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“I Spent All Day Down In The Meadow, Disconnecting.”
Our lookout season in Montana starts in late June, early July, and runs through September. Before that, I’m prepping to go to the lookout where I’ve lived for close to 25 seasons, and training other lookouts. The rest of the year, I work as a substit
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Manufacturing Redefined
Picture a company, based in Sweden, that manufactures its products in factories half a world away in Mexico or Asia. Managing this production process once required executives to constantly shuttle between Sweden and those far-flung manufacturing faci
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The 4–day Workweek
A New England cotton mill institutes the first five-day workweek to accommodate the Christian Holy Sunday and the Jewish Sabbath. Spurred by years of protests, the Fair Labor Standards Act is established, requiring overtime pay for more than 40 hours
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Do This, Not That
Make sure every invite has an attached agenda, detailing what decisions will be made, says Darren Murph, head of remote at GitLab. In small meetings, move the Zoom window so that the video of the person speaking is directly beneath your camera instea
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Before & After
Bryan Berg is a professional card stacker. He holds four Guinness World Records, including the tallest and largest house of cards—all freestanding. (As he says, “No tape, no glue, no tricks.”) Ironically, in Berg’s daily life, he describes himself as
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“The More Self-aware You Become, The Harder It Is To Write.”
I found that the best place for me to work is in bed. I don’t know why, but that’s true for me. I know a lot of people feel it’s sacrilegious and terrible for your sleep, which it probably is, but I also have found that sometimes my best ideas come t
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“It’s Okay To Have Limits.”
Productivity to me right now is about communicating to create a solution. It’s about articulating my ideas to larger groups of people and companies who may not get it right away. That’s often looked at as a bad thing, like, “Oh man, these people don’
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4 Favorite Instagram Accounts
@MISSJULEE BEAUTY DIRECTOR, COSMOPOLITAN Her bio speaks for itself: “Tall glass of sass//dope wife & mom.” @JOSHUAKISSI PHOTOGRAPHER, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, AND FOUNDER, TONL He is one of the kindest directors I’ve met. @TIFFANYD LOFTIN CIVIL RIGHTS ORGA
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Making AI Accessible To Every Enterprise
In the 1990s, the business world underwent a seismic shift with the advent of the internet. It changed the way companies did everything from creating their products to selling them to consumers. These days, companies are poised on the edge of another
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Maintaining Brand Authenticity In A Rapidly Changing World
The COVID-19 pandemic presented both a challenge and an opportunity for many businesses. Many companies had to rethink not only how they did business but also how they interacted with customers, employees, and partners. At the recent Fast Company Inn
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Reclaiming Productivity
The term “productivity” has many definitions. The Oxford English Dictionary, citing examples from the 1600s, equates the term with being “creative” and “generative.” In economics, productivity is associated with labor, as a measurement of the output
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High-speed 5G Drives New Opportunities For Small Businesses
During the past decade, technology has driven change across all aspects of society, especially business. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated this trend, sparking tremendous increases in remote work and e-commerce and intensifying shifts in the way peop
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“You’re Literally Flipping The Script.”
Riz Ahmed is running late. The London-based actor is in New York in mid-September for meetings, interviews, photo shoots, and fittings. He got stuck in traffic, and then he realized he forgot the key to his Airbnb. “This is what really productive peo
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“I Focus Like A Laser.”
I haven’t had a day off in 20 months. There are people out there—particularly the nurses and physicians and respiratory therapists—who are doing the same thing, only in the trenches. So I’m not complaining. But it is thoroughly unusual to be working
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Mind Over Matter
Last December, Stephen Snowder, a 37-year-old communications staffer at a white-shoe law firm in New York, Googled “pandemic weight gain.” He’d stopped jogging and had indulged in comforting Grubhub meals while quarantining. He wanted to fit into his
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My Daily Media Diet
The Traditional Seaweed Bath by natural skincare brand Haeckels ($32, contains 100% organic seaweed handpicked off the coast of Margate, a seaside town in southeastern England. A grown-up alternative to bubble baths, the antioxidant-rich
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The “It” Bed
How it works: Water circulates through a grid system to regulate temperature-users can set it anywhere between 55 and 110 degrees. Each bed has two zones, so partners can personalize their experience. How it feels: “I like sleeping in an iceberg appa
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Parks and Recreation
A new store opened in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in September. Built to resemble a rustic—albeit enormous—country cabin, the 50,000-square-foot space is really eight stores in one, each devoted to a different outdoor or adventure activity such as camp
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“I Hate It, But It’s Over Fast.”
In the morning, I take five Duolingo lessons. I do three French lessons, one Portuguese lesson, and, of late, a Japanese lesson. It’s mostly to test out the product: My teams get reports from me at 6:30 a.m. every day, saying, “You should fix this,”
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Disarming Retail
The retailer’s then CEO, Tommy Millner (who previously spent 15 years leading gunmaker Remington), reportedly said his company enjoyed such a rush of gun buyers after the Sandy Hook massacre that it “didn’t blink” about continuing to sell them. Cabel
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Giving New Life To Old Roofing Shingles
After roof shingles are ripped off a home and thrown in a dumpster they typically head to a landfill. Each year, the removal of old asphalt shingles generates more than 1.6 billion square feet of waste-11 million tons. But not for long. After years o
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“You Can Work Anywhere.”
I don’t like to wake up and immediately start. I need a second. So I set my alarm for earlier so that I can lie in bed and just breathe. I’ll have my coffee in the morning, and then I’ll usually work out, then eat breakfast. I’m very big on the rewar
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My Operating System.
What’s your best habit, and what’s your worst? I’ve heard some people say my laugh is infectious, so I guess that’s a nice habit to have. My worst [is that] it’s difficult for me to stop and smell the roses. What do you do when you’re creatively stuc
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Sphere Of Influence
But as the pack stampedes through the 500-meter mark and starts to thin out, a mare named Fascoo begins to pull ahead. Wait! Here comes Ghost Hunter, a shimmering, khaki-colored steed. The horses’ rhythmic clip-clopping grows louder. Ghost Hunter whi
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Weight Training
Doctor and newspaper columnist Lulu Hunt Peters introduced the world to calorie counting with her best-selling book, Diet and Health: With Key to the Calories. Cigarette brand Lucky Strike advised people to “Reach for Lucky instead of a sweet,” and t
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Fostering A Purpose-driven, Inclusive Workforce
We’re living in an age in which employees expect company leadership not only to espouse values but to live by them. Businesses that succeed in the new paradigm will be the ones that organize around purpose and encourage workers to take an active role
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Fast Company Innovation Festival
From Sept. 27-Oct. 1, 2021, Fast Company brought together thousands of forward-thinking creators, makers, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders from around the globe for the seventh annual Fast Company Innovation Festival. During five days of inspired
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White Space
WHEN ELON MUSK FOUNDED SPACEX, IN 2002, he thought it had a less than 10% chance of succeeding as a business. “I just accepted that I would probably just lose everything,” he said in 2016, “but that maybe we would make some progress if we could just
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To His Own Self Be True
A sci-fi film about a Marine protecting his sons from a mysterious force. (In theaters December 3) An upcoming adaptation of Mohsin Hamid’s best seller. This modern-day version was written by his Oxford classmate Mike Lesslie. Ahmed’s production comp
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