to President Biden’s America.” The post House GOP’s Misplaced Blame for Rising Homicides appeared fi
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Democrat Makes Misleading ‘Defund the Police’ Claim
A senior aide to President Joe Biden misleadingly claimed that congressional Republicans "defunded the police" when they voted against the American Rescue Plan Act. House and Senate Republicans didn't support the legislation, but it wasn't a vote to
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No New Revelation on Hydroxychloroquine and COVID-19
Randomized controlled trials -- the highest standard of evidence -- have found that hydroxychloroquine isn't beneficial in treating hospitalized COVID-19 patients. Yet social media posts are claiming the drug works, and conservative outlets have tout
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Flawed Paper on COVID-19 Vaccines, Deaths Spreads Widely Before Retraction
The COVID-19 vaccines have been shown in trials and real-world application to be safe and effective. But a paper shared widely online claimed that vaccines cause two deaths for every three lives saved. Experts say the analysis misinterpreted data and
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Spoof Video Furthers Microchip Conspiracy Theory
A list of the ingredients used in COVID-19 vaccines is publicly available, and the ingredients don't include microchips. Yet claims advancing conspiracy theories that they do continue to flourish. A recent video purports to show a microchip reader fo
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Facebook Post Misleads on H.R. 1’s Proposal on Voter Rolls
Democrats say their bill, H.R. 1, the For the People Act, would expand voter access in federal elections. But a Facebook post falsely claims the legislation would prevent the removal of dead people from voter rolls. The bill doesn’t say that, and exi
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COVID-19 Vaccine-Generated Spike Protein is Safe, Contrary to Viral Claims
There is no evidence to indicate that the spike proteins generated by human cells following vaccination are a toxin or that they circulate in the body and damage tissues, contrary to what a Canadian virus immunologist recently claimed.  The post COVI
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Unsubstantiated Claims Follow Deaths of British and Indian Airline Pilots
Following the deaths of four British Airways pilots and five Air India pilots, social media posts claimed without proof that the pilots died as a result of receiving COVID-19 vaccines. Air India said its pilots died from COVID-19. British Airways sai
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