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Energy efficiency of mobile handsets: Measuring user Attitudes and behavior

Telematics and Informatics Aluno: Yuri Santos de Souza


and Energy efficiency didnt developed as the same pace as the actual demands. Understand user behavior and expectations regarding energy consumption. Developing new technical solution:

Energy-efficient applications and devices. Make energy consumption explicit to user to adjust his behavior to a proactive energy consumption way.

Approach 1
Questionaries: Users opinion can be asked for all kinds of issues. Users may give misleading answers. Two different datasets (webbased).

Approach 1
Monitoring: Battery level at event.

Battery level falling. User action. Application launches.


for Nokia Symbian S60 Third Edition.


Pervasive computing at scale: Transforming the state of the art

Pervasive and mobile computing Aluno: Yuri Santos de Souza

Whats PeCS?

of intelligent and pervasive solutions at large scale (community level). Multi-disciplinary research field that includes HCI\MMI, machine learning, data mining, mobile systems, wireless and sensor networks, computing paradigms, smart environments, security and privacy, signal processing, foundations (algorithms, stochastic control theory, information theory, game theory, optimization techniques), psychology, sociology, and social networking. Results in the improvement of the human experience and quality of life without explicit awareness of the underlying technologies. Focus on sensing, interacting with and aiding.

PeCS current stand

Wide-spread of miniaturization and low-cost building portable devices. Diversities in appearance, capabilities, portability and use. Fairly fast\robust communication of mobile phones. More than 1billion people are expected to accessed web services via smartphones by 2015. Applications are demanding more user time and attention. Technology designers need to keep the dynamics when dealing with everyday life applications. Increase of the security and privacy issues. Lack of energy alternatives for pervasive devices. (even with the energy harvest). Hazardous trash.

Countries like Bosnia lack roads but they have facebook

In the US its considered that statistically 85% of children have smartphones against 73% that own books.

Subfields on PeCS
Models PeCS PeC

of individual and group behavior


apps Computing



analysis and harvesting

on human factors support

Models of individual and group behavior


variety of sensors at a large scale deployment. Data mining has the important role of seek bits and pieces of relevant information from data to build data models and understand human behavior (machine learning). Human movement patterns, recognition of activities, gestures, detection of abnormal behavior, physiological and psychological states. Research topics:

Large scale data sets. Capturing context. Learning from large, noise data sets.

PeCS devices

and capabilities of the devices. Physical objects can be enhanced with computational and communications elements. Manufacture tiny inexpensive sensors. Reserarch topics:

Objects ecosystems. Smart objects application

PeCS apps

finds application in almost every aspect of human life. Great demand for Smart Health, duo to the aging of population. Assistive technology to scale in a way that meets or exceeds this growing demand. Reduces health care and rehospitalization costs, improve independence and quality of home settings as well. Research topics:

Ubiquous access to health information and demand. Delivering time interventions. Predictive assessment and prevention. Security of work environment.

Cloud Computing

of mobile phones and sensors in storage capacity and compute power. Electronic waste. Research topics:

Cloud accessibility. Mobile clouds

Energy analysis and harvesting


of powering thousands pervasive devices of everyday scenario Recharge fact implies that de devices are no longer invisible to user. Limited battery capacity. Scavenge energy such as solar radiation, wind, vibrations, radio frequency transitions, thermal gradients... Lack of harvesting techniques for micro-scale devices. Research topics:

Basic concepts. Efficient power extraction. Efficient\sustainable resource management.

PeCS on human factor


for the privacy, security, ethics, and human interfaces as they move forward in this area. Research topics:

Security and privacy. Interfaces to field applications. HCI.

PeCS support


scalability support for large computing pervasive scenarios. Research topics:

Context awareness Scalable middleware.

PeCS challenges and opportunities


with multiple professionals such as economists, psychologists, social scientists, sociologists, and so on... And will contribute to the improvement of many areas as well. Its necessary a interdisciplinary study to integrate all the information and apply the knowledge of PeCS.