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Introduction to

Electro Meridian Analysis System (EMAS)

Edited by Dr. Chuan-Min Wang, D.C., L.Ac.

Dr. Yoshio Nakatani Creator of Ryodokura

Dr. Nakatanis Writing

Doctor is consciousness work. Consciousness comes from knowledge. Modality has no update problem. The goal is how to cure of patients.

Ryodoraku Pathological Phenomenon

1950 Dr. Nakatani measured skin

resistance of an edematous patient with nephritis. Found a series of points in which electroconductivity was higher than the surrounding area. Check another kidney diseases as same. Kidney Ryodoraku ryo=good, do=conductive, raku=line

Ryodoraku Meridians
H1 = LU meridian H2 = PC meridian H3 = HT meridian H4 = SI F1 = SP

meridian H5 = SJ meridian H6 = LI meridian

meridian F2 = LV meridian F3 = KI meridian F4 = BL meridian F5 = GB meridian F6 = ST meridian

Relationship between Head's zones and Ryodoraku



Representative Measuring Point (RMP)

Representative Measuring Point (RMP)

Lung Ryodoraku Symptoms

H1 = Lung Meridian Specific: Nose, lung and skin High value: Stiff shoulder, Back disorder, Blood rushing to head, Adrenal Dis., Asthma Or Palpitation, Shoulder-Buck pain, Tonsilitis, Cough Low value: Chilly or numb sensation of extremities, HA, Respiratory Dis., Dizziness. Or Skin Dis., Dry throat, Shoulder buck Dis., Cough

PC Ryodoraku Symptoms
H2 = Pericadial Cardiac meridian Specific: Heart High Value: Stiff Shoulder Or Cardiac Dis., Upper arm pain,

Constipation Low Value: Palpitation, HA Or Speech Dis., Heavy sensation of chest, Hot sensation of palm

Heart Ryodoraku Symptoms

H3 = Heart meridian Specific: Tongue, Armpit High Value: Full sensation of stomach, Constipation, Shoulder pain Or Heavy feeling of extremities, Dry throat, Heart Dis., Chilly upper arm, Yellowish vision, Hot palm, Fever, Speech Dis. Low Value: Palpitation, Nauea Or Lower chest Dis., Anxiety, Speech Dis., Hot palm, Diarrhea

SI Ryodoraku Symptoms
H4 = Small Intestine meridian Specific: Rhematism, Ear High Value: HA, Weak extremities, Lower

Abd. Dis., Shoulder pain, Rheumatism Or Constipation, Oral Dis., Neck Dis., Fever Low Value: HA, Lower Abd. Dis.. Or Tinnitus, Hearing Diff., Chilly extremities, Diarrhea

SJ(TW) Ryodoraku Symptoms

H5 = Sanjao(Tripple Heater) meridian Specific: Lymph, Ear High Value: Urination Dis., Tinnitus Or Tinnitus, Flush w/ perspiration, Fever,

Fatigue, Swollen throat Low Value: Respiratory Dis., Nausea Or Abd. Dis., Hyperpigmentation, Mild fever

LI Ryodoraku Symptoms
H6 = Large Intestine meridian Specific: Oral(teeth), Skin, Shoulder, Nose High Value: Stiff shoulder Or Toothache, Anal Dis., HA, Abd. Pain,

Dizziness, Fatigue, Sensation of palms & fingers, Skin Dis. Low Value: Stiff shoulder Or Bowel Dis., Skin Dis., Diarrhea, Asthma, Anxiety, Dry throat

SP Ryodoraku Symptoms

F1 = Spleen/Pancrea meridian Specific: Stomach, Intercostal tissue, Brain(Emotion) High Value: Weak stomach, Joint Dis. Or Nasal Dis. Abd fullness, Nausea, Heavy chest, Food poison, Diarrhea, Constipation Low Value: Weak stomach, Skin Dis., Constipation Or Bowel Dis., Nausea, , Abd. Fullness, Anorexia, Poor appetite, Diabetes

LV Ryodoraku Symptoms

F2 = Liver meridian Specific: Sex organ, Intercostal tissue, Muscle, Eye High Value: Lumbago, Insomnia, Dizziness, Menstruation Dis. Or Chest pain, Eye Dis., Sex organ Dis., Discomfortable, Menstruation Dis. Low Value: Chilly LE, Dizzy, Impotence, Depression Or Urinary Dis., Vision Dis., lack/loss Streghth, Hernia, Intercostal Neuralgia

KI Ryodoraku Symptoms
F3 = Kidney meridian Specific: Suprarenal gland, Ear High Value: Malaise, Nausea Or Sex organ Dis., Dry throat, Hot

sensation of feet, Sexual potency Low Value: Debility, Chilly LE, Impotence Or Decrease mental acuity, Tinnitus, Bowel Dis.

