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Three Superstar Divas Power Opera 'The Hours' - Coming To Movie Theaters Everywhere.
Kelli O'Hara, Renée Fleming, and Joyce DiDonato star in a new opera based on Michael Cunningham's book.
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A Missouri High School Teacher's Advice Column Helps Celebrate Students — 'And Ourselves'
Kem Smith, an English teacher at McCluer North High School in Florissant, Missouri understands why many teachers may want to quit their jobs. Years ago, she did.
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Boxing Powerhouse Cuba Lets Women Boxers Compete
Cuban officials say women boxers will be able to compete officially after decades of restrictions, though they didn't yet confirm if that would be taken to a professional level like Cuban male boxers.
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Hertz Will Pay $168 Million To Customers It Falsely Accused Of Stealing Its Cars
Faulty recordkeeping and failure to rescind police reports led to more than 360 false accusations by the rental car company, resulting in arrests, felony charges and jail time for some customers.
NPR2 min lettiCrime & Violence
Colorado LGBTQ Club Shooting Suspect Set To Return To Court
The suspect accused of entering a Colorado LGBTQ nightclub, opening fire and killing five people and wounding 17 others is set to appear in court Tuesday to learn what charges prosecutors will pursue.
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Jan. 6 Committee Is Likely To Make Criminal Referrals Related To Capitol Attack
Chair Bennie Thompson said members haven't decided how many referrals to issue. "We have not made a decision as to who," he said, "but we have made decisions that criminal referrals will happen."
NPR3 min lettiCrime & Violence
The Man Who Shot Lady Gaga's Dog Walker Gets 21 Years In Prison
The Lady Gaga connection was a coincidence, authorities have said. The motive was the value of the French bulldogs, and detectives do not believe the thieves knew the dogs belonged to the musician.
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McConnell Criticizes Trump's Calls To Terminate The Constitution
The Senate minority leader said Tuesday that anyone seeking the presidency, which includes Trump, "would have a very hard time being sworn in" if the Constitution was suspended.
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Facebook's Own Oversight Board Slams Its Special Program For VIPs
Oversight board says Facebook parent Meta appears to be more concerned with avoiding "provoking" VIPs and evading accusations of censorship than balancing tricky questions of free speech and safety.
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A Former Florida Congressman Is Arrested On Charges Of Lobbying For Venezuela
A newly unsealed grand jury indictment alleges that former Rep. David Rivera, a well-connected Florida Republican, illegally acted on Venezuela's behalf.
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Ann Powers' Top 20 Albums Of 2022
2022 feels like the right time to make some basic inquiries about popular music. What is a song now, when the listening experience for millions has shifted toward algorithm-driven, fragmented viral sounds, or their opposite, the seamless vibe flow th
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China Lends Billions To Poor Countries. Is That A Burden ... Or A Blessing?
China doles out much cash for infrastructure. It must be repaid. Is that frustrating for recipients? A new survey has a surprising answer. But skeptics wonder: How honest were the participants?
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Why The Sanctions Against Russia Aren't Working. Yet.
When sanctions were enacted against Russia in February of this year, many forecasts were of an imminent collapse in the Russian economy. A new report looks at why that hasn't happened.
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San Francisco Supervisors Bar Police Robots From Using Deadly Force For Now
San Francisco had been considering a policy to allow police robots to use deadly force in certain extreme cases. The Board of Supervisors sent the issue back to a committee for further discussion.
NPR2 min lettiCrime & Violence
Tampa Police Chief Resigns After She Flashed Her Badge To Escape A Traffic Stop
Body camera footage showed Police Chief Mary O'Connor saying "I'm hoping you'll just let us go tonight" after a deputy pulled her and her husband over for driving an unregistered golf cart.
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North Carolina Power Cut By Shooting Could Come Back Earlier Than Planned
Duke Energy said it expects to have power back Wednesday just before midnight in Moore County. The outages began shortly after one or more people breached the gates and opened fire on two substations.
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Welcome Abi Inman - Visuals Community Manager
In a note to programming staff, Keith Jenkins, VP of Music and Visuals Strategy and Nicole Werbeck, Deputy Director of NPR Visuals, made the following announcement: Hey there, Please join me in welcoming our new Visuals Community Manager, Abi Inman.
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Watch Amber Mark Live At NPR Music's 15th Anniversary Concert
Mark performed songs from her transcendent debut album, Three Dimensions Deep, at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., as part of NPR Music's 15th anniversary celebration.
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The Best Music of 2022
From Renaissance to In These Times, from "As It Was" to "Anti-hero" to "About Damn Time," 2022 was stuffed with so much great music it could make your head spin.
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Jim Stewart, Co-founder Of Stax Records In Memphis, Dies At Age 92
The white Tennessee farm boy and fiddle player co-founded the influential record label with his sister in a Black, inner-city Memphis neighborhood and helped build the soulful "Memphis sound."
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Life Kit's Top Episodes Of 2022: How To Split Chores, Stop 'Lifestyle Creep' And More
NPR's advice podcast shares the most popular episodes of the year, which includes tips on how to avoid thinking traps and protect North American birds during migration.
NPR3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Indonesia Criminalizes Adultery, But The Law May Take Up To 3 Years To Take Effect
Indonesia's penal code had languished for decades while legislators in the world's biggest Muslim-majority nation struggled with how to adapt its native culture and norms to the criminal code.
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Morocco Shocks Spain To Become The First Arab Team To Reach The World Cup's Final 8
After a goal-less 90 minutes and extra time, Spanish players missed all three of their penalty kicks. No team from outside Europe or South America has ever made it this far in the tournament.
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The Jazzy 'Charlie Brown Christmas' Soundtrack Swings On After 57 Years
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" became an indelible holiday tradition and so, too, has jazz musician Vince Guaraldi's composition, "Christmas Time is Here" for the animated TV special.
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Hamish Kilgour, Founding Member Of New Zealand's The Clean, Has Died At 65
Like the Velvet Underground before them, Kilgour and The Clean inspired tons of musicians to embrace impulsive creativity.
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Ukrainians Sing 'Carol Of The Bells' At Carnegie Hall, 100 Years After Its U.S. Debut
A Ukrainian chorus first performed Shchedryk in the U.S. in 1922. A century later, during another fight for freedom, Ukrainian singers performed the folk song at the site of its North American debut.
NPR6 min lettiCrime & Violence
Dozens Of Taylor Swift Fans Sue Ticketmaster In The Wake Of Its Ticket Sale Fiasco
The lawsuit, filed Friday, alleges fraud and antitrust violations, among other claims. Nearly 400 more people have since shown interest in joining and will be added as plaintiffs, a lawyer tells NPR.
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Ukrainians Say They Hid Orphaned Children From Russian Deportation
The staff at the children's regional hospital in Kherson city, Ukraine, say they began fabricating orphans' medical records to make it appear like they were too ill to move.
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'White Lotus' Creator Mike White Finds Wide Success After 25 Years In The Margins
As the second season of HBO's The White Lotus comes to a close, creator Mike White reflects on how it examines the dark side of sex, and how at its heart is a mix of Laverne & Shirley and Survivor.
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The World's Response To Hunger Crisis In East Africa Is Inadequate, Say Aid Workers
A crisis of extreme hunger is threating millions in East Africa. However, international aid has not been able to meet the need.
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