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Trump Reprises Inaccurate COVID-19 Comparisons with Europe
In a series of recent appearances, President Donald Trump continued to wrongly insist that the U.S. compares favorably with Europe on both coronavirus cases and deaths. The post Trump Reprises Inaccurate COVID-19 Comparisons with Europe appeared firs
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DSCC Falsely Attacks Daines on Social Security
In a TV ad, a Democratic committee falsely claims Sen. Steve Daines of Montana is "pushing a plan" that could "end Social Security benefits by 2023." He’s not. The post DSCC Falsely Attacks Daines on Social Security appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Viral Post Falsely Attributed to Golfer Bubba Watson
A viral post falsely attributed to PGA star Bubba Watson criticizes the Black Lives Matter movement and measures taken to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Watson has said the post "ain't from me."  The post Viral Post Falsely Attributed to Golfer Bub
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Trump’s Baseless Claim of Russian Support for Biden
In recent weeks, Trump administration officials have described attempts by Russia to undermine Joe Biden's presidential campaign. Yet, contrary to official statements and actions by his own officials, President Donald Trump said that Russia "probably
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Trump Bucks Climate Science in Wildfire Briefing
In a briefing on the barrage of wildfires burning in the West, President Donald Trump baselessly claimed “it’ll start getting cooler,” adding that he didn’t think “science knows” whether or not temperatures would increase in the future. Scientists ar
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Trump Spins Quotes by/About Biden
In campaign rallies in Nevada, President Donald Trump twisted remarks made by Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and gave a disputed description of comments by Biden's former chief of staff. The post Trump Spins Quotes by/About Biden appeared
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Vice Presidential Vacancy Isn’t Automatically Filled by House Speaker
A viral Facebook post wrongly suggests that if Joe Biden were to become president and later step down, Nancy Pelosi would become vice president. The Constitution says the vice president would become president and nominate a replacement; Congress must
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Baseless Claim Turns Fake IDs Story into Voter Fraud Tale
A claim being shared on Facebook distorts the facts about fake IDs seized in a Chicago airport this year, baselessly claiming the phony IDs were tied to names "ALL Registered to Vote" as Democrats. Federal authorities announced no connection to a vot
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Police: Political Activists Didn’t Cause Oregon’s Wildfires
Rumors have spread across social media, claiming that the wildfires in Oregon were set by political activists. Law enforcement agencies have refuted those claims and asked residents to stop the spread of conspiracy theories. The post Police: Politica
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Biden’s False Attacks on Trump’s Social Security ‘Plan’
A Biden campaign TV ad falsely claims that a government analysis of President Donald Trump's "planned cuts to Social Security" shows that “if Trump gets his way, Social Security benefits will run out in just three years from now.” The post Biden’s Fa
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Trump Exaggerates Progress, Credit on Future COVID-19 Vaccine
In a Labor Day press conference and at a rally in North Carolina the following day, President Donald Trump made several unsupported or inaccurate statements about a COVID-19 vaccine and distorted comments made by the Democratic ticket. The post Trump
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Biden’s False Statement About the Trade Deficit
In a campaign speech in Warren, Michigan, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden falsely claimed that the United States' trade deficit had "hit an all-time high" under President Donald Trump. The post Biden’s False Statement About the Trade Defici
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Trump’s Latest Bogus Talking Point on Voter Fraud
President Donald Trump repeatedly has falsely claimed that the Democrats are mailing out "80 million unsolicited ballots" for the November election. The post Trump’s Latest Bogus Talking Point on Voter Fraud appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Mnuchin Spins Pre-COVID Path to Debt Reduction
An analysis by the Congressional Budget Office contradicts Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin's claim that before COVID-19 hit, the U.S. was experiencing "extraordinary" economic growth that "would pay down the debt over time." The post Mnuchin Spins
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D.C. Mayor Did Not Propose Removal of Federal Monuments
A Facebook post falsely claims that Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser "proposed using her power to remove" the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial in the wake of protests against racism. Bowser asked an advisory panel to review possible chan