BL Ryodoraku Symptoms

F4 = Urinary Bladder meridian Specific: Eye, Nose, Brain, Pituitary High Value: Stiff Neck, LE Dis. Or Back Dis., HA, Excess Lacrimation, Eye pain, Nose bleeding, Cerebral Dis., Epilepsy Low Value: Stiff nape, Heavy/Weak LE, Back Dis. Or Sciatica, Anal Dis., Cerebral Dis., Epilepsy

GB Ryodoraku Symptoms
F5 = Gallbladder meridian Specific: Eye, Head High Value: Bitter taste, Throat Dis. Or Anorexia, Irritability, Fever, Shivering Low Value: Eye Dis., Dizziness Or Dizziness, Weak extremities, Ataxia,

Yellow eye, Abnormal blood pressure

ST Ryodoraku Symptoms
F6 = Stomach meridian Specific: Emotion, Oral cavity(tooth),

Nose, Upper lid, Mammary gland High Value: Stiff nape, Joint Dis. Or Mastitis, Dry mouth, Anorexia, Fever Low Value: Stiff shoulder, Constipation, Stomach fullness, Depression Or Hyperactivity of bowel, Dry mouth, Abd. Pain, Facial swelling, Shivering Diarrhea

Case: Parvoviurs 1-1

Mrs. Ouanna, 35 yo Latin women. Affected by Parvovirus 2 years ago. Pain at both elbows, knees and ankles. Fatigue, no energy, sleep problem. IMMUE SYSTEM?

Who Need EMAS

Acupuncturist Hospitals & Clinics Scientific Research TCM Doctors Chinese Herbalists Massage Therapists Aroma Therapists Spa Center

SCENAR Therapists Laser Acupuncturists Chiropractic Physician TCM Institutes TCM Teachers TCM Students Cosmetic Center

Case: Parvoviurs 1-2 Meridian Chart

Case: Parvoviurs 1-3 Ryodoraku Analysis

Case: Parvovirus 1-4 Meridian Analysis - Sanjao

Case: Parvovirus 1-5 Meridian Analyis - Spleen

Case: Parvovirus 1-6 Acupuncture - Traditional

Case: Parvovirus 1-7 Acupuncture - Traditional

Case: Parvovirus 1-8 Acupuncture - Ryodoraku

Case: Parvovirus 1-9 Acupuncture Tungs

Case: Parvovirus 1-10 Acupuncture Son-Mother

Case: Parvovirus 1-11 Acupuncture Self-Defined

Case: Parvovirus 1-12 Acupressure - Traditional

Case: Parvovirus 1-13 Acupressure Massage Stick

Case: Parvovirus 1-14 Acupressure Essential Oil

Case: Parvovirus 1-15 Acupressure Self Defined

Case: Parvovirus 1-16 Suggestion

Case: Parvovirus 1-17 Medical Record

Case: Parvovirus 1-18 Analysis


Earth: severe excess. LV Wood: moderate excess. SJ Fire: moderate to severe deficiency. LI Metal: moderate deficiency. SI Fire: R-moderate deficiency. HT Fire: R-moderate to severe excess.

Case: Parvovirus 1-19 Analysis

Lower Body: more excess Upper Body: more deficiency Why? Tongue: white sticky coating with light

tongue body. Spleen is number one choice. Then Liver meridian.

Case: Parvovirus 1-20

Case: Parvovirus 1-21

The patient came back to this clinic d/t

fatigue, sleep problem and with mild left elbow aching. She had had severe flu for 2 weeks Kidney Gate(B/L) + Intestine/Liver/Heart Gate(L) Prick LI10/11 bilateral (esp. the right d/t more floating purple capillaries)

Case: Auto Accident 1-1

Auto Accident 1-2 & TMJ surgery

Auto-Accident 1-3
Body Energy average normal range is

28 59 The patient is only

Even lower than 15

Exhausted Phase

Auto-Accident 2-1

Auto-Accident 2-2

Case: Auto-Accident 3-1

Case: Cancer 1-1

Case: Cancer 1-2

Cancer 1-3
Body Energy average normal range is

28 59 The patient is only

Even lower than 15

Exhausted Phase

Case: Gallbladder Dysfunx 1-1

Case: Hiccup 1-1

Case: Infertility 1-1

w/ L4-5 Disc Degeneration

Case: Infertility 1-2

Case: Infertility 1-3

Case: Infertility 1-4

Body Energy average normal range is

28 59 The patient is only

Even lower than 15

Exhausted Phase

Case: Infertility 2-1

Case: Infertility 3-1

Case: LBP 1-1

Case: LBP 1-2

Case: MBP 1-1

Case: Migraine 1-1

Case: Neck/Back Pain 1-1

Case: PMS 1-1

Case: Scoliosis 1-1

Case: Stress 1-1

Case: Stress 1-2

60 y/o White female Manager Mother in Nursing home w/

unconsciouness Husband w/ both knee severe pain and had cancer surgery

Case: TMJ 1-1