The New York Times3 min letti
How to Take Advantage of Shoulder Season
Shoulder season — just before and after peak summer travel time — is when you’ll find warm temperatures, smaller crowds and deals.
The New York Times5 min lettiPsychology
The Awkward but Essential Art of Office Chitchat
We regret to inform you that you need to make small talk with your co-workers. Here’s how to master it.
The New York Times6 min letti
In 'Sontag,' the Author's Myth Takes Center Stage
Benjamin Moser’s authorized biography of the essayist, critic and cultural icon Susan Sontag pays closest attention to its subject’s persona as a “great original creation.”
The New York Times2 min letti
Chris Rock Is Writing Book on Race
Chris Rock, the Emmy-winning comedian and an Oscars host, has been talking about race and relationships since he began doing standup in the 1980s. Those who haven’t seen him onstage will soon be able to read his thoughts in “My First Black Boyfriend,
The New York Times4 min letti
A Same-Sex Couple Changes Bachelor Nation
Demi Burnett and Kristian Haggerty’s love story on “Bachelor in Paradise” was handled with nuance and authenticity, two words that run counter to the show’s reputation.
The New York Times9 min letti
Demi Moore Lets Her Guard Down
After years of scrutiny for her career, relationships and setbacks, the movie star hopes the public sees another side in her memoir, “Inside Out.”
The New York Times4 min letti
Ken Burns's 'Country Music' Traces the Genre's Victories, and Reveals Its Blind Spots
Tell a lie long enough and it begins to smell like the truth. Tell it even longer and it becomes part of history. Throughout “Country Music,” the new omnibus genre documentary from Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan, there are moments of tension between the
The New York Times6 min letti
'You Oughta Know': The Road to Making a '90s Anthem a Broadway Hit
Alanis Morissette wrote “You Oughta Know,” the first single from “Jagged Little Pill,” her breakthrough 1995 album, “because I needed to get it out of my body,” she said. In the song, a woman, in a voice that a New York Times critic likened to that o
The New York Times2 min letti
How to Do Better Than Merely Getting Ahead
Outracing the pack is overrated. But defining enough and then stopping there? It may be the best life shift you’ve made in ages.
The New York Times4 min letti
Blue Skies Ahead for Cheap Flights, But Read the Fine Print
More no-frills carriers as well as major airlines are offering deals on international flights. Just book ahead and be wary of ancillary fees — they can really add up.
The New York Times10 min letti
Tina Turner Is Having the Time of Her Life
KÜSNACHT, Switzerland — There is a metal plaque on the gate to Tina Turner’s estate that says “Vor 12.00 Uhr nicht läuten, keine Lieferungen,” which I believe is German for “Do not even think about bothering Tina Turner before noon.” She was the symb
The New York Times10 min letti
It's a New Morning for Jennifer Aniston
Fifteen years after “Friends,” she is returning to TV in Apple’s “The Morning Show” as a news anchor dealing with ageism, sexism and her co-host’s misconduct.
The New York Times3 min letti
What Is a Trade Secret? A Key Question in the Case Against Anthony Levandowski
A former engineer with Google’s self-driving car project is charged with theft and attempted theft of trade secrets. Prosecutors will have to show that what he took was a “trade secret.”
The New York Times2 min lettiSociety
You Know Emily Doe's Story. Now Learn Her Name.
(Books News) For four years, the woman whose Stanford University sexual assault case caused a public outcry has been known only as “Emily Doe.” In her new memoir, “Know My Name,” which charts her life since then, she reveals her real name: Chanel Mil
The New York Times3 min letti
Bieber Says Childhood Fame Opened Door to Using 'Heavy Drugs'
Justin Bieber was discovered at age 13. Within a couple of years, he was a pop superstar and had begun amassing millions of dollars and fans. That kind of fame at such a young age was perilous and led him to make “terrible decisions,” he said Monday
The New York Times4 min letti
A Thousand-Page Novel -- Made Up of Mostly One Sentence -- Captures How We Think Now
(Books of The Times) Lucy Ellmann’s “Ducks, Newburyport,” follows the thoughts of an Ohio woman as they range from politics to laundry to environmental disaster to lost earrings.
The New York Times8 min letti
Linda Hamilton Fled Hollywood, but 'Terminator' Still Found Her
(Fall Preview) NEW ORLEANS — Linda Hamilton laughs the way Courtney Love sings, with great raspy bravado. It would be an intimidating laugh if it didn’t come easily, and if it weren’t so often offered at her own expense. Take the story Hamilton tells
The New York Times7 min letti
The World of Olive Oil Is Murky. Here's Help for the Home Cook.
Don’t try to parse every word on the label: The keys to good flavor are seeking out the freshest oil and using it generously.
The New York Times3 min letti
The Enduring Appeal of Micro Living
Tiny homes may be getting even tinier, but they aren’t going away. A new book offers an explanation.
The New York Times4 min letti
Should You Take Your Shoes Off at Home?
Maybe you kick off your shoes at home because you don’t want to track dirt across clean carpets or floors, or maybe it’s just a relief to shed them. Taking off shoes inside the home is also a common practice observed in Asian and Middle Eastern count
The New York Times8 min letti
36 Hours in Santa Barbara County
On a spectacular stretch of California coastline, vineyards, gorgeous beaches, markets and Mission-style architecture beckon.
The New York Times3 min letti
For a Longer Life, Get Moving. Even a Little.
Some of the greatest gains are seen when people shift from being sedentary toward ambling for even one extra hour each day.
The New York Times4 min letti
How To Travel Using An E-Bike Or Scooter
If you follow the safety precautions, an electric bike, scooter or motorbike is an easy and cheap way to tour most urban centers.
The New York Times8 min letti
Organoids Are Not Brains. How Are They Making Brain Waves?
Clusters of living brain cells are teaching scientists about diseases like autism. With a new finding, some experts wonder if these organoids may become too much like the real thing.
The New York Times4 min lettiPolitics
Two Polling Methods, Two Views of Trump's Reelection Chances
There are two major theories about President Donald Trump’s standing heading into his reelection campaign. Over the last few months, they have found backing from two very different kinds of polls. One theory holds that Trump is fundamentally like any
The New York Times5 min letti
When John Grisham Movies Were King
Bill Clinton was president, the New South was ascendant and legal thrillers were topping the box office.
The New York Times5 min letti
A Novelist Inspired by the Cold War, a CIA Typing Pool and 'Doctor Zhivago'
Lara Prescott — fascinated by the way Boris Pasternak’s novel was used as a propaganda tool — conjured a world of secretaries, spies and mint-green typewriters in her debut, “The Secrets We Kept.”
The New York Times6 min letti
Clara Schumann, Music's Unsung Renaissance Woman
Schumann is among the most celebrated names in the classical music canon — for most people conjuring the poetic and intense work of Robert Schumann, the Romantic master. But when the Schumann in question is his wife, Clara, the name should remind us
The New York Times7 min letti
The Many Fears of Bill Hader
The “Barry” star is used to dealing privately with various dreads (like seeing himself act). Now he’s taking his terror onscreen, with “It Chapter Two.”
The New York Times4 min letti
Leslie Jones Is Leaving 'SNL' Here Are Her 10 Funniest Moments
There’s no one quite like Jones, and Colin Jost is sure to miss being called a “creamy slice of provolone cheese” on Weekend Update.
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