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Trump’s Deceptive Comparison Of The Coronavirus To The Flu
Here’s what the president said in public remarks, interviews and tweets from Jan. 22 through March, often likening the novel coronavirus to the flu as a way of downplaying the danger. The post Trump’s Deceptive Comparison of the Coronavirus to the Fl
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Inaccurate Story About Trump Supporter Spreads Again
A viral meme falsely claims to show President Donald Trump touching the face of a "veteran wounded so badly that he had no arms." The man shown in the meme was born without arms and is not a veteran. Trump himself amplified the incorrect, debunked cl
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Politicians Have Died of COVID-19
A meme circulating on Facebook falsely claims, "Not one politician has died from the virus." Actually, at least five current or former politicians across the country have died due to COVID-19. The post Politicians Have Died of COVID-19 appeared first
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Trump’s Bad Advice for Mail-In Voters
Elections officials and voting experts say President Donald Trump gave bad advice when he encouraged mail-in voters to show up at polling places on Election Day and cast an in-person ballot if poll workers can't confirm that their mail-in ballot was
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California Bill Doesn’t Make Pedophilia ‘Legal’
Contrary to QAnon-fueled claims that a California bill would legalize pedophilia, the bill would actually standardize the rules about who is required to be on the state's sex offender registry. The post California Bill Doesn’t Make Pedophilia ‘Legal’
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Q&A on Coronavirus Vaccines
We give an overview of the vaccine development efforts underway and answer some questions about the testing process, the likelihood and timing of a vaccine in the U.S., and what to expect from a COVID-19 vaccine. The post Q&A on Coronavirus Vacci
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Mail-in Voting Envelopes Don’t Reveal Party During General Election
Facebook posts falsely suggest that envelopes used for mail-in ballots in general elections reveal party affiliation, saying postal workers may "toss" votes. Voting experts say they don’t know of any such labels in general elections -- only on envelo
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FactChecking Trump’s Fox News Interview
In an interview with Fox News' Laura Ingraham that aired over two days, President Donald Trump made several false, misleading and unsubstantiated claims. The post FactChecking Trump’s Fox News Interview appeared first on FactCheck.org.
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Jill Biden Didn’t Propose All Americans Be ‘Required to Learn Spanish’
Jill Biden hasn't said that all Americans will be "required" to learn Spanish if her husband wins the 2020 presidential election, contrary to a false claim shared on social media. The quote first appeared in a headline from a website that calls its w
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Video Manipulated to Show Biden Asleep
Q: Does a video shared on social media show Joe Biden sleeping during a live television interview? A: No. The video was manipulated to make it appear that he had fallen asleep. FULL QUESTION Is the video of Joe Biden falling asleep during an intervie
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Biden Misleads on Preexisting Conditions
Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden claimed President Trump's effort in court to nullify the Affordable Care Act would "take 100 million people with preexisting conditions and move them in a direction where they can't get coverage." They wouldn
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CDC Did Not ‘Admit Only 6%’ of Recorded Deaths from COVID-19
The CDC hasn’t drastically reduced the number of deaths attributable to COVID-19, but that bogus claim has been circulating widely — boosted by President Trump. The post CDC Did Not ‘Admit Only 6%’ of Recorded Deaths from COVID-19 appeared first on F
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Trump Retweets Dated, Racially Charged Post
President Trump retweeted a video, which had been posted under the misleading heading "Black Lives Matter/Antifa," of a Black man shoving a white woman into a stopped subway car. The incident occurred on Oct. 23, 2019, and there is no indication that
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Unproven Nepotism Allegation in Montana Senate Race
Republican ads aimed at Facebook users in Montana make the unsubstantiated claim that Gov. Steve Bullock "steered 14.3 million Montana dollars to his brother's company." The post Unproven Nepotism Allegation in Montana Senate Race appeared first on F
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Posts Distort Facts on Jacob Blake Charges
Posts on social media falsely claim that the man shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin, "wouldn't have been shot if he was still in prison for raping the 14 year old." There's no evidence he was ever charged with such a crime -- let alone convicted an
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